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Some of my friends are using the flag concept to express our distress. One flies his flag upside down, another uses don't tread on me.

I think we need to unify the signal, a particular flag that is similar to do not tread, but says do not tread on Christians. It is past time that we show that Christians are not wimps, and the straw has broken the camel's back.

We need design ideas, a manufacturer, and a strong promotion. A flag to represent the Constitution as written, A flag to wave above the Stars and Stripes until the Constitution has been restored.

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I appreciate your reading and thinking about it and not simply reacting to it. Thinking men are often in short supply in this world.
The Constitution states that the "GOVERNMENT CANNOT ESTABLISH ANY SINGLE RELIGION FOR THE WHOLE COUNTRY TO ABIDE BY"..............it says nothing about having different religions being expressed on government or public property!

It's just a smoke screen so they can make you do what THEY want you to do!..........

One complaint I have for the idea.....NO Flag whatsoever flies ABOVE OLE GLORY for ANY reason!!!! Upside down is signal for DISTRESS, that I can live with. Fly the other flag below her!

God Bless!
I'm a little confused why you quoted that, that's not a passage from the Constitution, unless I've missed something all these years.

There's only 1 outright reference to Religion in the Constitution - "[N]o religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States."

There's one more in the Bill of Rights - "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof".

That's it - it's really that simple. It means that you cannot demand a person be of a certain religion to hold ANY public office ANYWHERE in the U.S.A, nor can you forbid a person (Christian, Jew, Buddhist OR Muslim etc.) because of their religion. That's settled so they said, to clear it up, once that person is in an Office of Congress, that can make no law which respects any portion, thought, belief or practice of any religion. Nor can they make any law which FORBIDS any portion, thought, belief or practice of any religion (insofar as it does not infringe on another persons Rights).

Boom, that's Religion and the Constitution 101. It really is that simple. Congress cannot make any law which forces Christian beliefs onto people anymore than they can forbid people from having or practicing Christian beliefs. It says nothing about "Buildings or Organizations who receive Federal Funding can't love them some Jesus" or anything of the sort. It doesn't say that "Buildings or Organizations who receive Federal Funding can't love them some Allah" either. Congress can make no law......that's it. That's all there is.

It's amazing the mountains that can be made out of some molehills, isn't it?
Matt, thanks for all your input. In much of it we of course see eye to eye! I'd like to sit down and amiably discuss some of these things, and test them. But to be clear let me state my point more briefly. Perhaps you have read history differently than I. If so, fine. We may have a worldview impasse but we can both still stand strong for our nation and the documents which undergird and protect the Bill of Rights and our Freedoms, right?!

With all due respect you said, "However, it is easy and correct to claim that this Government is not, never has been and should not be based on any religious ideology."

My point was simply, (to be contextual, i.e. historically accurate) When the US Constitution was written it was limited on purpose in many ways. Yes it limits the government to NOT make laws about religion, but it does not say that one could not practice religion as one officiates or apply his own morals and religion to his decisions, obviously.
So the question is why? But before I suggest my reason let me say I think this discusssion is so critical because it determines where we derive our morals from and therefore how we come to morals in the first place. An immoral society is a ruined, or near to ruined society: America is very close in my opinion, I hope I am wrong!

The REASON the Constitution was limited AND limiting, was because every state had constitutions already, or am I incorrect? Have your read these more elemental US documents carefully? Forgive me, but I think not. (Again I ask should I include the quotes from state constitutions here or can you just google them and save me the time at the moment? Sorry i am rushing.)

Each of those states were nations in themselves and therefore each had a broad range of laws already established before the US Constitution was written. Each, every single one of those State Constitutions had specific and very strong (by today's standards) religious requirements for elected officials, and each of those requirements were based on, here we go:
Not the Qu'ran
Not the Book of Mormon
Not the many Hindu sacred texts
Not the Gnostic Gospels
Not the many dozens of other sacred texts.

Yet, these books were available and known to the likes of Thomas Jefferson!

The One Book upon which each of the colonies established the Morals for their representatives by requiring that they be God-fearing in government was the Bible, both the Old and the New Covenant

Now on one or two of the thirteen they may have toned it down a good bit, however generally they each had religious requirements based on the Holy Bible alone.

Hence we can further therefore claim that it was not the Old Testament, or Jewish Law per se that was at the base of their ideology for the New Covenant (New Testament) specifically and carefully teaches that the old codes of that Old Testament Theocracy of the Hebrew Nation was now done away, and the New Covenant (which included the Ten Commandmenst and other features from the Old Covenant of course.

