Constitutional Emergency

Radio Host Plan to Lead Armed March on DC July 4th
Adam Kokesh hopes 1,000 will march with arms on Washington in an act of civil disobedience.

Launched as a group on Facebook, the "Open Carry March on Washington" hopes to get 1,000 supporters to march into the nation's capital with loaded rifles. The Facebook page states:
From: CNS News - Freedom

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Amen....thank you!  I absolutely agree!  The time is over...OVER...for talking about what was. The time is NOW to prepare physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually for what is to come.  If we don't we will missed our chance and it will be to late.  I, for one, do not want to be crying...."If only I had...."! 

That, my friend, will lead to a disaster and not support our cause for second amendment rights.

Thank you Twana , I didn't know who this person is. 

If anyone who follows this that would make them just as stupid as he is everyone know you don't go and march on Washington DC with loaded weapons if they don't get killed they will be put in prison without a trial and labeled as domestic terrorists.

God...I hope he doesn't....he asking for trouble and will set a bad example....I sometimes wonder if the Left isn't behind this kind of activity....

Sounds right to me. They will use anyone, anywhere for their agenda to bring America down.

Pray, y'all.

John,  I am trying to be a far right-winger or an alarmist,  but I truly believe the left wing-nut liberals are behind many of the shootings.  Start with "Fast and Furious" and move through Newtown.  Although I do not have definite data, I am sure that those shooters were NOT proud Americans that support our country, Constitution, and the Second Amendment in particular.  I keep in mind that the illegal nad pretender to the throne does everything he can to make use of a bad situation, as he learned it from Chicagos' mayor, Emmanuel.  Semper Fi! Gunny

This sounds like a set up to me.  This man Adam Kokesh is going to get a lot of people hurt/killed or arrested.  Then the left will get whipped up into a frenzy, and pointing out this lame brained march.  Oh look at the lunatics, this is why we need gun control.  Or, I keep thinking about Lexington and Concord whenever I hear anyone even thinking about a publicly announced armed march on D.C..  Either way, it will not end well and it will hinder our fight at this point in time.

This guy is for sure on the far left.  Anyone in their right mind would never do that.  For those who would follow this nutcase is not too smart to see right through it.

I have been in contact with a active duty Marine Colonel and he told me all they are waiting for is for the people to make a move and they would be here on our side.  Plus, they have all the good stuff and in control of it.  He said until the people make a move they won't move.  Then there's a retired Army Colonel who said he spent five years in the Pentagon without coming home.  He said the head jackass is not liked at all for what he's doing and have done.  I think when it all happens we will not be alone in this.

With all said, DHS security can have all the ammo they need or want for a thirty years war.  You have to remember for each of them that is killed who do you think will have their guns and ammo?  Who do you think can and will take what ammo they have?  Do you think DHS out number the people?  I know most if not all of you have read or seen on TV how the gun and ammo sells are at an all time high.  I know and you know all that ammo is not being shot up.  People are stocking up even with the price gouging just like most people here.

We know all of them are afraid of us and it shows and have been for a long, long time.  Their house of cards is getting shaky and they know it.


I agree with you he is a nut case however i will not follow him I have read something which is on face book right now. He has already recruited around 200 dumba**** to follow him  and they will follow him to prison without ever seeing the light of day. When they get there if they don't get killed they will be arrested for domestic terrorisom and be locked up without a trial.

Sounds like a serious set up to me. Thanks to all who know about this man who have posted the truth to alert us. God bless! Thanks, Twana!

Kokesh will only precipitate an armed response from the police and/or military!!  Just what Obama and his crowd would welcome!!!!  What a fool!!! 



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