Red-Flag laws and a ban on Assault weapons.

No one has ever won a war by first surrendering their weapons to the enemy.

No one has ever won a war by first surrendering their first line of defense to the enemy.

After the attacks on Pearl Harbor in December 1941 Admiral Yamamoto said that the Japanese could never attack America's home land because there would be a rifle behind every blade of grass. Imagine if President Roosevelt had first surrendered all those rifles to Japan, and then turned over all the men and women who could use them.

This is precisely what these proposed Red-Flag laws and any bans on so-called “Assault weapons” and accessories amounts to today.

Red-Flag laws and a ban on all weapons, magazines, and ammunition are the stated goals and the plans of those who would destroy America. The disarming of American citizens and the circumvention of the second amendment and the destruction of our Constitution.

Now imagine if Presidents Roosevelt and Truman had also declared every American veteran to be a domestic terrorist and turned every law enforcement official and officer in the country against them.
Again this is precisely what these Red-Flag laws do. The FBI and DHS has already declared all American veterans to be potential domestic terrorists.

The day that President Donald J. Trump signs any of these Red-Flag and weapons bans into law will be the day that America surrendered to the Communists and Socialists.

We urge you to vote NO on all these proposed bills and legislation, we urge you to vote NO to the final surrender and destruction of America.

Signed; We The People of America.

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Print it, sign it, and send it today.

You can find your representatives addresses here;

And here;

You can find their phone numbers and call them TODAY, the numbers can be found here;



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