San Francisco And Oakland Crowds Hand Over Guns in Buyback

Folks who just made themselves cannon fodder!



In San Francisco and Oakland on Saturday, citizens brought their guns to sell to the police in return for cash. Every volunteer who returned a gun was $200 richer walking away. The line was so long in San Francisco that there was no cash left after lunchtime and I.O.U.s were substituted instead.

Oakland’s citizens gave even more guns back, including assault weapons and Ak-47s; the line of people returning guns, which was comprised of those standing and those in cars, was almost two miles long. A limit of three per person was imposed.

Oakland’s police chief, Howard Jordan, said, "When we remove guns off our streets that could be used in a crime, we reduce the possibility of our youth and community being a victim.”

There’s only one problem with this scenario: in all likelihood, it’s the law-abiding citizens returning guns. The criminals are not about to surrender theirs. All reports from the scene quote people who were highly unlikely to use their firearms for criminal activity in the first place.

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Same thing will happen In Los Angeles on Dec 12

What do they feed those people in that screwy state, anyway? 

Just like down under and the crime rate went up by more than 25% in just the first month and the killings went right with it...All you have to do is look at Chicago and see how bad its going to get....

Ignorant sheep.

They have just become slaves.




and when the SHTF they will be VICTIMS OF THEIR TOTAL STUPIDLY, and i will feel NO MERCY for them at ALL.

Semper Fi.


Unbelievable! I can understand the San Fran residents being that stupid, but Oakland? I would NEVER walk the streets of Oakland, especially at night, without my sidearm! I will bet money that people from San Fran crossed the bridge to Oakland thinking the line would be shorter.

No wonder California is broke and Stupid, nobody there has read the Constitution. When California goes under Martial Law, don't call me to defend you. You get to entertain the FEMA CAMPS.....

unbelievable, Dont see law enforcement giving any of theirs back, i bet,

Hell NO !! And I'd  bet dollars to donuts (pun intentional ) that the cops get dibs on anything worth keeping !!

Bunch of retards. Next thing you MIGHT hear about is a rash of home invasion robberies.

These are misguided folks in a "Fairy Land" and City leaders that just don't get it, or they are part of a bigger problem, that of controlling the citizens of their cities. Having said that, they have established what has become a "Gun Free Zone", like the schools, where innocent victims will be sitting guns for the criminals. Criminal are NOT stupid, in one sense, they do not want to be shot, so they will select those places where they know there is no resistance. In short order, these Cities violent crime rate will sky rocket. All these misguided folks will live to regret taking the money. That begs the question, "Is your life, or the life of any of your loved ones only worth the $200.00 you received?



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