Constitutional Emergency

The blackout has been on for 2 days and you're out getting more wood.
You shut your chain saw off to take a breather.
Just then you hear them and when you look up you see this.
They're setting down all over the place.
You can see at least 20 of them, could be more.
While you're looking at them, you hear diesel engines down by the road.
You count 20 at least.
They're stopping in pairs.
Just then 2 pair of A10 Warthogs passes over you.

What do you do?

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Twana has gone above and beyond to dumb things down for the average prepper . But this scenario stated in this thread is as she said 2 days into the black-out ? Are we still going to drink the kool-laid and listen to the conventional lying media from the battery powered radios or is the black out spoken of just that a BLACK OUT ? No new , no communication ?

If so by day 2 or 3 when the choppers roar and the humvees and armored personell carriers are moving in to divide the country into sectors we are in a hole and fighting our way out !

Twana has been a well of information and some say I make myself a target by being so out spoken and deliberate ! ? God's will and God's Grace be with me ? But I will not huddle in a corner and PRAY !

The info we get from this site should open everyones eyes general bugout info is fine for getting to the / our safe zone (UNDISCLOSSED)

I am of the strong conviction that the infiltrators have a trained team and also have a group of men that are robots that will take orders and set up bases just like the one dipicted in this scenario .

Under what is left of out Constitution we have the right to form and train a civialian militia ! Time has passed for us to wait time is at had to have a militia of a minium of 1000 healthy well trained and disiplined gurillia FIGHTERS ! For civilian protection !from un friendlies that want to take away out God given rights that many men have died for and will die for again to hold the bond of this Nation together !

Time is short the UN is moving in and the special SWAT teams are equipted with the equiptment we need so we need to have the ability to take it of they are not here to protect our rights ! Sad but fact passive action os past ! ask yourself can you drop the hammer on a UN troop standing on your pourch and then drag the body to the street and leave it lay ? Do you have the belly for the blood that is going to be spilled if not WE MUST HAVE A READY REACTION FORCE THAT IS TO BE RECKONED WITH AND ABLE TO ACT AS AN ANTI TERRORIST GROUP TO PROTECT OUR HOMES !


again I said it I stand by what I said and other tha why am I so stupid as to expose my thoughts tell me the more proper way to deal with what we know we face !

A US Marine

No Better Friend !

No Worse Enemy !


US Marines adapt and over come in all scenarios but there must be leadership for any anti terrorist group to function and function with maxium damage and miniun casuality rate ! This landing pary could be the end or if handled properly and if we are prepared it could be our first shipment of supplies with live ordinance Be smart wise up get you head out of the sand !

Thank you so much!!!! I understand what you are saying!!  I like your closing.  Thank you for your service!

Excuse me.  I realize what was posted and I realize the threat.  My idea is to gather intelligence on the situation and then formulate a plan.  Running around willy nilly in a state of panic is assinine and will get you killed.  One man alone cannot take on the world, you need a little help.  Other people have got to be informed of the threat.  If you go and get yourself killed or injures fighting, you at this point have helped nobody.  Somebody has to gather the intelligence to sound the alarm and formulate a plan. 

OK Eddie;  you are excused ! What are your goals and what intel do you plan to gather ? How do you plan to preserve them logistly are you going to have a map in your pocket and do you understand Lat & Log on a map? When you gather your intel who are you going to give it to ? Is there a reaction tean trained and ready to go where you live ? Do you know what to call specific equiptment and how to show communication bunker and ammo dump ? How large is you reaction tean in your area ? Do you have the skills to be in the camp and get out without detiction ? Just a few minor detail to consider ? Not to mention the fire power of the react team in your ares ? Also the fire power of the infltrators ?


Who are you going to formulate the plan with 24 hours after they are dug in and going house to house ? It sounds like a really good plan if you can connect the dots ?

