Constitutional Emergency


Can the people turn this country around without unifying in that effort?

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A realistic appraisal, Kevin, but 5 will get you 10 that the majority of American voters won't even know what you're talking about because they're too absorbed in "important life decisions" that affect them more directly!  

I'm originally from Ks. born and raised. Was there when Sebilius was Governor there. We rejoiced when bho offered her a job, because we knew the Lt. Gov. wouldn't run when he finished her term.  We had NO IDEA (but should have) that she would be doing the things she's doing -- we didn't think Obamacare would pass!! She was power hungry as a Gov, and wanted to set up a similar medical system in Ks, so guess she's sh____tting in high cotton now!!! You got the other facts right too!!!

I'm working at trying to get TN, where I live now, to do a bunch of Nullifications!!!

Twana, as you know. I've been trying to rouse support for a year or more. To come to the aid of this country. To no avail! I've even volunteered to help the Oath Keepers. Before i would RE-join. Because it's plain that they are under office staffed. But I couldn't even get a response! Although I did get a reply from a fellow OK member. That he hasn't gotten any response from them either! I've gotten a couple of responses here. From a couple of usual interested Patriots. But in general. Until the mind numb complacent public can't afford food or fuel. I don't expect anyone to wake up! Because as it stands now. Even the vets that come home. Are so brain washed that they either re-up or get in the food stamp and welfare line and zombie out! Like Pogo said. We have found the enemy and it is us! We have a couple of months to prepare a wake up call. To correspond with the 4th of July rallies across this nation, before the coming Nov. elections. The patriot majority has lost control. Unless we wake up. I doubt that there will be an election! Larry

Some unity is needed to get each of many reforms, but it is possible to do that without a single, comprehensive unified effort that combines all the needed reforms. Turnaround is not a single reform, but the convergence of thousands of reforms. We cannot expect any one unified effort to cover them all. The various efforts should avoid conflicting with one another, and support one another where possible, but it will take massive efforts of many people in many organizations, moving like a tsunami in the same general direction.

Just consider all the bills I have so far at . Yes, if elected I could introduce them all, but getting them passed would take groups forming around support for each one. Of course, it would start with a group uniting to elect me or someone who would introduce all those bills, but after that it would take groups electing each of many more members of Congress, and building support for each bill in each state and district.

The tea party movement provides a model. Much of its strength rests on it being a large number of local efforts with no central leadership or agreed agenda. We need more of that, but now the components need to push more specific reform proposals that are a lot more substantive than the Contract from America suggestions.

I have posted everything on FB. I am tired of talking and bullshiting. I am ready to take up arms!!! Stop talking and ACT.

im with you my friend! he is a muslim and he is plotting the United States demise right in front of us but noone is looking!



"The people" in this Country are the ones, by their actions or inactions, who have effectively brought this Country to the place it finds itself in now.  "The people" must get back to an understanding and respect for the character trait known as  "personal responsibility".  Until that occurs, and it is doubtful at this point that it will occur, I fear there's really not much that can be done to correct the situation." 

One of the things I have noted is that most americans are only in it to see what they can get for themselves. I am afraid they'll not take up their arms nor will they stand with a revelotion, of which I have been saying we needed for at leats 25 years.

no we cannot we MUST mass together!

No man is an island.  MUST unify.

Well NO.

Unify, WE MUST!!! I have gone to the TN Members page here.  Not all the members of it reside in TN. I have 17 in my friends list but only 6 reside in TN. I have 36 request out to resident members in TN, waiting for a reply from them.

Whether it's to Unify to try to regain our FREEDOM peacefully, or FORCIBLY, I'm not sure, but I am sure if things don't change SOON -- we better be ready to do it FORCIBLY!!!

FREEDOM ISN'T FREE!!! No one knows that more than the Vets who have fought in wars, and the families who have lost loved ones in war, but IF we must fight, WE MUST BE READY!!! If bho gets re-elected we might not have time to prepare then!! IF he loses, we've NO GUARANTEE he's not got something planned between Nov. 2012 and Jan 2013!! IF you trust him to leave quietly, well, I'll just say he's proven than NO ONE CAN TRUST HIM!!!!



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