Sarah Palin is spot on about the spineless cowards in the R party in DC


I'm listening to Sarah Palin on Fox News. She is spot on about the R party and all I am hearing come out of her mouth. I wish more folks were like her! I've not followed her closely but thinking I should start. I know folks complain about her taking a pay to speak at events - I note it takes money to get to those events. Imagine the cost of getting to events from Alaska. I also note - she is a good mom! She loves having her kids with her and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that! Actually there is great honor in that! If I find a video of that good length interview I will post it here.

This post is not for the use of Palin bashers. If that is your only purpose to comment on this, you should move on and don't do it. I know some keyboard warriors folks get off on attacking Palin while they sit behind their computer screens. That is not welcomed.


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I listened to part of Sarah's speech. I like her. She has alot of common sense which is lacking in Washington DC.

Sarah Palin makes more sense than 99.9% of our elected ''leaders''

She does have common sense.  She had to with the governorship of Alaska, as well as with the rearing of a family.  She knows the strategies that work, and she has been faulted for that. 

Hopefully you will be able to post the video.  Thanks so much for posting this information.  I haven't been following her that much as well. 

Sarah Palin is the antithesis of anything  LEFT, PROGRESSIVE, COMMUNIST, LIBERAL and (most) DEMOCRATS. John McCain only got my vote in 08 because of SARAH PALIN. We all know she is dangerous to the progressive cause and we all can tell WHO the progressives are, democrat or republican. She scares the crap out of them, that's why such hate and vitriol spews out of their satan driven mouths. For example, are there any other private citizens in the nation that have had their private emails exposed to all the hateful media sources besides Sarah Palin? Then they got pissed because they just couldn't find enough dirt on her. McCain only chose Sarah to run as VP because that's the only way he would be able to get close to winning, but, thanks to McCain and his idiot handlers, they lost anyway. Sarah is full of GUTS going after the spineless, corrupt politicians, R or D. And who hates her the most? THE WOMEN ON THE LEFT. That also tells me everything I need to know and also the fact that Ted Cruz won the senate seat with the help of the tea party and Sarah.

Amen, to that sister.

Sarah has more gumption and zeal than most in the Washington DC establishment RINO's and she is right to ask Wallace of Fox News to disclose the names of those who would try and intimidate Ted Cruz . Ted understands the depth of this Progressive movement and is committed to its demise . And so is Sarah !

Marty, this is not really new.  I have been a Palin fan from the beginning.  She and I have been in agreement about the cowardly Re-pubic-ans for a long time.  I heard Cruz' father give a speech in Texas, and I beleive he is more a man and American that any of the R.I.N.O.s.  Semper Fi!  Gunny

I have been a supporter of Sarah Palin since she was governor of Alaska...

I have not given them a dime in many years.

 I think most of America loves Sarah Palin. I know I do !!! That's why they tried to destroy her.

Sarah Palin has exactly what the Conservatives need, Guts, Integrity and she is not afraid to take an unpopular stand. 

I have been pushing ever since she arrived for people to get behind her, but far too many have soaked up what the left has fed them. That is pure Alinsky tactics.

Stand up for what you believe and never be afraid to be laughed at.

SHE is certainly one of the best out there.

After listening to the "Fox Clan" this morning, especially Hume and Crystal, I felt physically ill. Thank GOD for Sarah. 

She is right - there are a lot of spineless R's in DC. We don't know what skeletons they have in the closet either and what the NSA has on them for Obozo to blackmail them with. Make no mistake, Obozo will blackmail where he can. He wants to be crowned dictator.



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