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My husband and I belong to the Greater Phoenix Tea Party Patriot West Valley and Scottsdale groups.  At our West Valley group we are very fortunate to have a brilliant constitutional scholar, Steve, who is in the process of teaching us the United States Constitution.  He’s a Training Consultant in Phoenix, AZ for a local government entity.


I posed a question to Steve in an email: If enough of the American people wanted Obama out of office, is there a way we could do it?


This was his response: Using the same logic as Chief Justice John Marshall, when in McCulloch v. Maryland, he stated that nothing in the Constitution prohibits or allows the government to create a corporation, I believe the people could choose to recall the President.  This would require signatures of at least 51% of the registered voters in the United States to sign a petition calling for a recall election.  The feds would contend that there is no authority within Federal election laws to allow such a thing; but we could counter with the Marshall logic to demand it, especially if enough signatures were obtained.


After reading the following blog on Media Matters, I decided I must act immediately and put this idea out there.


"The modern right wing ... feels dispossessed: America has been largely taken away from them and their kind, though they are determined to try to repossess it and to prevent the final destructive act of subversion. The old American virtues have already been eaten away by cosmopolitans and intellectuals; the old competitive capitalism has been gradually undermined by socialistic and communistic schemers; the old national security and independence have been destroyed by treasonous plots, having as their most powerful agents not merely outsiders and foreigners as of old but major statesmen who are at the very centers of American power."


According to Steve, once the signatures are collected we would need to present the petition and signatures to the Federal Elections Commission and the Secretary of State.  The FEC is the agency charged with governing all Federal elections, so all that must be done with them is to convince them that the People of the United States, according to the Constitution, retain all powers not delegated to the States or the Federal Government.  Following that logic, we have the right to recall a President, just as we have the right of privacy, even though that right, along with many others recognized by the Supreme Court, that are not listed in the Constitution.  They aren’t listed, as has been declared by the Courts and the drafters of the Constitution, as they are natural rights that cannot be governed by anyone other than the people.  If a sufficient number of our electors (voters) declare their desire to allow such an election to take place, it is therefore not within the purview of any government agency to deny that right.


As for the Secretary of State, the initial deliverance of the petition would merely be an act of courtesy, informing Secretary Clinton of our intentions that she might be prepared for the eventual outcome.  The outcome, should it be that the President was, in fact, recalled, would require the deliverance of the official results of that election to not just the FEC, but to the Secretary of State, as her office is responsible for receiving and submitting to Congress any document that would cause the removal from office, either the President or Vice-President.  The Congress (specifically, the House of Representatives), having received official notice from the Secretary, would then be charged with electing a new President. 


This is an important point for the people to understand, as the Constitution clearly states that if the President is unable to serve for any reason, whether it be medical, by way of resignation or death, or by removal from office, the House of Representatives is charged with electing a new President.  The recall could not stipulate that the people would hold a special election to replace the President; we must follow the Constitutional guidelines, if this is to be taken seriously. 


My main question to all is: Do you think America is worth saving?  If so, then we have a great deal of work to do to save Her!


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Frankly, my dear - Why even ask that question? Hell yes, America is worth saving. It always was and always will be.
BUT wouldn't Biden be the next president by default?
Ask Steve about the "natural born Citizen" clause. (If he says being born in the U.S. or it's territories, ask him about the 14th amendment. That is what I was told by a scholar of the Constitution. He said 'That is what it means today.' I told him "The Constitution hasn't changed.")
Biden will just continue BOs agenda.
Getting 51% of registered voters to sign a recall notice would take too long and give BO time to counter the movement by registering more ACORN type false voters to raise the total number. (Verifying the signatures would take even longer.)
Why not REMOVE Obama - he is a usurper! We have the constitution on our side. There are provisions in the Constitution for removing a usurper. We do need an uncorrupt judge or a brave congressman to act to uphold constitution article 2, to remove the usurper. With the usurper removed, all that he has ever signed/appointed will be null and void! What can be better than that? Even Biden will be removed (his Vp will be null and void) since he was hand-picked by an illegit obama, and, Pelsoi will be prosecuted for election fraud instead of taking the presidency as some of you fear.
By now I believe more than half of US citizens know Obama is NOT an article 2 natural born citizen (nbc) constitutionally eligible to be the president! There are mountains of evidences that he might not even be a US citizen, let alone a nbc. Just do a little reseach on the Net!

An nbc is one born on US soil to 2 US citizen parents, a citizen with sole allegiance to USA, with a single US citizenship, not a mutiple British citizenship and US citizenship (if he was indeed born in US) such as in the case of Obama.

Reasons obama managed to usurp the presidency are plenty. It is now more important to remove the usurper than to dwell on why and how he managed such a coup. Our founding fathers have proven to be brilliant in making sure the president/CIC has undivided loyalty to US - by US soil born and parentage. Witness first time a non-nbc obama usurped the presidency - he indeed turns out to be the domestic enemy that is hell-bent on destroying our country!

To be consistent in abiding by the constitution, one must observe all the provisions, not selectively observe some and ignore others. That is what many 'patriots' and 'leaders' are doing - they insist that they must hold obamacare unconstitutional but on the other hand they insist not to address the OBAMA ELIG ISSUE, for various lame excuses.

Does it make sense to fight the moves (e.g. obamacare) but not the mover (obama)?

You say he can't be removed? Really? Have you tried? Have we all united to try it?

You say it will rip the nation apart if the usurper is removed? We are already ripped apart - look at the unprecedented unemployment, deficits, spendings, taxing, national insecurity, restlessness ready to burst............why exaggerate the perceived 'risk' but ignore the real present danger we have already been plunged into??

Keep this issue alive and well. Keep up the pressure. Don't let them for one minute think we don't care!

OBOGO (Operation BO has to Go) - an action plan that needs your attention and participation -

Another action item -



At the Ellipse - President’s Park South

17th St & Constitution Ave, NW


TIME: 12:00 NOON – 4:00 P.M.



1. The United States Constitution mandates the President of the United States must

be a United States “natural born” Citizen – Article II, Section I; "Natural Born" means an individuals parents are both U.S. Citizens and the birth occurred on U.S. soil.

2. Several individuals have sworn Obama was born in Mombasa, in what is now Kenya, Africa;

3. Obama assumed the legal name is Barry Soetoro;

4. Obama was adopted by his stepfather, Lolo Soetoro and acknowledged Indonesian citizenship

5. The Healthcare bill (ObamaCare) signed into Law by Obama on March 23, 2010 along with other socialist measures are thus unconstitutional and voidable because he was illegally elected as a result of a fraud perpetrated against the American people.

For the first time in history, the American public has NO objective information about the identity of the U.S. President.

The ONLY information we have about the man presently occupying the presidency comes from the admittedly fictional claims stated in his own so-called autobiography.

For these reasons, Philip J. Berg, Esquire, is sponsoring: The “OBAMACARE/OBAMA ELIGIBILITY” March on Washington in Washington, D.C. on Saturday, May 29, 2010 from 12:00 noon to 4:00 P.M.

Participants are encouraged to bring a 'copy' of their own Birth Certificate and meet at the Ellipse - President’s Park South located at 17th St & Constitution Ave, NW, Washington, D.C.

For updated information, please visit:



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