Constitutional Emergency

Penned By J.B. Williams
July 17, 2012


Almost four years into the search for Obama’s real identity, every answer brings even more questions. The truth is, besides a communist, we don’t know who Barack Hussein Obama really is. We only know that he isn’t who he says he is…and that enormous resources are in play to keep the full answer under wraps.


Since Obama came on the national scene in 2004 at the DNC Convention, thousands of citizens have been trying to figure out who he is, where he came from and how a literal nobody was able to outplay the most powerful political machine in U.S. history, defeating Hillary Clinton for the Democrat Nomination and winning the White House in 2008 with a totally blank résumé.


Four years later, not a single press room in the country has made any attempt at all to vet Barack Obama, which isn’t all that surprising since the main stream press room has been in the bag for international socialism since Carter.


What is shocking though is that with very rare exception, alleged “constitutional” Tea Partiers and right-wing media outlets have also been missing in action concerning the proper vetting of Barack Obama.


Now, these so-called right-wing constitutionalists are promoting their own unconstitutional candidates for VP in Rubio and Jindal. Why? Is this why they chose to avoid vetting Obama? They had unconstitutional candidates of their own in the wings?


Constitutional Tea Partiers?


Anyone involved in fully investigating Obama over the last four years has received hate mail from both Obot’s and Tea Partiers, who have claimed that holding the fraudulent Marxist-in-Chief accountable for the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on America is a losing game. These folks have been no more interested in finding out whom and what Barack Obama really is than left-wing news rooms.


Now we see these folks promoting their own unconstitutional candidates in Cuban Marco Rubio and Indian Bobby Jindal, both of whom were born in America to parents who were citizens of foreign nations at the time. They were born dual-citizens via the 14th Amendment, and cannot therefore, be Natural Born Citizens.


I have stated many times over the last four years that anyone not concerned with Article II of the U.S. Constitution, is not concerned with any part of the U.S. Constitution. Being a constitutionalist is an all or nothing game. You either care about everything the Founders created, or none of it.


Those who pretend to care about the Constitution without any concern for Article II are pretenders, plain and simple. What we don’t know is their motives for pretending to be something they are not. But you can bet that it has something to do with political power.


The Right-wing Media Agenda


In the good ole days, it was easy to tell friend from foe. Today, our friends are often foes, operating inside the impotent resistance like a fifth column for our enemies.


Many of these enemy agents present themselves as online right-wing media outlets. But where are they on the most important issues of the day? Are they really on the right side of our most pressing issues?


According to a current poll running at Drudge, Marco Rubio is by far the most preferred VP running mate for Mitt Romney in the 2012 presidential race with support from 41.5% of Drudge readers. Rice is a distant second choice at 30.5%. But Rubio is every bit as unconstitutional as Barack Obama. So, why does his name even appear in the poll?


Bobby Jindal also appears on the Drudge poll, and he too is ineligible for the offices of President and Vice President. Why do these two names appear on the Drudge poll? Jindal is the Natural Born son of two Indian citizens. Rubio is the Natural Born son of two Cuban citizens. Neither is a Natural Born Citizen of the United States.


Newsmax has been promoting Rubio for President or Vice President for months, including publishing his Obama-style autobiography titled “An American Son” – which should have been titled “An American Anchor Baby from Cuba.”


American Thinker is also promoting Rubio the ineligible. Hiding behind the pen name Chet Arthur, aptly borrowed from America’s first unconstitutional White House resident Chester Arthur, who stole and even murdered his way into the Oval Office in 1881, American Thinker writer Chet Arthur relies upon a Heritage Foundation report to falsely proclaim that any anchor baby, including Rubio, is a Natural Born Citizen of the United States eligible for the highest offices in our land.


The story is blatantly false, as is the report it is based on titled The Heritage Guide to the Constitution, issued by the once trusted Heritage Foundation. Did Chet Arthur twist the Heritage report, or is Heritage Foundation involved in left-wing unconstitutional propaganda too?


Based upon other blatantly false constitutional interpretations issued by Heritage, both factors could be in play.


Other so-called right-wing media outlets like Canada Free Press and The Weekly Standard have engaged in the promotion of unconstitutional Rubio too.


Republican TV operatives like Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Megan Kelly and Glenn Beck, just to name a few, have been covering up Obama’s ineligibility for office for years now. So it should surprise no one that they are now engaged in promoting ineligible candidates of their own.


Why are all of these alleged right-wing constitutionally conscious media outlets promoting candidates that are obviously just as unconstitutional as Obama?


Who Can We Trust?


Trust the Founders and yourself…. Sadly, the information age is also the disinformation age. There is a ton of information available at our finger-tips, but most of it is garbage.


Those truly seeking truth can find it on the Internet, but it isn’t easy. You have to be able to discern truth from agenda driven propaganda, no matter which online sources you use today.


