Restore America, Restore the Constitution:


Gun control is not the main issue. It is only one part of the over all agenda. Yes – it IS an important part and it must not be allowed to go through and become law. But Gun Control is only one small part of a much larger agenda, one that will definitely kill America.

Vladimir Lenin said; “The goal of Socialism is Communism”.

Communism in the twentieth century has killed more people in peacetime than all the wars during that same time period – combined.


The agents and believers of communism have been working for more than one hundred years now to achieve their goal of concurring America and transforming it into a Marxist / Leninist state. We know it from the early 1960’s when Bill Ayres and the Weather Underground made their failed attempts at destroying us. But it actually started many years before that. Karl Marx wrote his Communist Manifesto back in 1890’s, then came the Fabian Socialists and their plans to “melt it all down and remold it in their ideal form.   Saul Alinsky rewrote Marx’s manifesto and made his additions into a book called “The Rules for Radicals”.

Once it was decided that America would never fall by means of violent revolution, the agenda was rewritten once again, this time into a plan to over throw the country from within. A much less violent plan but ultimately a much more thorough and more effective plan. One that would actually produce the results they were looking for. This is the infamous Cloward and Pivens plan we have all heard so much about. As their friend and follower and fellow communist Van Jones said; “We must drop the radical pose to achieve the radical end”.  We know that Frank Marshall Davis came from this group and thus Barack Hussein Obama also came from this same group of radical Marxist Communists.

They are very close now to accomplishing the ultimate goal, the total destruction and transformation of America.

As you can see from this short list of manuals, manifestos, and agendas the stack of plans and how-to directions is extensive, and also very thorough. Governments, (local and Federal), News Media, Education systems, legal systems and courts, even Hollywood and the movies. They’ve worked hard at destroying our religious beliefs, and the family units that made America so strong.


So how do we fight back against this evil?


We still out number them: When we consider the number of useful idiots versus the number of actual working activist communists, we out number them by a great majority.

It can be estimated that over 80 percent of the people that are pushing the Socialist Communist agenda are not really communists themselves, they are just the useful idiots we have all heard about. Most of those people when presented with the opportunity to chose a life under communist dictatorship rules and strict regulations versus American freedoms and liberty will chose freedom and the ability to live their lives the way they want too. When presented with that decision most would chose freedom and reject Communism.


If those people can be educated about what they are actually fighting to promote and what the eventual final result will be, and what it will mean to them, they would begin to change their attitudes. They may begin to work to reverse the problem.


So we are left with basically three ways that we can fight back.

1) We can attempt to throw the Communists out in a violent revolution, basically a civil war. Expect extreme violence for several years because they will not go without a hard fight.

2) We can use their very same tactics, but in reverse. Turn they’re own manuals against them. Problem is that it took them 100 years to accomplish the goal, and it might take us just as long to turn it back. In the mean time millions of Americans will still die.


3) The third plan employs aspects of both of these other suggestions. It will require some extraordinarily difficult efforts from nearly every American that wants to preserve our freedoms and liberties, and everyone that wants to restore our Republic and the Constitution.


First we begin by removing their power. We must stop the Gun Control legislations dead in its tracts, and we must do that very quickly. Whether Congress or the Supreme Courts, or even the United Nations, agree or like it or not. Gun Control in America will not be allowed to go into effect and it will not be allowed to be enforced.

How are we going to do that? Well that same Supreme Court can be used to over turn all those Executive Orders issued by Mr. smart ass and his illegal administration. Any judge that votes against those measures will be dealt with accordingly, immediately if not sooner. (I said it employed aspects of all three plans). Violence was not excluded.

We have to start rebuilding our educational systems. Remove the school district administrators and teachers that have caused the problems over the past 20-30 years. And that includes collage professors and administrators. The accomplices in the News Media.

They must be identified and removed. Retake our Religious rights and remove all those restrictions about the separation of church and government. The Constitution never said that religion could never have a place in our Government, it only said that the Government can not force any specific religious beliefs on anyone. The Government can not tell the people who or what religion they must practice or that they must practice any religion at all.

Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn said they would be willing to kill 25 million Americans. We might be able to stop at only 5-10 million.

Essentially there are hundreds of ways in which we can all learn to fight back. And if we want to preserve and restore America we had better learn fast and get started soon.

Remember our goal is NOT to over throw the American Government, our goal is to restore and defend it, against all enemies, foreign and domestic.


