I received the following.......what are your thoughts??


Some of my friends are using the flag concept to express our distress. One flies his flag upside down, another uses don't tread on me.

I think we need to unify the signal, a particular flag that is similar to do not tread, but says do not tread on Christians. It is past time that we show that Christians are not wimps, and the straw has broken the camel's back.

We need design ideas, a manufacturer, and a strong promotion. A flag to represent the Constitution as written, A flag to wave above the Stars and Stripes until the Constitution has been restored.

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If anyone is familiar with Texas History, I fly the Gonzales Flag. It sums up my position pretty succinctly.
Bonnie Blue.It made a statement then,and will now.
Thomas Jackson was an interesting and impressive Commander - His victories at Front Royal and Port Republic during his campaign after stopping Freemont's advance @ McDowell were all impressive works. Had his personal problems - didn't bow down to authority like some expected of him. I can relate in that instance.

I can't decide on this flag issue. We have a Flag, a flag that has stood for quite some time but it has been usurped by Tyrants. However, its symbolism remains in our hearts.
I have mixed feeling about this as I (like many of us) have fought and lost friends fighting under that Flag. As long as our new Flag symbolizes we are a group of States bound by a single Constituion written to protect the cititzens of a new nation and the fact this country is a Constitution Republic and not a democracy, then by the Grace of God I will wear out my knees on this issue. We must be a Nation "OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE."
I WILL ACCEPT THE DECISION OF THE NEW LEADERSHIP. May God Bless us all in the coming struggle
No one else may have to but I damn sure do. States Rights' died with the Yankee Invasion.
Hello James,
I understand the integrity of the Southern leaders and why they would not raise their swords against their states. From the begininning we were suppose to be a UNION of INDEPENDENT States banded together for a common cause. Each state to help the others in National matters, settle matters, and left alone in internal affairs. I believe the flag of our country does not represent the country envisioned by the founding fathers' of this nation. Do we need a new flag or just to take back our UNION.

How about this?
I used to fly the Stars and Stripes and the Lone Star on separate poles. My own protest was to remove the Stars and Stripes from its pole and hoist the "Lone Star" to that position. I am having a raging debate with myself (one of us will win!) about whether to buy the Bonnie Blue or the DTOM for the other pole. Fact is, I don't care for yellow because of the "quarantine" connotation.

How about a blue field: Blue often represents freedom, vigilance, perseverance, justice, prosperity, peace, and/or patriotism. With a diagonal white stripe (purity), lower left to upper right, with Durer's "Praying Hands" as the upper left honor point, and a single white star in the corresponding position, lower right. Or a white field for the Praying hands, and the blue field for the star.

The "Praying Hands" are the most neutral acknowledgement of an Almighty God that I can think of, and states rights were the first of the Rights to be trampled on. We have reached a point where the ninth and tenth amendments do not exist, except that any state has the right to ignore a Texas CHL.
Looks like we need someone to take the lead in this project, someone who has a burden to develop the right banner that encompasses some principles outlined in the US Constitution, Bill of Rights and Federalist Papers....A Patriots For America Resistance Flag.....who wants to tackle it??
My two cents, Original USA flag but move the blue and stars to the center top.
A Resistance Flag?,OUR Freedom, OUR Liberty,OUR Country,Til'Death Do We Part.
A Cross for our religions and Faith,A Liberty Bell, so all can hear and a proud American Game Cock who will Not back down(note: I found the game cock fitting as they are commiting genicide on all game fowl,no differant than that of our Constitution),a back ground color of crimmson red, as yellow is the sign of a coward and blue is of passive,as Patriot's ,Our Flag must be Bold and Proud to stand above Our Stars And Stripes.
No.....no.....no.....I fought under a certain flag and I will die under the flag I defended......it stands for a country....MY COUNTRY.....They, the Usurpers, need to find a new flag!

A seal that we can fly on a flag or something else......but they cannot have our flag!

I dunno Col. Riley, I love my flag, I love the country and the constitution, this is the last thing we should be concerning ourselves with.....we are the patriots who are demanding a return to the constitution.....how about the American Flag with one big star surrounded by 13 stars.....the thirteen stars stand for the original 13 colonies and the 50 states, the one star stands for the Unity "E Pluribus Unum" in our time of need.....this can be the battle flag but the US Flag is actually our battle flag and the civil flag that fred harvey showed all of us.....for these flags belong to we the people and not to the public servants!



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