The best source is always the first source, the point of origin. Relying upon the opinions of others is a very dangerous business. When it comes to matters of the constitution and our founding principles, values and formula for freedom, you can only rely upon the Founders themselves, not the so-called “experts” who want to interpret the Founders for you.


Fortunately, our Founders wrote and ratified the Charters of Freedom in plain simple English, so that anyone with a third-grade reading and comprehension skill can properly read and interpret the Founding Documents for themselves. We don’t need any “expert” to explain to us what the Founders made very simple and clear.

Those seeking to promote a particular agenda can also find what they are looking for online, an opinion to support their agenda. Our nation is divided between the soldiers of right and wrong, not left and right and right now, wrong is winning.


In the years leading up to the Obama Conspiracy, congress tried no less than eight times to alter or abolish the Article II Natural Born Citizen requirement for the offices of President and Vice President. Now the courts, the Congressional Research Center, left-wing and right-wing organizations are working to accomplish this goal via false propaganda and amendment by way of public opinion and court precedent.


Many who appear to be our friends in the right-wing media are involved in that effort.


If you figure out why, let me know.


In the meantime, watch your enemies close and your so-called friends even closer.


© 2012 JB Williams - All Rights Reserved




JB Williams is a business man, a husband, a father, and a writer. A no nonsense commentator on American politics, American history, and American philosophy. He is published nationwide and in many countries around the world. He is also a Founder of Freedom Force USA and a staunch conservative actively engaged in returning the power to the right people in America.

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Has he ever addressed the natural born citizen issue? I listen all the time, radio and tv., and have NEVER heard him address this. Everything else, yes, his lies, his distractions, his race baiting, class warfare, spending addiction, secrecy, lies, but NOT his eligibility. Have you heard it?

Romney and Hannity should be beating Obama over the head with his eligibility issues and all the other things that do not add up. O is going to use every lie he can conjur up and he really has a "pair" to do this while he really has so much baggage that he could be buried with. Use it damn it! Sheriff Joe has breaking news conferences and it's nothing more but the same old same old. Don't weakly suggest it might be a fraud, show what you have and drive it home or up O A$$. Take him out of the running now.

Sean Hannity is also promoting Rubio as Romney's vp pick.

I have already contacted Romney and I asked him to pick Allen West from Florida. Personally, I think West would be the perfect VP and he will bring obama to his knees.

I guess, if in the end you are a true conservative who believes in the values of the founding Fathers, the Constitution of the United States , American exceptionalism, conventional morality, Faith in God,  not the impostor as predicated by it's slave Obama, and the most hateful and intolerant psuedo religion in world hIstory with the barely possible exception of Thugee,then you are an advocate of Sharia Law, universal slavery economic dependence on the will of a government of the privileged then, you are an AMERICAN  slave, just as the Copulaing Rectal cavities in the Muslim Brotherhood and the Democrratic Sociaists of America, Labor unions and  just effete elite in Washington believe you to be. Stand for that in  which you believe! Follow the guidellines given to us by the Christian God of mercy and the constitution, the wisest men ever to live provided us and defeat this attempt at the polls if necessary, by other means,, to destroy what we as a peope have accomplished over the last 237 years because we practiced what we believed and, WE WERE RIGHT TO DO SO!.  Obama and his whole God forsaken Administration hate freedom, tolerance, economic independence, religious faith in what YOU, the individiual choose to believe unless you are a Muslim who hates and would kill, in the end , all who are NOT! There is NO place in America for those who by Sharia Law and the practice of Islam would, if given a free hand to do so, kill all who defy Islamic tenets in preference for their own and the tolerance  that for 237 years has allowed us to live  in peace and harmony with a variety of beliefs This administration is a totally evil personification . It would deny us all , the right to believe as we CHOOSE. It will take control of not only our resources but the education of and our children themselves, away from us and cede our sovereignty to the hated Evil of Nations condemned to a savage reality: The United Nations. If their Agenda 21 is successfully implemented.,  it will be done against YOUR will,  and as an act of WORLDWIDE genocide!. Do NOT be decieved!, It IS what they want and it IS what they intend to GET, and we MUST stand against them for the sake of humanity!  We need to win this election by controlling BOTH Houses, try those in the Obama administration and those who followed them for high TREASON, and punish them , if found guilty , in accordance with the Constituion they ALL swore to defend and uphold; but chose to disdain, ignore and render irrelevant! May the God in whom few of them if any, believe, have mercy on their souls; because WE WILL NOT!

I have studied the NBC issue and agree that Rubio is not an NBC.  Unfortunately, it is apparent that the majority of the voters don't care about honoring this part of the Constitution.

What if Rubio can get Romney a significant portion of the Hispanic vote and can get Romney Florida's and New Mexico's electoral votes? What if none of the other potential VPs can get a significant increase in Romney's share of the Electoral Votes?

