Reporting the news in 2016 has not only come a long way, it’s gone down a long way--all the way down to the bottom of the cess pool

Reporting the news in 2016 has not only come a long way, it’s gone down a long way--all the way down to the bottom of the cess pool

Covered by the media morphs into stalked by the media

My first dreaded errand as a rookie reporter back in my long ago days as a print journalist was to fetch a photograph from the relatives of of a high school youngster who had been found face down in a creek one month before his never-to-be graduation day.

This was one of the editor-imposed duties for new reporters working the weekend shift.

Editors back in those days used photo pick-ups of those lost to tragedy as a means of what they called “separating the wheat from the chaff” in their reporting staff.  Thank goodness the one in charge on my work weekend left a note advising me to “call the house first and let them know you will be coming by to collect the picture”.

With much trepidation, I stood on the front step and rang the doorbell, hoping to find no one home even though I’d taken my editor’s advice to call ahead.  It was a lesson lesson that proved to me the innate goodness of people, even those prostrated by grief.  The red-eyed person who answered the door sympathized with my mission.  “It’s a terrible job they give you poor kids” he said passing me a small envelope, clutching it as if it held precious cargo. 

And so it did.

When I was a safe distance from the house, I slipped the photograph out of its envelope.  A young school boy, whose countenance bespoke a future full of hope, stared into my heart.

His name was Billy, a name that passing time never took away.  Back at the office, I had to write a small story to go under the picture, including his name, the name of his parents, the school he had attended and a brief explanation of how he met his tragically untimely death in the annual spring run-off of creeks, rivers and lakes.  This was back in the days when date and place of birth, high school attended and gender still mattered.  Facts.

I couldn’t, of course, write the story I wanted to write, one that ended with the sincere words “Oh, Billy, the picture I picked up from your house today will live on in my heart forever.”

Back then, I could never have imagined how journalism would be all but completely overtaken by something called ‘social media’, that the popularity of journalists would someday rate even lower than the politicians they covered.

Should a reporter in the old days cross over the line in covering the deeds of a politician by exaggerating his or her sins, insert themselves (by way of opinion) into the story, or be caught red-handed making a story up out of whole cloth, the article would be physically ripped into shreds at the editors’ desk.  The editor would cast upon you a menacing look, and rhyme off a speech that could be heard by the entire newsroom, bottom line of which was always: ”Don’t ever try to get that one by me again!”

Supposing your expose on the politician starring in your story was true, you had to go with the editors and lawyers into the board room and prove it line by line.  Editors insisted on not one but three unconnected sources

Toronto Sun investigative reporter colleague Dick Chapman and I used to joke “three separate sources and signed in blood” back at our desks. 

Nowadays internet ‘reporters‘ get to stalk political prey and the news outlets from which they make their living make no bones about it.

Continued below...

It’s a National Enquirer, gossip-is-news reporting world.

It’s a National Enquirer, gossip-is-news reporting world.

“Michelle Fields, who resigned her job at Breitbart News and then charged Donald Trump’s campaign manager with battery, is now working at The Huffington Post, where she has been hired to cover the 2016 election and focus on Trump.

“After the tumultuous events of the last few months, I am ready to get back to writing and reporting on what is without question the most bizarrely fascinating presidential race of my lifetime (and, perhaps, any lifetime),” Fields said in a statement on Sunday night, reports CNN Money.

“HuffPost has been critical of Trump’s campaign since its beginning, when Huffington ordered coverage of it to be reported in the website’s entertainment section.

“Even after she changed the policy in December, the website continues to add an editor’s note to the end of stories about Trump, calling him a “serial liar, rampant xenophobe, racist, misogynist, and birther.”

Trump’s in good company because that’s how the current Washington administration describes its citizens.

HuffPo is not the only news outlet out there stalking.

The Washington Post recently announced it had hired 20 reporters to go after any scandals they could dig up on Trump.

Other news outlets are more subtle in their stalking.  Facebook continues to suppress conservative news but gets loudly endorsed as “principled” by some of the very conservative news giants it suppresses (Glenn Beck).

FoxNews, which bobs back and forth between its “fair and balanced” mantra looks aside as one of its top hosts becomes part of the news rather than reporting it. (Megyn Kelly).

Republican presidential frontrunner Donald J. Trump claims not to be a Republican, a Conservative or a Liberal.  As author of ‘Art of the Deal’, he merely gets along with them.  But he’s being stalked by outlets like the New York Times and HuffPo anyway.

Except in the case of Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton,  you are not what you say you are but what the media says you are.

The only protection against outright Internet News stalking is to be a Marxist-leaning Democrat like the Google-run Hillary Clinton.

Reporting the news in 2016 has not only come a long way, it’s gone down a long way—all the way down to the bottom of the cess pool.

The Huffington Post Hires Michelle Fields to Cover Trump Campaign

Michelle Fields, who resigned her job at Breitbart News and then charged Donald Trump’s campaign manager with battery, is now working at The Huffington Post, where she has been hired to cover the 2016 election and focus on Trump.

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Sir; yes it is horrid

the lib media is disgraced itself everytime they do not report any news fairly

we know that trump is going to be hammered and hitlary defended no matter what that wicked witch says or does





A M E N !

Bonnie...........below is a topic that is getting some speaks to the hipocracy, cowardice, lack of integrity, and downright treason of both Dem and Rep party..........they subject our nation to destruction because they won't be truthful and will eventually drag us into internal warfare............

Read the question from bottom upward............


