"Obama isn't just a moron, he's a liar. Anyone who's been paying attention and knows about the context of Benghazi knows he was sending arms to HELP the "rebels." Now he acts like he's concerned about extremism? He was helping them. Syria is in that position because of Obama sending them aid and weapons."

Kit Lange Carroll


The Blaze

Wall Street Journal Report: CIA Feeding Intelligence to Syrian Rebel Fighters

Rebels take position inside a building at Saif al-Dawla district in the northern Syrian city of Aleppo on March 23, 2013. (Getty Images)

The CIA is “feeding intelligence” to certain Syrian rebel fighters to use against President Bashar Assad’s regime, the Wall Street Journal reported Friday.

The agency is aiding only secular rebel forces to try and counter the rise of Islamic extremists now overtaking parts of rebel-held Syria:

Syrian opposition commanders said the CIA has been working with British, French and Jordanian intelligence services to train rebels on the use of various kinds of weapons. A senior Western official said the intelligence agencies are providing the rebels with urban combat training as well as teaching them how to properly use antitank weapons against Syrian bunkers.

The agencies are also teaching counterintelligence tactics to help prevent pro-Assad agents from infiltrating the opposition, the official said.

At the same time, the U.S. is sharing only “limited” information because the CIA doesn’t know whether it can fully trust the rebels, including withholding where American and Israeli intelligence believe the Syrian government keeps its chemical weapons, according to the Journal.

The CIA’s actions don’t change the U.S.’s decision not to directly intervene militarily:

President Barack Obama last year rejected a CIA-backed proposal to provide arms to secular units fighting Mr. Assad, and on Friday he reiterated his argument that doing so could worsen the bloodshed.

He also warned that Mr. Assad’s fall could empower extremists. “I am very concerned about Syria becoming an enclave for extremism because extremists thrive in chaos, they thrive in failed states, they thrive in power vacuums,” Mr. Obama said at a news conference in Amman, Jordan.

The United Nations announced this week that it will investigate claims that chemical weapons were deployed in Syria, allegations Obama said would be a “game changer” if true.

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obm stopped supporting Syrian rebels as commanded by putn. Same as Russia supported Serbia WW2

And now he has started Israel on fire - just like he did with Egypt, Lybia, Syria - It's what he wants - his front muslim leader is in a high office in the WH. Plus who knows how many other alqaida bosses are in the WH. Treason is too good for this SOB and his daddy Soros. Both of them and the rest of his ilk ie Jarrett, Holder, any and all of them deserve the most severe punishment as possible. And I hope it gets shown on The Blaze!!

We borrow money from China to fund moslimes that want to destroy us.  Makes perfect sense to me.

Obama cannot be believed.

First off, as a Marine who has been deployed to many nations I was not allowed to know where I was, the very idea of feeding intel to foreign fighters is insane.  We know those who are "armed and fighters" are not part of "the vast majority who are peaceful", kind of a contradiction in terms.

    We established the "nations" of most of the modern world in the wars of 1870's, through the second world war, based on our own convenience, and what served our "leaders" ideas of "National Interest", something we must now consider in the full light of the FACT FDR was as close as  brother to Stalin in both ideology and moral standards.

     The proximate reason most of these nations are rebelling is we decided to make nations out of groups, tribes, cultures, which were antithetical in their nature, and had little problem while they were nomadic and only occasionally intersected each other.

    We found them a resource, provided them with a huge market almost unbounded, and every reason for all the previous tribal differences to be dredged back up and become cause for cultural debate, questions on principles, precepts, and fundamental tenets of faith, and the need to confront those they find without "faith" each and every day.  Might as well have set up a planned future world war game.

    To the thousands of Arab Bedouin tribes, "Sahara" meaning "The Desert" was an ocean to be crossed just as the Phoenicians started the West crossing the seas and becoming ocean travelers, the tribes of Bedouin became Desert travelers and traders, with the Desert both an obstacle and a road or pathway to everywhere.

   With our technology, it also became the "mother lode", and the first sign in thousands of years of a chance to overcome the failure to advance technologically, and by this commodity, move in and change the world and the rules of the game.