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Again, I wish to tell you that someone has you
running the cart before the horse.  The Declaration
Independance is the Charter, It states that the
republic is, for and belongs to the people. 
The Government is nothing more that the staff
required to uperate under the By Laws which is the
Constitution, Using the Bill of Rights to set the
limits.  No Element of the three  branch has the
authority to interpret it any other way.  If this
was a Democracy then they would have that option.
The reason it is called the United States is that
each state is a sovereignity unto itself.  It is
a self governed element of the union.  This crap
that the federal government is omnipotent is contrary
to the combined documents under which this country
was established.  They are not the ones to dictate
destiny.  We the people own this and are the final
authority.  I am saying this again, the Main Stream
Media, beeing driven by the educational elements of the
government has been the educating factor driving the
changes that are taking place today.  The first element
was to change the laws of the land.  That required a
muddling of the language.  When you muddle a language of
any country, you automatically change the law by
broadening the  the intrerpretation of the law.  This was
done simply by allowing the thesaurus to be used in place
the dictionary.  A source that was deeloped to assist
writers in their endeavors in writing poetry and fiction.
(Note this aganda was started in 1913, the historys of the
countrys that fell to the Communist Party bear that out.
Former NKVD agents admitted that not to long ago.)
The cadre tht was needed was already in place.  They
are called the Communist Party of the United States is
and has been the various unions in place today.   Every
thing that is unionized is under he banner of, "Workers
Arise", once that army is moving, the population had
to re-educated, hence the US Department of Education.
!960 was the final initiation of the thrust to take
this republic into the phase of morphing it into the
likes of a Democracy.  They have almost got that in place.
Talking to the administration is likened to a person
addressing a rock.  This is not time to become the ones
to compromize.  We either use the law as it is written,
or we destroy the monster that is being developed by them
or we dishonor all who have gone  before us in the defense
of ths Constitution.
A. Menges, 1SG US Army Retired

I'm with you A. Menges.  All the talk and programs to correct things within the rigged system which exists today are just that - talk.  The system will allow detractors to get away with what it deems acceptable only insofar as it does not impact their agenda negatively.  It is time for Citizen Patriots to quietly prepare and let the system rant as it will.  Prepared Patriots will have the necessary equipment to meet the challenge and will do so at their individual doorsteps, in the streets and in their towns as necessary.  The agenda driven liberal, progressive, Marxist hierarchy and its trough feeding supporters are very close to getting, what to them will be, a rude lesson on what American Patriots, who respect and honor our Constitution, are really all about and capable of.  The Country will be better off for the learning experience.  

Tearing away the laws that currently exist will not happen...We must take what is ours. Take our children from the schools...Teach them our values. Take our High Schoolers and teach them a trade. If we do something as simple as pull our kids from the public schools the schools will have to listen to what we want as parents...The funding comes from our property taxes, and from state and federal funds. If our kids do not attend the schools lose state and federal funds. Setting a trajectory for a return to moral society begins with our youth...Why do you think the Commies want them so badly?

Well I don't really know where to beginwill have to think on this one for a bit.

I am aware of what  we are up against and have lots of good Ideals here, The education of our children is a big one and gov at all levels is getting more agressive everywhere in all aspect and we should withdraw their ruling of us as much as we can I for one no matter what unlawful law they make I will not abid by it .It has nothing to do with the House of Representatives or the Senate.
The whole reason for these amendments were to restrict the Government from infringing on the rights of the citizens. Not for government allowing the Citizens to do anything. the ammendments are to prevent the government from doing these things.
with the second amendment written as stated. what the arms are that ciizens own is what ever the individual deams they need to protect themselves from a repressive Government period. This has nothing to do with what the weapons are the size of the magazines or anything else. We the citizens need to bring this to a baseline fight, the government is prohibited from infinging on our rights to own guns, what ever they may be.
that means 66% of the Citizens of the United States that is there is no way in this world you will get 66% of the 295 million citizens in the United States of America, the means they would have to have 194.7 million votes to change the 2nd Amendment. And also their is this.

Reminds me of the "citizen soldier-- Code Blue " training we received from the US Army 69-77. Developed for the Army by a Patriot  dismissed when he superiors  felt embarrassed by a strong defense. Read Victory Denied....why your son faces death in "No -win Wars" by Major Arch E.Roberts-Committee to Restore the Constitution Howes at Oak Ft.Collins Colo.80521.In Panama 1976 I and a few others were led through the jungle to an abandoned warehouse where we were given copies of the treasonous US State Dept. Doc.7277  the plan to disarm America as we armed the U.N.drafted for President JFK --now internalized by our Govt.system and seemingly taboo for discussion though the ripples from this program instituted in the 60's continue.Those who took as their own the Code must either continue the fight--or neglect and dishonor the Code.

I totally agree with this article. We get started now.

I have three ideas for fighting back...and none of them involve guns!

