Constitutional Emergency

You seem to have me confused with another Patriot who announced that he was dropping out.. That is what this Post is all about. I am not dropping out, I am not quitting. Look again, I think I have proven you wrong.

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I can't find the blog, but I very well may have confused you with someone else. If I did so and offended you, I hope you will accept my sincere apology.

When I read the post saying this person was giving in just as our voice was being found, My exact thoughts were WTF?? and my emotions probably got the best of me, but I said what I felt. If we ever have the pleasure of meeting in person, you'll find i'm not what ya might call the most "P.C." person in the world, ( I say what I think ) and I am VERY concerned with the direction we are headed as a country for my self and my family as well as you and yours.

The 4-15 tea party was a great experience for me and my 13 yr old son. We met people from all political persuasions who had 1 common point. ENOUGH with the wreckless spending, ENOUGH with the bailouts of the very people that got us into this mess to begin with. ENOUGH of the policies that not only weaken our perception on the world stage, but make us less safe at home. ENOUGH of our elected officials sent to Washington to represent us, yet stab us in the back as soon as we submit our ballot into the box. We were one nation...and I was very proud to be a part of it and have my youngest son by my side.

Again, if I offended you, it was most certainly misdirected and I apologize for it. I sincerely hope that by some divine intervention we can all find our voice again soon, in Washington D.C. in MASSES, while the elected officials are in session so that they cannot ignore us. We have the power to change Washington, but it is up to us to do it. The politicians aren't going to resign and move on by themselves.

Whether it be by persuasion of our officials to do the right thing and represent us and our values, or organize to remove those Representatives from the halls of Congress and replace them with fresh blood with fresh ideas, without the stench of corruption and greed that the career polticians have entrenched into our nations capital. 2010 is the year we pick up the pieces and begin to take our country back. By representation....or by force.
Thanks to Twana for the update on that blog. Actually, I was not offended Thomas, I just thought you were mistaken about who posted that blog and I was correct. The blog you did read, mine, was in response to that and as you are now aware, we are pretty much of the same mind. I love my country I loved serving her in my ten years of Marine Corps service and twenty five years of Civil service. I have seen our country go from a position of uncommon glory and common patriotism to the current state that would if it were possible, so terribly offend our founding fathers that they would probably not have given so much to make our country the free state that it was intended to be and they certainly would counsel us to rid ourselves of these hippocrits in our Congress, our government and indeed even our Supreme court not to mention in our own state governments. Surely, there are enough patriots left to overshadow the clowns that lay claim to positions of responsibility for our government, our laws and our safekeeping especially come 2010 which indeed will be a deciding year for the country not to mention the future of the political system as we have come to know it. I pray that we can muster the courage to throw every last one of them out as an example to the rest of the country that we will tolerate no more the tax and spend and destruction of everything this country was established to be. On the contrary Thomas, I look forward to standing up for our country with you and others like you standing with me, Twana and every other patriot.



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