Constitutional Emergency


Surprised? Nope. Solution? Junta. Likely? Nope.       

Posted by Ann Barnhardt - June 28, AD 2012 6:13 PM MST


Am I surprised at this morning's news? No. The only thing that is the least bit surprising is that it was Roberts, who was heretofore considered a "constructionist", and not Kennedy, who finally put the last nail in the coffin of the First American Republic. The corpse inside said coffin has been dead for years. Let's call GWB's administration the terminal illness, Obama's usurpation in November of 2008 as the actual moment of death of the First American Republic, the last 3.5 years as one long funeral dirge, and today as the final graveside interment service. The First American Republic done got low, and now is taking the long dirt nap. It's all over except for the rotten, rotten descendants sniping over the estate like buzzards.

Bottom line: since I fully understand and accept that the Republic is dead and the Constitution is no longer in force, and that the Rule of Law is dead, nothing surprises me.

Mark Levin said this morning that the SCOTUS decision was "lawless." Well, no kidding, Mark. The Republic is dead, and has been for quite some time now. What do you expect? What is it going to take for people to acknowledge objective reality?

Now to Romney and all of you rah-rah Tea Party people. If you think for ONE SECOND that Romney will ever, ever repeal any of this, then you are truly dumber than the people who voted for Obama in the first place, and I'm not being facetious. Romney wrote ObamaCare's template in Massachusetts, including a mandate, including state-funded abortion. Romney has said over and over and over again while running for POTUS that he is 100% in favor of a mandate. Here's that proof:

Link to 2.29 minute video of Mitt:

Romney is lying to all of you people, swearing that he will repeal ObamaCare, and repeal any mandate. He will do no such thing, and if you think he will, you are absolutely delusional.

You HAVE to wake up and acknowledge that Romney is a sociopathic liar who is simply bullshitting, and that is the word for it - bullshitting you people in order to raise money. He will say ANYTHING in order to raise money and maybe "get elected." You are being conned just as sure as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, and if you aren't smart enough or mature enough to see when you are being blatantly conned, then you deserve what you get.

Here is how this will play out, assuming a Romney "win" in the fake November elections, which is thoroughly unlikely in my estimation, considering that the whole thing is fixed anyway. But let's just walk through it.

All of these "Republicans", which are just the theatrical foils to the Communists, in place to do nothing more than give the appearance of a two-party, functioning representative republic, will start referencing the fact that ObamaCare is SCOTUS-approved, and approved by Chief Justice Roberts, no less. They will also start to argue that it would cause "chaos" to repeal it. Day by day, this rhetoric will increase. It will begin on the news channels, then spill over into the faux-conservative blogs like . I wait with bated breath for Ed Morrissey or Allahpundit's piece on how "sensible folk understand that ObamaCare simply cannot be repealed." Oh, just you wait. It is coming. I promise you that.

And you know what the result will be? Not an iota of ObamaCare will be touched, much less repealed. The republicans want it every bit as much as the democrats. They're all gunning for that power. They will NEVER turn loose of that power voluntarily. We are now to the point where the only way we get rid of these people and re-establish a lawful government is through involuntary removal. In short, we are either going to have to have a junta, or an all-out hot civil war. I strongly, strongly advocate a junta at this point. A junta would be, by far, the least bloody solution. Sadly, there are no men of integrity left in the flag officer corps to do it - the U.S. military is populated by vile, power-hungry, money-grubbing Marxist degenerates just as much as the three branches.

Which circles us back to the root problem of personal integrity in this nation. We are a nation of godless cowards and self-worshiping trash, and we will have the government we deserve as such.

Why do I bother saying anything at all? Because I want there to be some sort of digital record showing that not every single person in this godforsaken country was a coward and an imbecile. I don't want the people who are living on this continent ten or twenty years from now to be able to whine and deflect responsibility for their sorry, sorry state by claiming that "no one ever told us" or "no one ever explained anything to us." No, you were told. You were warned. And it wasn't just me doing the warning and explaining. You will accept your suffering in SILENCE. You will blame nothing and no one except YOURSELVES. You will own the tyranny that you live under, because you begged for it. You bought it with your own stupidity, and you nurtured it with your own squealing cowardice.

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Is it possible to have a "Military Coup?" I guess I don't understand why every suggestion seems impossible to implement... Right now, I am setting up a group to nip voter fraud in the bud, but we have to have an honest candidate & I only know of 2 ~ Ron Paul or John A Dummett Jr(doomay).

Joyce.....Ann Barnhardt answered your first question.....and usually my candidates are truthful and all others are liars.

Mr. Riley,  Alarming  alert's, call  it  `4th  of  July  parade   for  2012, each  and  every  link  now  should  have  a  `I  told  you  so,  ~~Now   Pass  It   on,  and  Read  &  weep  again..!!  99 %  are  true  facts..!!