1. Register and proclaim your protest publicly.  Write letters to the editors of all local newspapers and invite others who share your disgust with the status quo to join with you on inauguration day and fly your flags upside down at half mast - to signify that this country is in serious distress.  If enough of us do this, heads will start to turn and wonder what we are up to....keep them guessing with moves like this.

2.  While they are distracted, those who are unemployed can sign up to be substitute teachers in their local school districts.  It is amazing what you will learn and be able to share with the rest of us about their educational tactics.  While some of us are in the classrooms, the rest of us can run for local school boards.  I have learned from my fifteen years of experience on school boards that even one person voicing a dissident opinion in a group of 23 can change the course of things by speaking rational common sense. 

3.  Start attending local board meetings....particularly town planning boards and these so called "community visioning" sessions.  Read up on the issues that are up for discussing and walk in with a list of questions.  I have found that if you stand your ground and ask the right questions, you can get the idiots to get pissed off and in the process of trying to belittle and humiliate you, they will reveal their true agendas.  Let them carry on like the lunatics that they are, and then have your final statement prepared....I like to say..."So, if I understand you correctly, you are stating............"  Shake your head in disgust and walk out before they can respond.  The press tends to go wild over this and again....without knowing it, you will encourage all who agree with you to become more vocal in their disagreement with these political clowns.

I know from personal experience that these tactics work very effectively, once people overcome their fear of reprisal.  I have been let go from one construction job because I publicly opposed a project that my company was bidding on.  I have been censured by a local school board for "violating" the "code of ethics" that nobody but me knew was a code put out by a lobbying group, not the state board of education or attorney general's office, then I was written up in the local press for being a first amendment advocate (go figure!).  All I actually did was call a spade a spade!  And as a result, I was told that I was re-elected with more votes than had ever been cast in a school board election...never ceases to amaze me just how little it really takes when real patriots stand their ground and refuse to buckle under the intimidation tactics.

I like to use their bureaucratic bs to defeat them....go through their processes and would be amazed at how little they actually know them themselves.  It's always fun to remind them of how it's supposed to work...tends to enrage them and make them more stupid!  It's my firm belief that doing this on a local level has far more impact than trying to change the idiocy in congress.

It's amazing what can be accomplished with words....and if these words are reinforced with whatever other actions become justified, then so be it.  It will take a combination of both to restore our republic.  God Bless America and shower His Grace on our patriots!

Very good ideas Golden Eagle!

We are doing those things at our local level- but it takes manpower.

We need everyone to join in this fight at the very local level-

We have to start in our own backyards.

It's just like after Hurricane Katrina- my husband and family and I looked at our wrecked property and damaged home and each other.  Then we just rolled up our sleeves and started picking the mess up- one stick at a time.

What you are calling for here is precisely what a new Doctrine of Freedom called "Sperryism" was meant to do. It's web-page is here: and the following is its first paragraph:

Think of Sperryism as a toolbox of "Freedom" tools, all designed to "free" people and keep them "free". All tools are doable by ordinary people and don't require permission or license of government. They correct the overall process by which freedom has been diminished, turns things around and leaves in place something best called "Super-Freedom".

Below are the eight tools. All are easily doable, inexpensive and can be implemented "FAST".


Freedom Tools

They are:

1) SuperMedia - Obviates Drivel, Distortion, Omission & Deceit

2) SuperTruth - "Truth Engine" Replaces "Truth By Gut Feeling"

3) SuperCompany - Capitalism Corrected - - Don't Get "even" - Get "Rich"

4) SuperVote - "Vva" The Voter verified audit

5) Legislative "Brakes"- A National Referendum Reverses Unpopular Law

6) Intimacy - It's Time For Love

7) SuperPeace - New Method "Gently Forces" An End Of War

8) Offshore Colonization - An Oasis of Peace And Freedom

McKinley , You cannot change Wa.DC . Ain't gonna happen ! I hear this all the time . Learn the law which is the only way to change anything without bloodshed .

You can only change DC " IF " you change your County first . Think voting makes a difference ? Tell me how . What good did the 2010 elections accomplish ? It didn't and I yelled at the top of my lungs every where I could that it wouldn't change a damn thing . Each has their own grandiose plans which haven't worked by the way and it all stems from fighting D.C. Where do the elected take their oath ? D.C. , but it's a Corporation and a Corporation has no allegiance to that oath . It's a 10 sq. mile of another country . We don't even own it .

What you mention of the education is right on but folks today don't care what their kids are learning .

What you mention also about religion is also bogus as there is no such thing as separation of church and state but we've been led to believe it and many in the church believe that the IRS controls what you can say from the pulpit . Not one church has ever been prosecuted for expressing their views .

We cannot fight unless we know the law , period .



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