   The fact "the annex" was established specifically to source weapons, assemble them as parcels, and choose where to transport them to, and the "rebels" or "terrorists" to use the U.N. designator, from its outset, its original purpose, with this done by the conspiring of Stevens, as a private citizen, urging he be part of this "Arab Spring" and part of the actual contact, hands on work, and intercessor with the "militia groups" used as middle men, shows clearly, we have an open, operating enemy of our Nation's policies regarding war, as the "commander in chief" of our forces.

   This puts an actual, hands on enemy of the Nation, actively controlling our armed forces within the law as found acceptable to the sole institutions which are designed to prevent any part of our Nation infiltrated, subverted, and used against The Nation, which is "The People of The Several States", and in no way can ever be construed to be represented by Government at any level for any legal purposes within the Constitution.

   We have the president, the chief executive, the commander in chief of our armed forces, openly and casually acting as a liaison between American owned and held weapons, and American designated terrorists, "enemies of the Nation", and internationally designated "enemies of the International Peace-keeping efforts in the Middle East.

   We have thousands of citizens who have spent much time contacting representatives and Senators in Congress, specifically calling for investigation and consideration of the actual crimes openly seen as they are committed, and Congress, as members, and as spoken for as a body, refuses to acknowledge there have been crimes committed, or crimes ongoing.

    For over a century, the international communist movement has worked to see a central organization installed which could be morphed into the foundation of a socialized form of international government.  Its purpose in doing so is the fact openly developing and trying to raise up a communist principled organization was simply not an acceptable choice, there is too much opposition to open communism.

   The League of Nations was intended for this, but too many American Senators understood who backed it, and refused to charter it.  The second world war was necessary to complete the job of preparing Europe for a single ruling government, to establish a precedent, with intent to prepare us for the eventual push for coordinated world government.

    For sixty years, the U.N. has been the center initiating most of the wars around the world, at the word of a few "leaders", usually with a completely ideological foundation, and no rational plan or strategy to win, only sufficient planning to engage.  There was an extensive treatise on the premise for going to war in Korea, starting with the statement of aggression and the invasion, moving through the idea a world, organized peaceably, should be able to muster a force capable of turning back such an act of aggression, with one of the prime factors in the consideration, "no dog in the fight", "no skin in the game" for the "international players".

   For an egalitarian world government to exist, it must be able to enforce its rulings without prejudice, without untoward purpose, completely egalitarian in every regard.  The proximate purpose of both the Korean War and the Vietnam War was to prove such a force could be assembled, and could confront a hostile force with intent to gain, and meet such on an equal footing, fully capable of pursuing the whole intents of war, without having a cause to go to war.

   This is in fact, a psychological "conundrum" a true "contradiction in natural behavior", and a test of the makeup of Man, whether we are indeed "spiritual beings", or as the true progressive holds, merely the most advanced animal on the planet.

    As a professional warrior, I look at all that has been done according to the planning of communists, both the carefully machinated plans which have culminated in the installation of an illegal alien, communist muslim with direct ties to al quaida, and openly operating with them, and also the deliberately concocted "free spirited air open for discussion of ideals and principles", wherein we have had much propaganda fed us as to reasons and purposes for specific actions, such as Korea and Vietnam, which substantially bled off most of the capital which had been constantly feeding into our National productive capability, over-extending our own resources to no good purpose of our own, causing us to rely on imports for our wants and desires, made by the financial backer of our enemies put before us in war, putting our own "capital assets" up in view as feeding the furtherance of our warfare state, while our civil assets are seen as being provided by "the benevolent communist giant which has assumed capitalist forms for head to head market competition, and the suggestion this could be viewed as a prelude to change in government and national form, while providing every bit of evidence no such thing is considered in ideological ruling sources.

    Note, every monetary aspect of our Nation involves our money being expended to no good purpose for our nation, with none going to assets, nothing is being bought which can be said to be capitalizing for even tomorrow, far less "next week".

    If no particular aspect of our government even cares about our Nation's status next week, we have no government of our own, the government belongs to and serves those whose interests it fulfills.

     Our congress will not even consider securing our own borders, or quitting sending money we literally don't have, to foreign Nations.  What act of government can we even consider as being taken for any good purpose for our own Nation?  I know of none what so ever, every single act of our government made in public is detrimental to our Nation's and The People's future, exactly, unequivocally.  It is not our government, so the real question is "who's government is it?"

Semper Fidelis, John McClain, GySgt, USMC, ret. 



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