Keep it SIMPLE and keep it compact..........Visit your local Large animal feed buys are:  antibiotics, Vetericyn spray, topical pain gels, pony wraps, plus plus..then to big box stores for LOTS of good quality duct tape, maternity pads (the larger the better), a piece of lightweight sheet metal you can cut with shears.and back to the pet store above for some silver nitrate powder to stop bleeding (remember the old steptic pencils for shaving cuts)...2 silver sided car window heat reflectors (all in one piece each)

what can you do with the above items?

stop bleeding

stop infection

stop movement (splints of all sizes) remember to tape the edges with the duct tape

align wound edges

keep extremities warm


reflection of sunlight

sooth aching muscles and joints

healthy list tiny container

thermal blanket and ground protection

Just a couple thoughts





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PS: IF you can get your MD to prescribe a GREAT and safe Enzymatic Debrider I will suggest Collagenase Santyl.

A TOUCH goes a LONG way!  You can use on ANY living thing.  It will only work on areas that are in need of debriding, it does NOT hurt healthy skin, the ONLY caution is to NOT cross contaminate the product.  It comes in 30 GM tubes and once open should be kept as cool as possible.  I have used it for humans and animals of all ages.


Thx this is worth a lot especially keeping it handy for easy reference...

Thanks, appreciated your comments and advise, May the seas be calm and a soft wind to your sails.



Thanks.  This is good to know and like we learned in the BSA, be prepared!


Carol, `Excellent   list,  I have my  bundle,  and  water,  ammo, candles..!

Thanks for this great info!!

To your list, I would add garlic.  Lasts a long time, is loaded with sulfides (a natural antibiotic), and it keeps the mosquitos away.  And crazy glue which works well where getting stitches may not be available.

YES on BOTH Michael!  Duct tape and super glue, perfect!





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