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I need to hear from each of you how your state group is coming along and also who is in your state group but inactive.

Have you have face-to-face meetings? If so, how did they go? If you have not had one, why not?

Also if you are in a state group that does not have a state group leader and want to be active, please let me know.

Remember, this is our focus:

If you have any other STATE questions please ask them here.


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What's happining in Ga. ESP N.E GA. A ROUND Royston.

I just got in from a week in Idaho.

Give me 24 hours, and I'll have better answers.



lol, been no response in il. lol, who state leader? never heard anything from no one in il.

The Massachusetts Group met for the first time in person last Saturday.  We had four people including me attending.  It was a great meeting...lasted over three hours and we all got to know each other.  Our discussion centered around two things:

  1. What can we do as a group, given our small number and our ages and various physical infirmities of some of the members. 
  2. We spoke about prepping and tried to figure out what we should do to support each other from a distance. 

We set our time, place and agenda for our next meeting.

All in all, I figure it was a great start.  We now have two more people seeking membership in the group an we are all carefully vetting them.

I have sent you the lists of inactive members for deletion.  We have one member on our antennae waving watch list and we'll see how that goes.

We are small group, but have some awesome members.  We will figure out what we can do to have each others' backs and also what we can do to contribute to the PFA goals in general.  We are all looking forward to our next meeting where we can discuss all this in more detail.

What's up with PA? Supposed to have meeting. Never happens. Ask why. No answer.

If there are any state or county meeting's or group activitie's scheduled or going on, in Delaware, please let me know.

Haven't heard from anyone in Alaska in over a year.


         Theres been no activity between members here in Hawaii. I'm willing to take the lead if you can help me contact the members.


I recognize that there is a huge size difference between our states, White Wolf, but we are also cursed with low numbers.  We decided to meet anyways and it was truly energizing to do so.  I was getting pretty disgusted with our lack of numbers, but find that quality of the committed members certainly makes up for the lack of quantity .  Those of us who were present had an excellent discussion and one of the topics was the recruitment of new members.  We all believe that this is going to be a bona fide grassroots movement, and because it is starting so slowly, we will have the opportunity to personally vet each new member.  This is also a good thing.  I would urge you to go ahead and have a meeting of whomever you can gather together, understanding full well that this is more difficult given the distances you need to travel down there...but anything is a start and you might find that the discussion with likeminded souls is really encouraging. 

White Wolf, I have hesitated doing this because I don't really think I am the best person for the task.  (Age, gender, financial restrictions are a few.)  But I realized this morning, even me being not the best person for the task but wanting to help somehow, is better than no one.  I don't know what districts you have in mind for Texas but I am willing to lead the Panhandle, at least.

Activity, preparedness, and even awareness in the state of Maine is non existent. Even those I know who are personally prepared are reluctant to affiliate with any group, on or off line. I had scheduled a face to face, no one responded. The date came and went. I am continuing to prepare on my own, with a few close friends.

Thanks, Karin.  I am very honored that you would say that!  I haven't heard anything from White Wolf yet.



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