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Sarah Palin: Congressional GOP Are Abusers And We’re Their Battered Wife

Sarah Palin: Congressional GOP Are Abusers And We’re Their Battered Wife

By SARAH PALIN19 Dec 20153,089

They did it again. But like a battered wife, we keep going back because every four years they bring us flowers, beg our forgiveness, and swear they’ll never hit us again.

The GOP establishment in Congress is our abuser. We can’t hide the black eyes any more. The whole neighborhood knows. The Democrats are gloating. Obama thanked 

 couldn’t have given him more.

And where was the famed House Freedom Caucus – those stalwart conservatives who spearheaded Boehner’s ouster? They were shrugging and handing us a bag of frozen peas to put on our black eye. If we’re lucky, maybe they’ll call 911 for us when the beating starts up again.

This is shameful, and it has to end. No mas!

For the last seven years, grassroots conservatives rallied to action under the belief that change starts at the ballot box. As I’ve said many times: there is nothing wrong with this country that a good old-fashioned election can’t fix.

People put their own lives on hold to send these Republicans to Congress to take back control of the House and Senate, to get a handle on our bankrupt federal government, and put America on the right track. I think of all the cross-country redeye flights I took away from my young son in order to campaign for Republican candidates, so full of promises, over the years. Others gave up a lot more than I did to elect a “conservative” majority.

Together, we grassroots conservatives gave the GOP historic electoral victories because they promised us they would stop Obama’s “fundamental transformation of America.”

Instead, they abetted it. They are Obama’s accomplices.

With this omnibus bill, they broke every promise they made to us. Every single one. They’ve reached a level of brazen duplicity previously known only to Democrats.

Obamacare? It’s fully funded.

Planned Parenthood, which was caught red-handed haggling over the sale of dead babies? It’s funded too.

Obama’s illegal executive amnesty? Funded.

Illegal alien sanctuary cities? Funded.

Visas for un-vetted Muslim migrants (“refugees”) to resettle in America? Funded.

Obama’s green energy crony capitalism? Funded.

Tax credits for illegal aliens? Funded.

H-2B visas to replace American workers with cheap unskilled foreign workers? Yep, that’s in there too.

What about funds for the fence that we so desperately need on our southern border? Nope, sorry, they couldn’t find any money for that.

Basically, everything commonsense conservatives despise – and Republicans promised to put an end to if elected – was funded by this omnibus.

They weren’t worried about the promises they made to us. This omnibus was written by lobbyists for lobbyists and passed by corrupted politicians fulfilling promises to these cronies with deep pockets. They campaigned one way, then governed another way.

This is why people hate politics and politicians. This is why they tune out and stay home. Reading through chunks of this bloated spending bill that drives us further into bankruptcy I steamed, “That’s it. They can’t be trusted. I’m outta here because they do not stand on the planks of the GOP platform, not one iota.”

But you know what, my fellow conservatives  that’s what the GOP establishment wants us to do!

They want us to leave the Party or just sit out elections.

Without us around, their handpicked puppets can be elected in gerrymandered districts without any pesky conservative primary challengers.

The Congressional GOP establishment doesn’t care about winning national elections. As far as they’re concerned, Hillary can have the White House – just so long as they can keep their cushy jobs on Capitol Hill.

In fact, having a Democrat in the White House is probably good for business. They don’t want to have to lead on anything – they’ve had ample opportunity to do so! –  and a Democrat president is a nice foil for them. They can enjoy the status quo, enjoy all the crony capital cash, enjoy the perks of office, and as the country continues to crash and burn, they can tell the folks back home it’s all President Hillary’s fault.

Thankfully, not everyone with an “R” after their name is happy with the corrupt status quo. And there are a lot more good guys in Congress now thanks to the Tea Party.

So, no, it’s not time to leave the GOP. We’re going to make our abusers leave.

We’re not going to let them hit us again.

It’s time to kick our abusers out of the House, change the locks, and keep a loaded shotgun next to the bed.


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Only trouble who can and will do this???

Totally agree BO is more deserving of the title TRAITOR than ANY past person. Period.

The BAD GUYS love the fact our solutions cannot go anywhere so they keep doing bad things and get bolder and bolder every day.

I'm hoping enough people discover the awesome power in knee power then Jesus Christ gives us the PERFECT solution and the bad guys will run like rats.

Bottom line?  It has to be the military, with The People supporting them!

immediate actions post intervention

suspend / contain big banks / federal reserve / wall street

suspend all foreign aid

permanently close epa / blm / education

eliminate planned parenthood funding

dissolve the federal court system

leave the UN / NATO

establish a national currency

order governors to hold referendums ( arrest those who refuse ) , each state will have two

items on the coming national referendum , to decide the new priorities..


CANNABIS sales shut down ...Homosexuals offered early retirement as DADT kicks in.

H. GB, No need to ask who will do this, - It's already been done. They just have to wait until the next election and the inaugurations in January 2017.
Will Jesus Christ and our Lord save us?
Well like you and so many others I would like (and Pray) that somehow he will.
But my eternal pessimism tells me no - No he will not. We Created this mess. America has abandoned him. We've thrown him out, demanded and insisted that his name will not be mentioned in the halls of our educational or government systems.

If and since we have demanded that the word GOD and the name Jesus Christ must be eliminated and thrown out of this country. He will comply,,,,,,he will do just as we have demanded. Leave us alone.
And I'm afraid my friend - we are alone. This is OUR mess and it's up to us to fix it.
Then,  IF we ask, he will return. But until that time comes there will be a lot of suffering.

a gentle armed insurrection placing all Congressional members / POTUS / SCOTUS in confinement.

Pentagon in lock down , pending a determination of individual loyalties...

each dept.  under armed control..

this following a power grid disruption.

Old Rooster... You are I believe correct.. Gods promises are conditional, "I will if you will". America has had several visitations of the Holy Spirit and National Revivals since it was born. But that was because most of America was praying and repenting of their sins. Originally it was a "Day of Repentance and Prayer", then Repentance was disguaarded and only a day of prayer remained, now the day of prayer is not even honored. Sin and perversion is not only accepted it is fought for in the halls of government and in the highest courts in the land. I see no scriptural proof that God will visit America and interviene in her problems so long as they have abandon Him. Throughout history when Gods people have abandoned Him he let Godless nations rule over them until they collectively repented and returned to Him. I do not see any evidence that that will change.
So pray yes, pray that America and its leaders will repent of their Godless ways and return to Him. Unfortunatly Sin seems to be the main course of the day and people would rather have their fill of that than of submitting to the Word of God and honoring Him. So.... Sit down..... Buckle up.... Hold on.... This is going to be a rough ride folks.

Old Roster understands the POTUS is / has been a tool of the global elites.

Rep . Bridenstine acknowledged the control Big Banks / Wall Street exert OVER the actions of Congress in a 

local meeting in Tulsa.

The Chinese have a phrase that goes The Ying and The Yang. Simply put in English it means that for every action – there is an equal and opposite reaction. Newton's law of forces, Physics, and the laws of the universe. Nature abhors a vacuum. Einstein once said that cold is merely the absence of heat, darkness is simply the absence of light, Atheism is simply the lack of faith. When the US pulled out of Iraq, ISIS moved in. When we failed to demand adherence to our Constitution and demand standards, – Politicians run wild.

I believe that trend continues, not only throughout all of universal physics and further into the laws of nature, but also into the nature of religious beliefs as well, or lack thereof.

Anarchy is the lack of control and restraint of individual behavior.

Evil is the lack of good. And Islam is the lack of Christianity and a true belief in GOD.



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