Dear Patriots across the United States,
   The militias across the United States are responding and mobilizing to the call to protect our Republic. Operation American Spring is underway.  Militia Commanders and Sargent  of Arms have called me from all over the United States.  Rules of Engagement (ROE's) are now being requested.
Leadership ROE's for the event Operation American spring scheduled for Friday May 16th 2014 in Washington DC.
All militia Commanders will take charge of their groups and establish communications and ensure good order and discipline.  Follow your charters and established rules governing your militias.


(1) No weapons. No ammunition. 
The Communist forces that control Washington DC do not recognize the 2nd Amendment and have banned all weapons and ammunition from the district.  Do not give them the opportunity to arrest you and prosecute you.  Leave your guns and ammo within the safe proximity of a free state.   When the government is changed constitutionally so will the laws in Washington DC when we return our country back to a republic that recognizes the constitution.  Bring Bibles and constitutions.  Of course your 2nd Amendment Rights are God given and no man can disarm you but at this point we must follow the rules laid out by the Communists until we vote them out of office.  You do have a right to self defense.  
(2) Follow all rules of the road.
No running red lights, no speeding, no harassment of the Communist forces with your vehicles.  Of course this does not preclude driving within the confines of the law which sometimes backs up, slows up, and or could congest the 40 roads that enter into Washington DC.  Traffic does get backed up in most cities.  Ensure some lanes are free and open for  passage of emergency response vehicles.  Perhaps the truckers and bikers would like to join us.
(3)  Comply with all constitutional requests of local authorities.
If you don't break the law you won't get arrested.  Follow the law. Keep it peaceful. No threats period.  If a police officer engages you ask him or her If you are being detained and for what reason. Other than that say nothing else.  You have 5th Amendment Rights.  Do not intimidate but you do have a right to self defense if you are assaulted. 
(4) Travel in groups of 4 or greater.
Stay in groups and do not leave your buddies Team up.  Stay in your groups.  Establish a chain of command and stick together. 
That's it.
This is a simple operational ROE.  Keep it simple.  Come unarmed.  Bring plenty of water and establish a logistics chain for resupply of food and water. Militia uniforms welcome. Stand in formation and act as additional security for the civilians that will be on station.   Medics and first aid kits a must.
I recommend militia groups get together and have local marches. Initiate county to county core groups and perhaps rally on their state capitals or local governments to create awareness before the event. This would act as a precursor to Operation American Spring.  Work closely with your local sheriffs and local law enforcement. Just a suggestion. 
 Practice your ability to coordinate and resupply and learn the weak points from this mobilization. Treat this event as a peaceful, Constitutional occupation of Washington DC to ensure the Communist forces understand we are prepared to stay on station until Mr. Barry Soetoro has been impeached and or removed from office by the Congress and or Joint Chief's of Staff for treason against the United States.
As you can understand I field a lot of phone calls.  I don't mind talking to each of you but when we are talking a million people this will not be possible.   I do have a day job. Please follow me thus - friend me on Facebook (Geoff Ross Navarre)  and also on the Save America Foundation website to track the event. 
Lets have a good turn out.  1.8 million people are now mobilizing.  It only takes 400,000 to occupy Washington DC. and shut down the forces inflicting tyranny upon us in the Republican and Democrat Party.  Stay within the law of the 1st Amendment.
Enough is enough.  Don't fear anything. You have God and the constitution on your side.  Feel free to Google my cell phone number and name if you wish to verify the voracity of my intent. The information you gather from this Google search will then solidify in your mind that this is real and I don't take prisoners.  Work within the law and lets roll. 

Senior Chief Geoff Ross

Surface Warfare / Air Warfare

United States Navy Retired

Navarre Fl


Santa Rosa County Militia






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Jefferson, if I were to carry a gun to DC, I would have to ask myself, "Who do I intend to shoot?", and the conversation would stop right there. I don't expect military or police to gun down a bunch of non-violent, non-confrontational, unarmed, men, women and children who are doing nothing more than praying, singing, and following the law. And even if they were to do something that foolish (not that they haven't before) how would we defend ourselves? Shoot back? Yeah, like that's going to work.

The purpose of our presence will be made known to the bureaucrats by our leadership, whom we are simply there to support. Signs, shouting, name-calling, and destructive behavior do nothing but incite reaction, which usually escalates to violence. Anyone attacking peaceful visitors to our nation's capital will just do more harm to themselves and their cause.

Col. Riley has a good plan. This is his party. If we don't want to behave ourselves, we're better off at home.

Jefferson, thank you for your support. I hope to meet you in DC.

Thank you Terry, and if I may be of assistance in any way, please let me know. I pray our peaceful attempt works, for I do not wish to see bloodshed on either side. However, make no mistake, if it should fail, I am prepared and not only obligated by my oath when I joined the AF, but I also know that every American is obligated, per the constitution and our founders command, to restore our Constitutional Republic. My oath was not only a contract with my country, it was also a covenant with God, and I fully intend to keep that covenant, to whatever degree required. As in my opinion the last real Commander & Chief we had, Ronald Reagan said, peace thru strength. I pray our strength will be represented in the massive numbers that feel the same as you and I. Again, thank you for your hard work and resolve. God bless you, yours, and our mission.