Ron what are you talking about.  My Granddaughter and her mother  along with their school group are in DC and I just got a message that the 2012 Parade will not be televised.

Of course  No  TV Media,  as  messages  appear  on  true  web-sites,  we  individuals  that  are  disabled  `It's  called  time  delay `I  told  you  so..!!  Our  children  are  going  to  pay  the  price.  There's  a   better  future  on  the  horizon,  how  we  take  our  right's  back  should  not  mean  people  dying  or  giving `Up..  My `bible  falls  many  times  off  my  desk,  that's  a  hint,  pick  it  up;   say  what  you  mean  and  stick  to It..!!

Harry:  You are correct.  Quoted. "I don't want the people who are living on this continent ten or twenty years from now to be able to whine and deflect responsibility for their sorry, sorry state by claiming that "no one ever told us" or "no one ever explained anything to us." No, you were told. You were warned. And it wasn't just me doing the warning and explaining. You will accept your suffering in SILENCE. You will blame nothing and no one except YOURSELVES. You will own the tyranny that you live under, because you begged for it."

When will we hear of leaders who will with conviction take the Oath of office and get R done.



The time is nearing and when the call comes we will be there. Thank you for this post from Ann Barnhardt! She is one tough cookie and she means business! She needs to lead the female portion for their part!


Well i'm not delusional, i don't agree with everything you said, but i believe it will all play out according to The Lord's will.  But that doesn't mean we don't fight to get our beloved country back. i'll never give up...although the constant shit being thrown at us is exhausting. I myself want to do the best we can do with what we have to work with, and work hard to get the senate, house and presidency. if we don't do that there isn't a brick at a took over 100 yrs to get here, it isn't going to change overnight. we are fearful now and more are waking up so there is the "inch where we can take a mile" and steadily rectify what we all have allowed....we owe all the slain men and women who have fought for us and the heroes still among us.....and we owe our children our best efforts. So i'm not going to denigrate the man i choose over the "thing" in the white house, because i am hoping although he wasn't my choice, that he will be one of those bricks that start fixing the crumbling foundation we now have of our Constitution and America. call me delusional but i have my eyes wide open, they just see a little differently from you how the end game could play out.

How refreshing, to hear someone tell it like it is.  As this lady says on her website, the first American republic is dead.  Now the only question is, can we establish a second one?  In some respects the task for us is much simpler than it was for the founding fathers 236 years ago.  We need not concern ourselves with Continental Congresses or Constitutional Conventions.  The founding fathers have done all of the "heavy lifting" for us when they crafted the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.  They gave us the two greatest documents ever written to establish a government in the history of mankind.  The question now is where are we going to find founding fathers for the second American republic?  Men and women of courage and daring as well as honesty and integrity seem to be sadly lacking.  We certainly are not going to find a George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, or Samuel Adams amongst the current crop of egotistic imbeciles currently ensconced in the people's buildings in DC.  Quite frankly I doubt that out of a population 300 million that we could find a group of men equal to our nation's founders.  Neither can we look to members or former members of our military establishment.  There are no longer any men of honor withing the halls of the Pentagon.  Political correctness is the order of the day.  I am very sadly disappointed in our retired military leadership.  To the best of my knowledge not one of them has spoken out in a serious manner or stepped up to take a leadership role in restoring our country to its former greatness.  I am equally disappointed in our clergy.  Seldom if ever do they speak out to defend the Christian faith which played such a prominent role in the establishment of our republic.  However, to expect members of the clergy to speak out against the moral swamp which our nation has become is perhaps rather naive considering the fact that many of them cannot even abide by what has been laid out in God's unerring unchanging word, better known as the Holy Bible.  Today we are a nation too engrossed in leisure, pleasure, and the accumulation of wealth to dare think of sacrificing even a portion of what has been accumulated let alone sacrificing everything as many of the founders did.  To all who have children or grandchildren and they desire that these children know the truth about how the first republic was established I would suggest that they gather literature and books now and hide them until the children are of an age to read and understand.  The lies currently being promulgated in our classrooms are well known.  In order to facilitate those lies being accepted as truth, book burnings cannot be far in the future.  Sadly, the lies being taught in our classrooms are not new.  It is only recently that I have discovered that those of my generation have been lied to our entire lives.  The true history which we were taught only covered the time up to approximately 1861 or perhaps not even that recent.

Ann is right, America is dead.  But there is one other way to make the correct move.  We need to break the country into smaller sovereigns.  No one will ever be able to do away with the corruption and embedded bureaucracies now ingrained in the country.  Read my After America: Rebuilding available fro Kindle.  Sorry for the add but no one is understanding what has happened.  Well almost no one.  At least not enough to make anything happen right now.  But maybe there are enough people out there who will take up this idea.  I hope so.

I am sure you have all seen this just wanted to add this link to remind each of us what this General had to say. I WILL STAND!!!!!!!!!!!



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