rally in washington d.c. can we make it the shot heard around the world?

as i prepare to leave on vacation that will take me through oklahoma,texas,arizona and other places. it is a working vacation. i am doing what i enjoy the most. i am seeing what is happening to our great country first hand.

when i started this mission i soon realized that i needed a whole wall in my basement to chart out the width and breath of this snake that is strangling our country. i have gladly made the sacrifices that were needed. i walked away from my wife. i got tired of hearing that there was nothing she could do about it. her goal in life was to watch dancing with the stars and going along to get along. i know that after this post the trolls here will make me a target. i know that i will be branded a terrorist and probably be set up for either prosecution or an accident. but where the liberals and progressives will be thwarted is they forget that the government spent boo coo bucks training me and nothing to so called deprogram me. some may call me a zealot. i am just a christian first. a warrior second and a proud american citizen last. i have a working mind and a good memory and my heart and soul says something is very wrong here.

where we are being defeated is that the snake has so many tentacles that we are being overwhelmed with information. a few examples are. chase bank,citi bank, and hsbc all met in belgium earlier this year and discussed changing the bench mark currency from the dollar to the chinese currency. fast forward. china,russia,and iran sign treaties, fast forward clinton goes to china with geitner and signs more treaties. overlay that with obamas bowing to the middle east muslims. forget the apologies. muslim customs define this as showing that he believes in their superiority over him and shows a very large sign of weakness. now add how this president has weakened our national defenses. from dont ask dont tell,to turning on our strongest allies to refusing to defend our own borders. if this continues we will fall as stated in the communist manifesto.without firing a shot.. the article had info about the new world centers being built there by chase and citi banks.  we will rot from the inside out. i read a lot of foriegn newspapers. they are a treasure trove of reliable information. i was reading the hong kong paper last week. it wasnt even a political article. it was about the new construction. a spokesman from chase bank was bragging about the new world center that they would move their operations to. he said by 2015 chase would operate entirely from hong kong. a communist country. the same bank we bailed out. in march our rally should be loud ,bold and decisive. we should demand the immediate impeachment of the current administration. we should demand the return of our tax dollars from the banks and gmc. we need to demand that the communist be removed not only from our government but from our country. the lights in washington should be burning 24/7 as the traitors are investogated and tried. if we cannot do this then we do not deserve this country. god has promised that if we turn from our evil ways he will cure our lands. thats what we need to do.

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Amen! Let's Roll!

Your article is well written, and you are correct about turning to the LORD for forgiveness to HEAL our lands we also need to get these TREASONOUS people tried and convicted.


And I agree with all my heart that if all we do is write about it WE DESERVE THE OUTCOME.

I pray we will pull our differences together and stand as one, united one NATION under GOD again.


You all got that right.
Col. Harry Riley called for American Veterans and Patriots to assemble in Washington DC on March 19, 2011 to stand against Code Pink, ANSWER and George Soro's Move On. org last month. Gary, Col. Riley and I have been calling for this to be one of our biggest and loudest protests for a redress of grievances. I do this in almost every post I make. We must act now. The Republicans have shown their true colors this week with their votes on the unconstitutional Patriot Act provisions. They lost that vote but have reintroduced this abomination to the Bill of Rights out of committee last night after 5:00pm. Nothing like transparency. Michelle Bachmann is leading this charge to steal our rights in the Tea Party caucus. The vote is expected today or tomorrow. She is pressuring the 8 newly elected members of the TP caucus who voted against those provisions to vote for them this time.  The time to protest against all those Rs & Ds who have gone against the will of We The People and continue to violate the Constitution of USA is now. I will be there with you come hell or high water. See you on the rock pile, Luke
why can we not make the demand that the president,eric holder and several others be removed from office and charged with impeachment proceedings. they have demonstrated a complete inability to govern and have violated more laws than ost imprisoned carrer criminals have.
March 19, 2011 should be the biggest rally in the history of the world.
It will have to go something to beat 9-12-09. 2,000,000 Patriots. (9-12-10 had about 500,000, same as Becks Aug. 28)
Well said, Gary! 
GOD is a majority of one and He will protect and provide for His children (believers).  Look to the good.  GOD is pure and holy.  In His time He will have the trumpets sound and Christ will return to restore everything to perfection.  We should not give up, but continue to work within our countries beautiful Constitution that GOD gave to us.  Pray for wisdom, guidance, forgiveness, mercy and protection.
Somebody set the time and date (LETS ROLL ).

I'M READY..............

will see you in d.c. on march 19th-------------will be on guard with my band of brothers , luke, paulie, and my brother ted--------------------------walter



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