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I've been pointing out for months now, when people go off topic. I find it interesting that even though I've done this privately and then when that didn't work I did it publicly, there are still some that come in and go off topic in comment sections on discussions/blogs/videos.Those have no problem continually displaying their selfish rudeness. We have PFA set up where anyone can post a discussion/blog/video.

Instead of spam commenting/hi-jacking others posts, just make your own post!

Is this one reason we find ourselves/our country in the condition it is today? We can't focus? We are too selfish to stay on topic in other peoples posts. We are only concerned with what we want to be concerned with and will hi-jack anyones post to push whatever we want to push? Am I stepping on toes? If you do it, then yes I am! 

I constantly see and hear people complain about kids and teens doing this exact same thing - the lack of focus & attention span and their possession of selfishness. I hear these people constantly blame schools, the government or anyone else but themselves. I say, by observing here on PFA and other conservative sites, the kids learn it from home!

When commenting on someone else's posts, show some class and stay on topic and don't hi-jack it. We have some members that use any post (no matter the subject matter) to post in comment section their own agenda (always/usually the same agenda and totally off topic). I've called folks out for this, then I notice their next selfish hi-jack, they throw in some small line trying to tie it to content/context of post, but usually fails - and it's as obvious as a sore thumb.

If we truly want to unite, then we first must treat each other as true brothers and sisters and acknowledge them and what they post - equally important. You don't have to agree with their stand but that is not the focus of this post. The focus of this post is - FOCUS AND STAY ON TOPIC.

We see people constantly run in and do the spam off topic comment while electioneering for their guy/gal. Mostly a sect of paulers do this (by the way, that sect is who, what and why most of us are turned off of paul). Others electioneering do the same too. It's obviously, a plant and rude.

I also find that SOME self-titled conservatives have no qualms about being down right rude to others and have a pattern of badgering any or everyone - trying to shame people into PC. There are also those who will call conservatives all the usually names. Leftist do this - which always makes me wonder if they are infiltrators! I've been called so many different names just for not supporting a career politician or not agreeing with someone on something. That is just down right obnoxious!

We also have some self-titled conservatives who refuse to do their own homework on topics/subjects/issues (which is obvious) but will jump into a conversation and defend (with extremely sharp teeth) what they do not know.

Where is the unity in any of that I've listed? No where! People can try and justify bad behavior but no matter how twist and turn one may, it's still bad behavior. On PFA, I would hope that we would all have each others backs for real! I would hope that we all are focused on restoring our beloved republic and our beloved law of the land - our constitution = which gives us natural law not man made law.  I would hope we on PFA really do want to unify with those in our communities. We have the state groups up. I constantly see people in state groups trying to get others in their state involved, however I see the discouragement of those trying so hard when brothers and sisters of their said state, won't even step up and get to know each other nevermind coming together to work together.

PFA's effort is focused on sacrifice to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic.

Let's literally have each others backs in all ways and not just speak it as empty words.

Most PFA members do not need this talking to. But as you all know, there are some who do.

Twana Blevins

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And You Would Do What MO BRAY? 


 I mean no disrespect and I love reading your words.

But the best part is your trying to keep the unruly kids in line and on topic!

It is like trying to control a flood of Biblical proportion, it is going to do what it is going to do!

If you were a grade school teacher,.. I can see that you may impliment Capital punishment for speaking out of order!

If you are the drinking type,... NOW would be the time for a long tall Gin & Tonic, I doubt that one will be enough!

Love Ya Lady!

Because people don't follow directions.


People(government) not following the rules is what brought us to this point.

We can see what a civilization will do without enforced laws,....fall apart or degenerate as we have the last 30 years.

A minority can never be allowed to rule a majority, be it a government, a race or religion.

A leader can be of a minority but must represent the majority!

As in Oscar Wilde's last word's, "This Wall paper is horrible,...One of us will have to go."

Why do some people find it so hard to stay focused on a topic of discussion?

Two words.....


And our nation's full of them, that's just the reason we need to band together to try to restore it, but we do need to make sure that the discussions are profitable for all of us. I grew up with ADD but in the 50's and 60's it was just called not paying attention andI sure didn't want my dad told I didn't pay attention, so I learned some control techniques. Problem is, Twana, your kind of stuck in the parent role here,with a whole lot of kids and most of us older than you. Guess it's time we had your back and grew up isn't it?  We can't be the ones to turn our country around if we can't even work together. It would be kind of like a "Four-legged Race" where both parties want to go different directions. Guess you'll have to get like the drill Sergeant and get really tough. I listen to Hannity sometimes and he's bragging a lot about twitter's button that lets him ban anyone he doesn't want to talk to anymore. Maybe you need something like that.

Twana, a great topic.  I have found when I am not addressing something in the post I am off topic.  There have been many times I just delete what I wrote, feelng better just to have vented to myself.  There are times I haven't so I apologize.

Semper Fi

Twana, you are certainly accurate in noting that it is quite often the "Paulbots" who do this.  I encounter this on NUMEROUS sites, most particularly my own local Tea Party facebook group.  It has been hijacked by "Paulbots" to where no one else will read or post...other than yours-truly and that's where the fun starts.  :)  But I certainly, and many others as well, don't have the time to spend arguing and pontificating in completely non-productive forums! 

   You hit the nail on the head, as usual.  We don't need to be herding cats...we need the cats to get their heads out of the litter-box and start focusing on the real stuff, or go back to chasing mice elsewhere.

THANK YOU for elaborating on this Twana ! Tho' I too, sometimes am guilty of straying a bit, I think the problem is that there are so-o-o many interconnecting links of confusing elements, appearing to all combine at times, that it is really hard to separate the issues. The prime example we have is a president who says one thing & a short time later-at his convenience-does exactly the opposite & then, off we go to the races ! We look to those who we elect to act accordingly with OUR wishes & we're often left in mid-stream, wondering what happened to the ' canoe ' ! As you have so often stated; our main objective is to uphold the Constitution of The United States, so let's continue to uphold that motto, above all else, including personal views of antagonism that only serve the interest of those who would have US(A), serve them. Thanks again !



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