Constitutional Emergency

No revolution was ever won without the arms. What they call Velvet Revolution in Czechoslovakia, was heavy fraud by communist establishment on population. I do not see how establishment could arrest a million armed people and how they can employ police forces against so many. But as you say, without the arms you will be just a target. Remember,  more people were killed by own governments in the last century, than all the wars in that century combined. And that include 1st and 2nd WW !!! The people just could not defend themselves. Am I too radical? Maybe, but I have personal experience how the communist (or islamofashist) organization does operate. They do understand only the real force. Without it is just a dream. For any establishment.

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In order to have revolution without arms. You need more than 3% of population to gather in revolt. A large mass will force at least a stalemate...When the opposition controls the narrative via msm, Small gatherings of Patriots will be branded as terrorists. And the populous will suck it up..If we are going to make a stand it must be huge...That is the bottom line.

Maybe this will make your blood boil...

What a feakin joke,,,,,,,,,,,
Does anyone know who or what the GOP really is these days????

How much do we really know and understand about our political system anymore??

Political parties,,,,,,,,,,,, Baloney,,,,, The American people haven't had anything to do with electing a President in over 100 years. Here--- - - Here are your choices --- tweedle Dee or Dweedle Dumb. Take your pick but that's all you get.

And don't even think about trying to put somebody else in there,,,,,,, this is OUR game, WE own the court ad the ball. And YOU idiot population people have nothing to say about it.

The Democrat party is even worse.

Who in hell do you people think you are anyway?????



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