Back in the later days of Cashes Clay (aka Mohammad Ali, when he went up against a formidable opponent, Ali would try to wear his opponent down by letting the guy beat on him until he could scarcely lift his arms any longer. He essentially allowed the guy to use him as a bunching bag until the opponent was so weak and tired from swinging and punching that he had nothing left by way of strength to defend himself. Ali could take a punch if he did get hit, but he still managed to deflect most of them anyway.

Obama appears to be playing Rope-A-Dope with ISIS/ISIL & Al-Qeida. Instead of sending the full force of our military to kick their asses, Obama is sending 450 troops as “trainers and advisors”.  These US troops are restricted to base and cannot engage any enemy in any combat maneuvers. In other words, they are NOT being sent there as combat troops, they are NOT being sent to Iraq to fight ISIS/ISIL. In fact no one is being sent to combat ISIS/ISIL. Obama and the US are NOT fighting back – at all, anywhere on the globe.

A bomb here, and a bomb there, but nothing else.

Now at the same time he is sending 3,000 US troops over to Africa to help somebody do nothing about the Ebola crisis. No one really knows what these troops are expected to do once they arrive, but I guess that is irrelevant as long as they are kept out of the US or Iraq. If Obama has his way 1/3 of them will come down with the disease and the rest will end up quarantined and forbidden reentry to the country.

Unlike Ali’s opponents ISIS/ISIL will not soon tire of swinging and hitting us.
Mohammad Ali may have won 99% of all his fights, but we still have to remember in the final outcome Ali  ended up with some strange form of Lou-Garregs disease and eventually became a complete invalid from all those head punches and beatings he took. He couldn’t walk or talk, and couldn’t even lift an arm.

No matter how many punches ISIS/ISIL throws, or how many people they kill, or how many of them manage to infiltrate our southern border, Obama still refuses to fight back.

The problem with Obama playing Rope-A-Dope with ISIS/ISIL is that he is not the one taking all those punches and beatings, We are - the American people.



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Old Rooster, just a side note. Ali's grandson is a running back on our high school football team. Hell of an athlete, runs a 4.3 40 and is only a Sophmore!! Yeah Ali's plan was also ALWAYS to win. That's not Obamas plan no matter what he says. I'd also like to know what soldiers train in combat not medicine are going to do once they get there. He's committed twice the money and twice the troops to the Ebola crisis as he has to terrorism. Shows his priorities.



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