Constitutional Emergency

We got home late yesterday, so to those implying we’d been arrested or some such, NOTHING OF THE SORT HAPPENED!

The meeting room had a mixup, so we were not able to meet inside at Radio Technical. The few of us who were there - ten; no politicians or their promised staffers showed up - met in an outside seating area. Thankfully, the weather was nice!

Since everyone got hungry, and tired of the outdoor setting, we stopped short of discussing all of our 5 concerns...actually only got into 3 of them. Those present, with the exception of my family, all said there was no way O would be impeached and removed. Since JB Williams and his team of constitutional lawyers were part of the no-shows, their case for impeachment and conviction, WHICH IS A STRONG ONE, did not get presented. Since I believe cutting the head off the snake is Job One, I will be devoting much more of my time to the Impeach Obama NOW! Coalition, than to PFA.

All were in agreement that securing the border was critical for solving our immigration crisis, but no one came up with any sort of plan to do so. A suggestion was made that those with ranches along the border fence off their property. However, that would still leave huge areas of the border unfenced, and no plan was suggested for a way for the private parties to afford the costs of such a fence.

We did come up with two ideas to put pressure on politicians, and to get the message out to more of the general populace. I will pass those along to those higher up than me, before posting them to the general membership.

On a personal note, we had many challenges for this trip...first, when we got to our PREPAID hotel around 1am, they had not saved our wheelchair accessible room. They offered us an upstairs room, with no elevator. Since my husband is confined to a wheelchair, there was no way we could do that. With the National Police Week festivities going on, it took until 4am to get another hotel room with wheelchair access. Our cabdriver went above and beyond to try to help us. We had a grand total of 3 hours of sleep before we had to beat feet to Radio Technical for the meeting.

When we arrived at RTCM (it isn’t a government building; it’s an office building that RTCM has a suite in), the door was locked. The building super didn’t know anything about our group meeting there, so of course wouldn’t let us in. My contact, once reached after the meeting, apologized, is giving a complete refund, and has offered us the use of the room at no charge, should we decide to do another meeting. Something to think about!

On the way home, we were stuck in an elevator at DFW for 20 minutes, long enough that we did not have time to grab something to eat before catching our connecting flight. My husband, who is diabetic, had a major sugar crash on the plane as a result. I will say Alaska Airlines flight attendants were very helpful in taking care of his needs. Nice, when you do encounter people like that.

To sum up the trip, it was one of those moments where you either develop character, or become one. I’m still debating....



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I was simply seeking some clarification as to whether you had facts regarding the saboteur.  It was not my intent to cast any blame or disparage your efforts.



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