If you have been following many of the post I am a big time advocaate that no one man should attemt to engauge any combatant if it can be avoided ? I also an a big time advocate that a group of untrained civilians with guns and a Rambo attitude are just as dangerous and the combatants and will most likely kill or injure more people with friendly fire than they do opposition forces . That is the reason for a train militia nit a mob with guns ! have you trained with your local militias in an organized manner so the react team will be efficient because every hour the infltrators are on the ground the more intrenched they become !

First of all you need not be obnoxious and condescending.  However, we are on the same page.  I'm a not physically healthy enough anymore to go running anywhere, but I will do my part to the best of my ability and I don't quit. 

I don't have military training, but I do know how to read latitude and longitude.  If you have ever operated a boat on the ocean, you need to know how to get home.  A gps is a fantastic tool, but it is not magic and the end user needs to know how to read it, and charts (maps to those that like terra firma).  I do not enter the woods anymore without a handheld gps and a compass and a bar of magnesium.  I like to make it home. 

I've worked in a paramilitary organization. 

How do you know the intent of this force that is there?  You have to make an observation.  Perhaps they are not hostile.  Are they wearing foreign uniforms?  Are they wearing American uniforms?  Are they wearing blue berets?  These questions need to be answered.  They may not have anything to do with violating everyones 4th ammendment rights, or they may have everything to do with illegal searches and seizures of citizens property.  You just can't go off half cocked.  You need to know intent. 

TM 31-210  Dept. of the Army Technical Manual  titled Improvised Munitions Handbook has some nasty little surprises in it for hostile forces.  It's a golden oldie.

So you have a plan but are unable to implement it ? So = no plan and the key to this scenario is a 2 day black out and and you think FEMA is worried about rural USA ? The signs are written even in the distorted news we hear daily ! These forces are not hear to assist and you don't need recon intel to figure that out ! Since you are unable to implement your plan ? I am sure your are teaching your skills to those that are able if not you are nothing more than an arm chair warrior and that we have way to many of people with plans bit no action ! SO when do you plan to start a workshop and teach your para military skills to all the willing that are lacking in knowledge ? Or did the para military group you were with that you can't mention teach you telepathy ? Were you with the men who taalk to goats unit and took acid ?

Stop talking and do somethoing that is the whole point that is about to implode PFA all atlk and no action share your knowledge since you admit you no longer jave the ability to do what you ststed you plan was = npo plan :) have a nice day not condesending just stating the facts ! take action don't talk about it eddie :)


Yeah, I talk to goats and drop acid.  You are obnoxious and condescending.  I am older than you think and my health is not as good as when I was a strong and youthful man.  I'll do my part.  You have a good day sir.  I pray to the Lord that he protects you in the field.

Thanks the TM 31-210 info you posted should be required reading and is a free PDF file on google ! Tons of public info for free :) Thanks for the kind words sir ! I am not so young myself be 55 and 100% disabled but I train everyday to matain healtth and well being it is painful and pays off ! Good luck to you !


Agreed, one team, one fight. This whole thing is stressful.  It is much easier to be sent under orders to a foreign land, taking up arms and following orders... At home, we have individuals, although many have served before, most are acclimated back into civilian thinking. We want what we want... sometimes we forget, its about the person on your right or left.

And the TM 31-210, yes, is a good reference... just beware of missing components in any manuals that are "google-able".

 No Words sufrrender the flag

First thing I would do is lie down.  Stay calm.  Crawl away but cover up your chain saw first so it hopefully wouldn't be stolen.  Only crawl away if you are in relatively dense brush otherwise you'll be seen. 

Why are you crawling away ? There must be a plan of exicution already formulated and if you are in the infltrators premitor ? well face the reality of the situtiation run don't walk and they are military they do things by the numbers ! They are not likely to land with shoot to kill orders ? so formulate with your group inside the premiter and creat as much disruption and havok as possible and gasoline bottles and other make IED's even sexy women infiltrate the core of the base memorize the layout and where the amo dump is and communication post is ! cut their communication #1 then rain hell on them and yes some will die but not in vain a reaction team should already be on the way to over run the base once communication is taken out  .

Just for starters this should not take over a day to secure their base if we hit fast and hard ?



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