I think the answer if SIMPLE:  republican(?) politicians are afraid of their own shadows and haven't a hint of integrity.  They KNOW the democrats will rip them apart and the republicans haven't the guts to respond in kind.  They KNOW the MSM will jump on the democrat band wagon, as will the NOW gang, as will every government employee.......NONE of these people have the guts to risk a job or a penalty......they are comfortable in their existing jobs that will provide for them for a lifetime........and THAT is where the BIG problem lies.  It is a mistake to provide them with a lifetime good income for coming to DC.  I am not a politician, but I DID run for mayor one time years ago.....I made one promise:  I would never lie.  I won that election and I never lied.  One elected, I proved to them what needs existed and proved what wrongs had been done and had not been done. I think had I wanted that unpaid job for life, I could have won it for life......because I NEVER considered lying about ANYTHING.   Our town was about half white and half black, and I had good rapport with all of them.

I'd like to think that no republican in office thinks he is part of the overthrow of America, but in my view every one of them who will not do the job he is paid to do, IS part of the overthrow of our nation.  We are no longer a constitutional republic, but have become an oligarchy of big government types and big money.  I don't believe we are in a position to be overthrown.  I believe we were overthrown some years ago, just didn't want to admit it.

I wish I knew an answer that could bring things back to normal, but I don't see any normalcy in the future.



n 5/23/2016 6:01 AM, JIMHOBO1 via Lawrence Sellin wrote:

Gunny.  You have asked the same question I have asked so many times and could never get an answer from any Republican politician.  In my mind, I imagine they become part of conglomerate group who have decided to not say anything about each other once they are elected.  However, that does no explain why candidates for office don't bring up these questions.  We have become way too politically correct. 
Our group has personally handed, mailed, faxed our articles of impeachment (see for the most impeachable person in American history to every member of congress and can't get even one of them to bring these articles to the judiciary committee.  By the way, this includes the 26 Combat Veterans For Congress who don't even want to talk to us.  Another question I have is, where are the voices of all of the service organizations such as VFW, American Legion, Air Force Association, Daedalians, Marine League DAV, Military Order of the Purple Heart, Military Officers Association (I'm a life member of all except Marine League).  To same I am frustrated is an understatement.  Jim Harding



Can you answer this question, or, get a responsible answer?




Thank you.


Semper Fi!



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   Judy McLeod:  Yes--- Judy why don't we write from the heart?--- Their are two Masters that men once to served:  One Master will lead to a good life, the truth of guidance will help us in doing it right way following our beliefs and  helping other to reach their full poetical to be better people. Now, the other Master will lead us to wide gate that leadeth to destruction for many people. ----------------------------- None of us are  born with the love of Masters in us---------------------------------------------

________________________________________Results Demanded at Judgment---------------------------------------------------

------------------We are in a New Dispensation and a New World Order that will lead us to Conditions of last days---------------

          The Chaff and Tares are repeated in the scriptures,  If you want to know more please write back?   



ONLY the UNeducated / Deceived give credence to MSM...

How did a Muslim become POTUS ?  twice elected ...

If eligible , a third time ??   

Something to think about:  I found this to be pretty credible, because so many people have commented on the sheer miracle that appears to be happening in Trump's ability to somehow overcome all the garbage that is thrown at him on a daily basis. 

I remember a time when reporters did what reporters do, they go after their stories, with zest and zeal, get next to those they are writing about, through family, friends, and even acquaintances. They chased a story through some rough, dangerous, back door, and inner circles routes, and they were like bulldogs, they would not let go until they were satisfied with their achievement.
Many put their lives, and at times even those of their families at risk, in their quest to get to the truth of whatever the matter was, which they sought. There were many stories of human interest, intrigue, and even Government. Gangsters, cartels, and those who do despicable things, but they went after them anyway, regardless of possible consequences.
Those were the times when we could find out truths, from a car wreck, to a corrupt Government, Police department, or even many things we did not know about movie stars, and other publicly known personalities.

The journalism of today seems to be a much less strenuous, and quiet life. The stories we hear from are never in regard to the over reaching Government, the President who hates America, The illegals which infest our Country, stripping it clean of it's resources, those who protect them, and continue to pay them to be here, despite the enormous deficit of this Country, and the 21 Trillion dollars we are in debt, much in thanks to the handout system. We never hear of the likes of the so called refugees from the middle east, who we know hate, and want to kill us, and his wanton desire to allow them to enter our borders unchecked. When someone tells you they want to kill you, you can bet if the opportunity presents, they WILL kill you. Each allowed to enter our Country, but not every single one of them, have come with bad intent, but they are not screened, and they too are paid for by the Government, via the working class which supports it.

The reporters of today have been scripted, and have Government guidelines in place, which does not allow them to do the true reporting of the inept way our Country is being run, and how it is being taken to the brink of bankruptcy by a President which wants to do exactly that. It is as though someone hands them the stories they must report, and tells them which they cannot report.
I, we, want to hear the truth, the things which we want, and need to hear whither it is bad, or good about the condition of our Country, what is happening to it, and who is making it happen. When the President does something against the Citizens of our Country, I want to know what he is doing, or is going to do. I want to hear the bad policies he pushes through in the dead of night, behind closed doors.

The truth is, the media, and all who report it have been told exactly what they want us to hear, not the truth. True journalism is a thing of the past, the bull dogs have all been muzzled, and forced to follow the PC mantra created by a man who does not want us to know anything detrimental about he, or his plans for the Country, or Citizens. He is hidden behind lies and deceit, and his hijacking of our media to do his will. Long gone are the days of truth in reporting, and journalism. We now hear only what we are allowed to hear, and as long as we have this Dictator running our Country, it will remain so.

The lack of morals, the lust for power and wealth have consumed the United States of America from the top down. There is so much wrong in the US and world that sometimes it is overwhelming. 

What's the answer, how can this be fixed? I really do not see an easy fix, "if there is a fix" I see anarchy across the world in the near future. Can anyone see anything else?

NOT REALLY other than the Elites will attempt enslavement  after the slaughter...



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