Constitutional Emergency


1 cannot win a war or a battle by staying on defense

2 if one stays on defense, an enemy can concentrate his forces and pick single battles that he can win over and over

3 special forces get parachuted into enemy territory in pairs: first take out electric substations then organize population insurgency.

organization and training of locals is key.

Cold War Warrior





Thus the reasons we MUST organize and train locally.


Art of War by SunTzu


[This is the basic text of Sun Tzu on the Art of War. It was extracted from Mr. Giles' complete work as titled above. The commentary itself, which, of course includes this work embedded within it, has been released as suntzu10.txt (or This is being released only as an adjunct to that work, which contains a wealth of commentary upon this text.]


The Art of War has 13 chapters. You can click on the Chapter Number to go to that chapter directly.


Each chapter is hyper-linked to its corresponding Chinese text. You may switch back and forth between the English and the original Chinese text, by clicking on the link at the end of each chapter.
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Thank you I will start reading.

Be very careful who you allow into your group.

Morning MS. Twana :


Sorry for my venting as of late . The taking of the man rights and firearms in CN just for some reason triggered many memories and as the saying goes it was the straw that broke the camels back in my book . Who am I to judge but the shot that was heard around the world about 250 years ago could have been again on that man's door steps and regreatfully say he would not be here to tell us that story and with no witness may never have been told . But I am the 1st to say that when all of the "LAW ABIDING" citizens give up their firearm to prevent blood shed only criminals will have guns ?

Which standard are we going to use to classify criminals "BIG BROTHER"S" or our God given rights that are supported by the very Constitution they trample over ? Who is the real criminal the one the Criminials call law breakers or the criminals that fights for their God given right ! My blood bolis when I see what is going own right now before our eyes and what worries me is just how many red blodded through and through Partiots do we have that will stand by their conviction when the flack hits the fan ?  Who will turn and run when their son , brother, neighbor , falls by their side and they a splattered by the other persons blood .

The training we need is more that tacitial it is the mind set to more forwad at all cost no matter how overwelming the odds and as crazy over the edge many people think Marines are that are tained mentally and phycialy with all levels of even the sicience of the human brain and reflexs taken into consideration in their training ? At one time it was the best training in thee world and they blood paints our taken for granted freedom we enjoy today ! The Patriots that are surfacing today are not that different from the hand full of out numbered and outgun Marines that won many battles in Korea and in WW-II . With all due respect I am still myself trying to figure out what we were fighting for in Southeast Asia ? Maybe we were fighting for what we are about to face ? I am deeply concernd with the disipline of the Militia of the USA ?

Suntzu  --or whoever he was-- was good--and advice is good-- But I still prefer study of the Apache.#1 they are more local-- and #2 they were not unlike Mr.Victor Charles was in them SE Asian War Games. they knew how to hunt tigers.

amazon has a number of good books on this matter 

Twana, may the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, keep you and yours in the palm of his hand!!!!  Thank you for all that you have done and are doing to save the Republic!!!!  Have a Blessed Easter!!!  Semper Fidelis!!!  Doc Greenough



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