I do that........and Sarge is on the edge......he can easily remove himself by going to the settings under his name at the top of the page.  Maybe that's the most honorable solution for him.  I don't want to take action but I will.

In the Army, anyone with the rank between E5 and E9, can be called "Sergeant". Except 1st Sergeants, and Sergeants Major, who would probably yank your leg off and stuff it up your ass for calling them "Sarge".

The Air Force is similar, though less dangerous. First Sergeants are called "First Shirt" when on duty. Just "Bill" when off duty.

In the Corps, only an E5 is called "Sergeant". A Gunnery Sergeant is affectionately called "Gunny". This is because he is the last, truly hands-on leader in the chain of command. 

And in the Navy, a "Corpman" is the highest rank a sailor can aspire to. Everyone else is just known as a "squid".

Semper fi.


May I recommend you re-read all that I have written.  No where did I recommend anyone disobeying valid orders.  I have not taken "pot shots" at your leaders.  What I have been trying to get all of you to understand is that somewhere there should be a back-up plan to protect the people that will show up defenseless.  You have not been a good student of history.  May I recommend, politely, that you go to your local library and start reading the history of man especially regarding despots, tyrants, and autocrats.

My combat duty was in Vietnam in I Corps.  My leaders never gave us the kind of orders you have been given, so I find it very difficult to understand why you make the remarks you do.

Until you learn to walk a mile in the other mans; moccasins, you really should not make snide remarks about other peoples ability to travel 3,000 miles under any circumstances. 

Mr. Dowda seems to think I am trying to subvert your efforts.  On the contrary, as I wrote Colonel Riley, I truly hope his attempt at getting rid of the garbage in DC works.  I also told him that if he decides to get rid of the garbage in my backyard, I will find a way to make it, as it is not 3,000 miles away and a lot of time that my people need.

I will tell you that the only time I ever voted democrap was for JFK, and I only did that the first time.  After what he did, I immediately went back to Republican.

Gunnery Sergeant Thomas Lakin, USMC Retired

Also Gunny, there are nearly as many so called republicans currently participating in treason as democrats. Doing nothing to stop the destructive policy's of this Communist administration is the same as condoning it, and most of the republicans are doing just that.


Please refer to my response to Tony DeFranco, with an inclusion regarding Mr. Dowda.  Most of what you write is addressed in that missive.

As I wrote to Mr. DeFranco, my time in combat was in Vietnam.  I was in I Corps.  I was there April 1966 through April 1967.  My DD-214 substantiates all of this, to includes my medals and badges.  I am NOT one of those we refer to as "Stolen Honor" people. 

What is it?  Oh, yes, "Judge not, lest ye be judged".

Gunnery Sergeant Thomas Lakin, USMC Retired

Maybe I am opinionated, but not judgmental. I am simply saying, if you cannot agree with current mission objectives, and changes that would meet your way of thinking are not forth comming, perhaps you should seek another organization that fits your agenda. Your continued condemnation of this mission, only serves to disrupt valuable discussion that could be used to plan for contingency. Which as a former soldier, you above all should know is dangerous and could cost lives. Also, the purposeful disruption gives the appearance of you being something other than what you say, like it or not. I am sure there are organizations with objectives that would be much more suited to your views. But, do not think for a minute, that I nor any of those involved in this, are not fully dedicated to the restoration of our Constitutional Republic. I cannot speak for all, but my oath of enlistment had no timeline or end, and was a Covenant with God. I am also prepared, willing and fully capable of doing whatever is required to fulfill that obligation to my dying breath. However, I also know that our founders wanted us to exhaust all peaceful means before resorting to a violent act. And there is always the innocent casualties that will happen and cause other serious issues that must be avoided if at all possible. This may fail, I pray not, but if it does fail, we all know, and I feel most are ready to go to whatever tactic is necessary in that event.

Thank you, Christina. I, too, am sick of those who pick and whine. As a VN vet, and someone who has had to work all my life, I support your views. We never accomplished anything by complaining, other than irritating those unfortunate enough to be in close proximity. There are enough of us committed to ACT, that we WILL PREVAIL. And when Pearler, Gunny, Tony, and their ilk, talk about how they 'woulda, coulda, shoulda gone to DC, if only (insert useless excuse here)', we will know WE made a difference.


Forgive me for coming across as a defeatist. I'm as passionate as anyone who loves our country, My point is. A well Regulated Militia is the answer. An Army of the people. Our founding fathers wrote that into our Constitution. Our second ammendment right is more about being a well Regulated Militia than the right to bear arms but they go together. Funny how when you ask someone what the second amendment is they first say the right to bear arms. Yes, but more importantly the right to a citizen Army. That to me is the most critical part of the Constitution and one we have let slip away too long ago. Now Militias are look at as some fringe group of freaks trying to overthrow our government. This is a tactic used by the communist to keep us from down. Militias are for keeping the government from just what is happening to us right NOW! Our Government is perfect it's the people running the Government that need to go!

By the way Christina, I admire your passion and apprieciate your service to our country. We need more firecrackers like you!

Tony.......we don't look at Militias in a manner except know the national Militia has signed up to mobilize the 1.8 million to support OAS in D.C.   It doesn't matter what others think, we're the movement to action and we hold Militias in high regard.



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