I am desperate. All the pollsters seem to agree that OB is leading in Electoral Votes, and there are 5-6 states that are the swing states.

I hate to ignore my very strong belief that a person must abide by the Constitution BUT if GOP has best chance to win the election with Romney/Rubio team--- THEN THAT"S WHO I WOULD SUPPORT. To do otherwise is like committing suicide rather than cutting off your arm to save your life.

Being a person of principle, doesn't help the cause if we could have avoided the disaster of turning the nation over to the Socialists. If we win, being a person of principal would be important to our cause because we need all people of conservative principles to help turn the country around morally as well as constitutionally.

Being practical in use of your vote is essential. Voting is not the same as obeying a religious edict. Maybe someday, after we win this election, we can change the Party system so we wouldn't be faced with these Hobson choices. 


Gerald, in the same vain as you have posted here I would point to the fact that it has taken at least 40-60 years to get us into this mess and most folks have just begun to see the problems for what they really are. We will not fix this mess with one or two elections. It will take us some time as in decades to get our country back to what it should be and it will take a commitment from patriots to continue to move it in the right direction. I am of the belief that we will have to "grow" our candidates at the local and state levels to actually change DC. I would love to see, as Brian posted, the ones responsible in DC now be tried, convicted, and punished for their crimes but I cannot believe that there are enough honest in DC or that we have as choices that would actually pursue that course. I agree that allowing the o another term would amount to the suicide of our nation. The only thought I have about it differently is that if it happened it may would spark a revolt among the patriots who believe as we do. He has managed to cause many to at least wake up and begin these types of movements.

OK JB, you want to know? Communists agenda was planned almost century ago. They work in very long goals. Their leaders are chosen by the party and stay in the power for a long time. Democracy on the other hand, works only from one election to the next one. It was clear to founding Fathers of the Constitution. That is why it was created with the plane language anybody can understand, as Republic which was intended to run as long as United States will exist. Because power hungry communist (fascist, democrats, liberals - in short all leftist) can not have unlimited power which they want, it is their first goal. To destroy, shred the Constitution. For that they have to have blind, uneducated electors. They must  to infiltrate truly democratic, conservative parties on the right to achieve majority in those elections. I did mention, they work for very long goals. With each won election they are closer, preparing ground for the next win and dismantling Constitution and freedom. Bit by bit. That all started long time ago by Roosevelt, Wilson... Conservative parties are so stupid, that they take everything to be fair and square. (Did you hear Romney to even point out the treason acts by Obama and his forget documents? I am certain, that by now FBI, CIA and the top brass of the military knows it but without any peep about it.  I do not know one politician from the right to infiltrate any party on the left. You named quite few from hundreds which did infiltrated the conservative side of the political spectrum. The Constitution of the former Soviet Union, was one of the best written constitutions. Of course it was only on the paper. And if you tried to make public speech using some paragraph of their constitution, you were accused of being antisocialist, and you rot for the rest of your life in some gulag. ( That is if you were lucky and you did not disappear in some steel foundry in the steel ovens). That is exactly what Obama is doing. Making the Constitution completely useless. Nobody in the government not only did not stop it, but they even support what that PLANTED president is doing. So US as the country has only few choices. Become socialist dictatorship, where government is above law. (Obama, Holder and all the rest around him already are), or civil war. But even that will not help. Obama's military, home security and enforcing agencies are ready and trained for it and they already have their weapons, ammunition and orders. There will never be something like South against North. Small centers will be just taken one by one. And if you think that there is still a choice in the election, do not be naive. That was decided long time ago. As Stalin said: "It does not matter on the electors, it matters on who is counting ballots". It s not by any chance Soros's company which will do just that?

I can't disagree with one word you are saying,'s like we are David up against Goliath here.  But we can either give up and go quietly to our collective graves or we can go down fighting this evil.  I choose to whatever way I can.....and I DO believe that if you do the right thing, with God as your guiding light, miracles can happen.

I just started reading Dennis Prager's new book "Still the Best Hope-Why the World Needs American Values."

So far I have no disagreements with Prager and I am getting really excited by the book.  I have been trying to fit political issues together all my life and Prager seems to be doing that job admirably.

. On the first page he states, "Few Americans can articulate what is distinctive about American values or even what they are. There is...a  thirst among Americans for rediscovering and reaffirming American values....A lot of Americans realize we have forgotten what we stand for."

Prager not only explains our values but he compares our values in detail to reasoning of the Left in each arena. His analysis is so well done that it may even get converts from the Left and it will certainly aid the Independents  and Conservatives in grasping the big picture.

I have not gotten into the book far enough but it is so good I am willing to take the risk and spread the word prematurely.

 It is clearly a must read for Romney and his team because he has explained the Left and Obama like I have never read before. If Romney can use find a way to use this author's theories, the Independents will become Conservatives.  




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