Sarah Palin is spot on about the spineless cowards in the R party in DC


I'm listening to Sarah Palin on Fox News. She is spot on about the R party and all I am hearing come out of her mouth. I wish more folks were like her! I've not followed her closely but thinking I should start. I know folks complain about her taking a pay to speak at events - I note it takes money to get to those events. Imagine the cost of getting to events from Alaska. I also note - she is a good mom! She loves having her kids with her and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that! Actually there is great honor in that! If I find a video of that good length interview I will post it here.

This post is not for the use of Palin bashers. If that is your only purpose to comment on this, you should move on and don't do it. I know some keyboard warriors folks get off on attacking Palin while they sit behind their computer screens. That is not welcomed.


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I have never found Sarah to be wrong.

That is because you most likely are NOT a left wing-nut, liberal retard!!!!  Those addle-pates claim they could find no right in her, including her clothing!!!  Semper Fi!  Gunny

I love this woman!  She is bright, honest and direct!  If McAmnesty would have won, it would have been because of Sarah Palin!  His numbers went up 40% when she was announced as vice president.  The liberals are afraid of her and that is why she was attacked with such hatred by the liberal left and their spokes people, THE NEWS MEDIA!  I would vote for her for president if she ever runs!  What surprises me is the resentment from WOMEN for Palin.  It seems to me that the green eyed monster, jealously, took over their brains!  Palin stood against rino's when she was gov. and she is the one who took on big oil and won!  She won money for every man, women and child in Alaska that they get every year.  Wake up people, Hussein is destroying this country, not Sarah Palin or the tea party or conservatives!

Christine, you are so right in what you put out.  The problem was a serious lack of security for Palin and her family.  Especially that piece of fecal matter that moved in next to her in Alaska.  The only way that Palin can be assured of protection is to get the people to protect her from the government and the left wing-nut liberal retards.  I can never trust the Secret Service again.  They took an Oath much like mine, and I swore to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.  The illegal alien in the White House is a foreign enemy living domestically.  He should have been shot.  I have never unOathed, either.  Semper Fi!  Gunny



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