Constitutional Emergency


We better face up to the fact that despots are running every branch of our government and we have a duty to fulfill that duty which was given to us in the Declaration of Independence. We either live on our feet or knees. Can't be both! It's one or the other!

Give me Liberty or Give me Death! It's time for everyone to ponder this and make their decision.


We will be able to know by comments, who chooses to live on feet instead of on knees.










All off topic comments will be deleted!





These folks have chosen to live on their feet! These are folks I want to stand shoulder to shoulder with! These citizens possess courage, integrity with boldness to do what is right even if they have to do it alone!





Fox News


Protesters in front of Court are now chanting "We will not comply! We will not comply!"

One woman shouts "We will not comply with this unconstitutional tax, so you may as well come get me now!"











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I WILL NEVER COMPLY< EVER!!! Question, what does this mean to us vets who depend on the VA?

The word must go out to all Veterans, DO NOT COMPLY !!! 

I WILL NEVER COMPLY TOO ; For us Vets  there is nothing yet ,but for Tricare recipients , that is another story,could go up or something else . 

First CNN reported that the SCOTUS ruled it was unconstitutional and then lo and behold - now it IS constitutional.  We all know it's unconstitutional and will not comply.

I will not comply.

I will not comply! The whole of the government is corrupt from the municipal court to 1600 pennsylvania avenue!

BIGGER~~~`I  WILL  NOT  COMPLY,  Only  one  part  of  this  Topic..!

The SCOTUS has played into Obama's hand/agenda well.  We, as a nation, either get off our complacent butts and campaign hard against Obama, educate the "vunnables" and fence straddling independents, then VOTE or deal with the fallout.

It might also be a good idea to be "prepared" for the civil conflicts that are surely on their way.  We are a nation under attack from within and in distress.  I'm going to start flying my flag upside down as soon as I get home and until we get this group of commies out of office.

Arm yoursef now if you havent already! This is going to cause rioting nationwide! Obama will then declare marshal law, suspend elections, and then proclaim himself president for life. Instant dictatorship...goodbye USA hello USSA!

We will not riot. The occupy crowd are the ones prone to that sort of nonsense. If any action is required there will simply be a march on DC, probably armed and ready for THEM to fire the first shot.

They have fired the first shot by the rulling they handed down.


I was not talking about the first shot figuratively. I actually meant the first shot from a weapon, a rifle, a hand gun, etc...The first shot you are talking about was fired long ago with the passing of this atrocity they are calling health care reform and many others have hailed down on us since.



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