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With Barack Obama's hidden defense cuts portending a disastrous toll for national security, Gov. Mitt Romney is calling on the President to deal honestly with the American people and quit "dismantling our military."

Obama's defense cuts are known only in part to the American the people. And that's because Obama has yet to explain the exact details of them. What we do know is they are so drastic that even Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) believes the Democrats could lose even more seats in the House over them in November. And Sec. of Defense Leon Panetta has said these cuts "will be devastating to our national security and to our economy."

So here's what Gov. Mitt Romney is saying: 

A year ago, Barack Obama set in motion the sequestration process that is leading to imminent disastrous cuts in our military might. The President is required by law to tell the American people how he would implement these cuts. But he has chosen to ignore the deadline for doing so. The American people have had enough of evasion and of finger pointing. They just want answers. It's time the President stops stonewalling, stops dismantling our military, and starts providing answers.

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Romney needs to go see the movie 2016:Obama's America
Then maybe he would understand his adversary, along with 535 members of Congress.

obummer is a complete disaster.  The real question is what is to done about the entitlement freaks that support him and people like him.

Because the Military is Committed to "Protecting and Defending the Constitution"... BHO has to destroy the Military before he can declare the Constitution Null and void and Proclaim himself as President for Life...

You just nailed it. Bingo. Part of his evil plan.

Honestly, this is the most encouraging Post we have seen in along time....Now, to get him elected, with the "Mob Rule Voter Fraud" by the Liberals that has been set into motion!

Obama, His agenda isn't a single banner.  His Marxist drive is the dismantling of our system, the second banner is of islamic endeavors. so that the Brotherhood has an easy take over.

There are those who understand it, those who will never understand it, those who ignore it, those complicit with it----------(CONGRESS, BOTH D'S AND R'S, SINCE THEY ARE IGNORING HIS TRUE IDENTITY AND AGENDA) and of course the GRASSHOPPERS, aka "THE TAKERS"

He has kept the military out of the country for a reason. He knows how they feel about him and he does not want them here when he decides to incite riots so that he can declare martial law. He is, and has been, getting his "CIVILIAN FORCE" prepared to conduct military operations against American Citizens, since he is not an American Citizen.

I believe Congress knows this and is in with him and his World Government backers.

They MUST be VOTED OUT or we will have the WAR no one wants. 

One of the biggest problems we face is that the democratic voting base has no intention of looking at issues that don't cater to their own selfish needs. "Special interests" is a narrow focus, but those special interest groups that support a liberal agenda are spread far and wide.

One of the great quotes from our past Presidents was "Ask not what you're country can do for you, but what you can do for your country". John F Kennedy

There are many of us here that were alive that day and heard those words in real-time. Today, the democratic party has flipped that quote upside down. Whatever has happened to their values, not to mention their patriotism? It's the party of "me-me-me" and anything that isn't part of their special interests agenda lacks importance. They live for today, but ignore the future.

Our military has allowed us the freedom we have today. I recently heard the U.S. Naval fleet is on the shorter side of being adequately equipped. The U.S. Naval ship count is lower that it has been for years. The government’s only duty is to protect and serve and military might is job-one.

If the focus is to destroy our ability to protect ourselves and our allies, then cutting the military budget will provide those results quickly. There are vultures in the wings and in our midst, waiting to pounce. The dismantling of America from within… whoever thought it would be the POTUS.



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