I received the following.......what are your thoughts??


Some of my friends are using the flag concept to express our distress. One flies his flag upside down, another uses don't tread on me.

I think we need to unify the signal, a particular flag that is similar to do not tread, but says do not tread on Christians. It is past time that we show that Christians are not wimps, and the straw has broken the camel's back.

We need design ideas, a manufacturer, and a strong promotion. A flag to represent the Constitution as written, A flag to wave above the Stars and Stripes until the Constitution has been restored.

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Begging the Colonels pardon,

You know...I like the idea of a flag.....I am not sure about the Christian thing....hell, I dunno I might be Jewish.....this is not about it being wrong to want that, or offending anyone (I usually offend someone every day).....it is that we don't want to exclude anyone. The constitution guarantees the freedom OF religion....let us do the same or let us remain true to our words in support of the constitution. God bless and keep us every one!
I am Jewish, and I vehemently support the Christian resistance, because I want to preserve my country as a Christian (still 90%!) Judeo-Christian nation, without any other components in the mix. Particularly not Islamic.


AMERICA, SHUT DOWN ATHEISTS, who behave as though they are bosses here.

CHRISTIANS, STOP BEHAVE AS A BITTEN WIFE. The leftist scum is trying to eliminate Christianity. Resist! Be aggressive. Form militias. I will join you!
WOOF, and Alexander, I'm Jewish too, and as I stated before, this nation was established so that all people could come here and be free from religious persecution. When a synagogue has to have special police patrols over Passover and the High Holy Days because of hate crimes? I don't agree with an America "rid of Islam". We've had Muslims here on US soil for over 100 years, along with Buddhists, Hindi, and many other groups. Would you get rid of them all? That is in opposition to the first amendment of freedom of religion. No, but when a group says that others are excluded or they destroy property and lives of another group---that is completely against everything this country stands for.

At my local community college---the Student Council was handing out free Qurans. They have never handed out Bibles or Torahs or Bhagavad Gita. Separation of Church and State must be upheld, and we must maintain a nation without religious preference---only intolerance to intolerance.

The 1st Amendment says that "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. The idea of Separation of Church and State does come from Thomas Jefferson's letter to the Danbury Baptists where he discussed the 1st Amendment creating a "Wall of separation" between church and state. Now, many people will quote Thomas Jefferson in his many Patriotic quotes regarding the founding of our Nation but say this "was just from some letter" he wrote. The phrase was made official through the Supreme Court case in 1878, Reynolds v. U.S. which they quoted as a means to determine whether the FedGov outlawing polygamy was Constitutional.

The point of this is NOT that religious icons, phrases, articles etc. are not allowed anywhere in our society. That's a crock. The point IS that the Government is NOT, has never been and SHOULD never be based on ANY religious principle. Now, remember, our GOVERNMENT is NOT our Society. Those are supposed to be two COMPLETELY different things. Congress can NOT take any action based on religious ideals, preferences or prejudices. That prevents us from having a Religious Dictatorship or Theocracy. And let's all THANK GOD for that.
Please allow me to inject a couple of thoughts for consideration:

[The point IS that the Government is NOT, has never been and SHOULD never be based on ANY religious principle.]
[That prevents us from having a Religious Dictatorship or Theocracy. And let's all THANK GOD for that.]

Consider the WALL of separation to be similar to a "firewall" in your computer. It was meant to protect religious institutions from control or interference by our government, not to interfere with moral principles and righteousness dominating our institutions of governance or way of life as Americans. Our nation was built on, and operates under Almighty G-d's blessings, grace, and protection. "In God We Trust" is our motto. Every sworn testimony in our judicial system is referenced to the same, or was the last time I checked. This is not by accident.

"Can the liberties of a nation be secure when we have removed a conviction that these liberties are the gift of God?" -- Thomas Jefferson

With exceptions of Eastern "religions", all Judeo-Christian religions and Jewish laws are compatible with ours because they are derived from the same Scriptures and Noahide interpretations of the same. I know of no religions which advocate domination of others, entertain civil inequality or classifications, and which penalize or oppress classes of people based on their confession of faith, similar to slavery, or promote "honor killings" except Islam. This is not acceptable in this country nor should it be considered "religion". It is barbarism and paganism. In other words, diametrically opposed to everything we hold dear in this country and exactly that which our Founding Fathers liberated us from. The 1st Amendment to our Constitution was not intended to protect the rights of such people.

"Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other." - John Adams.
Read the Talmud and get back to me.

Do they have bumper stickers, pins, and the like???

We do need something in the way and I like Fred's idea of the Civil Flag, but we are in the beginning stages...I dunno....I do think we need a campaign plan, mission statement, uh lesseee the board where we can post stuff that needs to be done.....objectives, tactics wow there is a lot to do, hey this liberty stuff is gonna be hard work.....uh how bout Just stay home and they will leave me alone...OH yea, no one will be left alone.

Personal responsibility......
I agree already we need a flag that includes all patriots..........need to hear from many more..........
I agree we need an emblem that identifies us and what we stand for. I am just afraid too many average americans don't understand what is happening and why.. The young people and those of us with a few years of wisdom are the only two groups of people who understand. My 21 year old daughter knew the issues, who she was voting for and why and that includes many of her friends. I think a symbol the younger set and us old fart's is OLD GLORY herself. It is just time for us to get our hands dirty for her. Any group in this country has gotten their way and laws changed through civil disobedeience and some down right knuckle busting. PATRIOTS OF AMERICIA IT IS NOW OUR TIME

I agree. I like the Civil Flag. A personal favorite ( which by the way - transfers to silkscreen for T-shirts ), of mine is from GoE/EU. Titled appropiately "TRY and BURN this one"

Wow, Sharon; this one has my vote! It sends chills thru my patiotic bones!



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