I would like to know if anyone else received this email, from a company in Kenya...wondering if the PFA master email list may have been compromised. The content is interesting, but...

Dear Sir,
Obama  has no right to occupy the White House, he was born in Kenya and the Kenyan Government produced his birth certificate.  He himself admitted that he was not born in  America, when he openly said that he knows that he is loosing popularity in America, but in "the country of his birth" he is still popular. 
He hides behind the phrase that Americans are  "racists". But against which race?  Against the blacks, but he is not black. Against the whites, but he is not white. As they say in Kiswahili he is a "nusu nusu" half half.
Those 3000 troops whom he  wants to send into ebola infested West Africa to their deaths, should simply storm the White House and pull out the man from his hiding place and try him by a military court. After all, he claims to be the head of the army. No human being can forbid another to  pray when he/ she is in danger. That man who is a poof with a transvestite wife, which of them is which in privacy? Yet whan an officer said to have committed adultery, he is fired.  His drug addiction may have taken its toll and he does not know what he is doing.
The man is a scoundrel. It is becoming clear that he was planted into  the country by Muslim extremists to destroy America. Why is the FBI hiding like a pile in the grass and the Supreme Court judges wearing their burkas doing nothing?
It is absolutely clear that Obama is set out to destroy the military, so that he can cause absolute havoc in the country and the Muslim extremists will be pouring out of their training camps to add to it.  The whole US military should take over until a democratically elected government can be in office.
Cowardly waiting spells the demise of a great nation. Action by all Americans has to start today. I will be praying that all Americans see the light, take action to get rid of this villain.
Yours faithfully:

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AMEN......What are we waiting for, send in the troops a.s.a.p.......
Jean. I have not personally recieved this Email. Although the contents to me are true I'm suspicious that it's coming from Kenya where the writer admits to Obamas popularity. Like to know if other members get this same email.



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