I received the following.......what are your thoughts??


Some of my friends are using the flag concept to express our distress. One flies his flag upside down, another uses don't tread on me.

I think we need to unify the signal, a particular flag that is similar to do not tread, but says do not tread on Christians. It is past time that we show that Christians are not wimps, and the straw has broken the camel's back.

We need design ideas, a manufacturer, and a strong promotion. A flag to represent the Constitution as written, A flag to wave above the Stars and Stripes until the Constitution has been restored.

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It might be just a little busy

I have reviewed all comments, which were excellent, but obviously all could not be included in a single representation.........here is my recommended flag that Patriots For America should adopt........

We have the US Flag, the 13 stars, a large star with e pluribus unum representing all, and the date 1789, the date of the Bill of Rights.

Thanks to everyone that pitched in with suggestions, recommendations, all with a motivated heart for our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, and our nation........

Save it, use it, can be part of posters, T-shirts, blogs, etc.........
Colonel, I saw the picture of your offering of a resistance flag in your email. It was really a nice rendition. I particularly liked the "1776". Nice touch.

Can we include the Star of David too? Just wondering......I don't think there is room for everyone and everything....The flag is meant to be a sign of Unity, we all stand for our personal beliefs and that is what the flag is about, the right to have personal beliefs. It is about the freedon OF speech, the freedom OF religion (any religion), the freedom TO keep and bear arms.....The flag is for unification and inclusion of ALL who will be free and suffer liberty as long as they are GOOD people and respectful (no tolerance is not enough) of one another. The tenants of the law of the land spring from the 10 commandments.....I might agree to the tablets, but there again that calls for division....so easily divided upon issues that are protected under the constitution......The forefathers carefully worded the documents that there was inclusion of all freedom loving peoples, to the exclusion of none.....

And I believe it takes a REAL MAN to stand up for his convictions and accept others as they are with respect.....if I tolerate you then I have judged you and placed you beneath me......

We hold these truths to be self evident, that they are endowed by their CREATOR, with certain inalienable rights....

that is the spirit I am talking about......this passage leaves open the room for personal belief....that each man may subscribe to whatever creator he chooses.....that is the spirit of freedom and liberty.
Before I reply too in depth, is your point that a person cannot be a REAL MAN unless he is a christian?
My flag has been upside down since the election and remain that way for at least four years. If we aren't under distress, I don't know when we ever were. Rob in Savannah
You all have great ideas.

I think that a symbol for us to rally around, and to identify each other is called for. I personally like the idea of the "Civil Flag," and can support that. I, as others have a hard time serving under any other flag than the "Stars and Stripes." The Cicil Flag is an offical US flag that I respect and will serve under.

I just wanted to throw that out,
During the American revolution, my county in Pennsylvania adopted the Flag with the coiled snake, it had "Don't Tread On Me" printed on it. People fighting for freedom like we are today. Bill G
I agree that this flag will represent us well. I wish I had seen it before my post this morning. I will have it on all of our company shirts by the weekend!

How about the Christian Flag that we have in our churches, with a wide red stripeon the end like the Confederate 3d national flag, so it doesn't resemble a surrender white flag. Using the Christian Flag with or without the redstripe would show that we are Christian soldiers marching onward.



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