If it is true that representatives in the States had religious, protestant requirements of varying types and degrees (and they did) then it is true that the people who were running the Federal Govt were all elected, by virtue of their religious character and standing and that the STATES rights reserved these qualities to each separate Sovereign state, so as to not cause interference with other states in the union.

Therefore it was anathema for a federal constitution to have anything to do with religion! That right was reserved exclusively to the States, since each state was sovereign.

But at the same time the requirements for some was that they were Protestant, regular church attenders; for others it was that they were Christians who had leadership experience in their orthodox church, for others it was more of the same, spelling out stuff the ACLU today would have a heartattack over, and the modern era is a child of historical revisionism, on purpose.

I contend that these MORALS which were the basis of protecting Law came from the Bible and made this country great as God blessed us.
Now if you believe that Order comes out of Chaos, that nothing begins everything, that the laws of math do not apply to evolution, that Explosions produce amazingly orderly ecological, biological and astrophysical systems then, yes, you are an evolutionist and not going to understand that this nation - and that the Constitution - was birthed out of absolute Law of a Creator, not subjective consensus "Law" then you and I have a worldview impasse.

Is evolution in your estimation a theory, a hypothesis or a fact? I am just curious how you use language.

Even Obama took his oath on the Holy Bible. Amazing what a man with his heritage is willing to do for his worldview I think..

Thanks for writing and thinking.
Feel free to send Me the links,too,I would like to look at the merchandise,Col.Riley sent an email
about it,but got lost looking for the discussion,deleted the email thinking I could find it out of
memory.My inbox volume sent "memory" out the friggin' window.
Send it straight to Me:

BTW,What does "Molon Labe" mean?
Thanks for clearing that one up.And I heartedly agree.
I saw the segment on History channel on the Spartan 300,
and I saw the movie.Since I was a kid,I have read 9 different
books about the trojan war,ranging from a 2 inch thick book
geared toward kids,to a 6 inch book at college-level,which was
quite graphic.
Also have read varying levels of the Odyssey,too,6 of them,I believe,
mythology is a subject that is hard to stump Me in.
Unfortunately,I have not read any books on the Spartan 300,but
history and the movie made it pretty clear what they did.

If You visit My page,You will see in My pics My attitude toward the
Stars and Bars,and My guns.
I was born in NYC,raised from infancy in the Catskill Mountains,
but Florida has been My home for more than 20 years,and I grew up in
a place where hunting and target shooting is a natural thing.

This is My Home,now,and let the chips fall where they may.

Bring the leftist b-tards on,


The South will rise again,and,heck,according to some stuff I've read,
New Hampshire is getting ready to fire the first shot,anyway.
Whoever fires that shot,it will be heard 'round the world,and We who
are willing to fight,bleed,die for the US Contstitution will be ready.

This could get ugly,but it could not be any uglier than seeing Our Military
taking their orders from the UN.

GOD HELP US,but I also believe that the Lord helps those who help themselves,
and the Founding Fathers knew this.If it really comes down to it,I hope a lot of
people in this Great Republic have the stones to step up.

The 2nd Amendment was created not just only so that people could
protect themselves,but to provide the People with a means to rise up
against a tyrannical government.The Founders did not wish to see the
soverienty of the Republic they created fall under another would-be-King.

A government that wishes to dismantle the Constitution IS a Domestic
Enemy,and nothing more.In 1981,I swore that oath Myself,and will live
or die by it.


The more I talk to people and the more I learn, I think that there are more people with the "stones" to step up than one might think. I swore an oath in 1974 to protect and defend, and I don't remember an expiration date being included in that oath.

  How about a pic of BOTH the orginal us constitution & the Bill of Rights,for ,for the People,it is only the Bill of Rights that is for them,the Consitution is the Federal Gov frame work,but is not for the "people",per se.

  Either or as both ,have these in bold,&/or bold &  a semi see thru,dieing Documents" version.

  Have these as flags available to let members know each other,but do not fly them in public now,letting the "others" know whom to round up,we are already in actively,the now barely covert proting of the Second American (Un) Civil War.

  More covert S igneat Rings,& "Challene" Medallions might now be more approperate for  members to use openly,or eayer  "Member "Challenge" Device.

  The Flags will be needed when it becomes time for open id,which one hope never comes to be,but seems is becomeing more likely .



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