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I can't help but wonder what is going thru his parents' heads.



All the groups are posting some great stuff about this guy.... we must save it all to prove he was not a Patriot and that he certainly was a sick commie, liberal.

I'm still trying to figure out if the comments I've been reading out there on the various news story blogs are people trying to be funny (the hardcore internet person has a very dry sense of humor, and as most things in real life are far removed, it's easy to make jokes in the face of other people's tragedies).  But, I have been reading things like "Well this just proves the need for more gun control."  And I SWEAR these people have to either be trolls making a gag by typing the very thing we expect the idiot far left to say, or they really are complete useful idiots of the far left and they really believe that.


It's almost like they all rehearsed for "The Next Disasterous Event" together.  Never let a crisis go to waste.  Some people actually are foolish enough to believe one person defines an entire movement, even if they don't know that person has any affiliation with that movement.  There are fools out there willing to believe anything they are told.


Meanwhile, all I wanted to know was who did it and why.  And it was like a powder keg out there waiting to go off with everybody ready to start slinging accusations and insults at the other side.  But as usual, it is mostly the lefties who are spinning it in such a way as to further their big-government goals.


Those of us on the 2nd Amendment side want to conceal carry up to be ready to defend our lives and those of the people around us in an emergency.  These people seem to be sparring SO HARD to make something happen here.


Many people are yammering on about how this proves the Tea Party is a dangerous thing.  It's straight out of Alinsky and SO predictable!  They waited for something terrible to happen, then they immediately began jumping the gun to blame their enemy for the event, before any real information was out.  After all, it is he who wins the early disinformation campaign that will stick first and foremost in the memories of a significant number of people who do not follow the news every second of the day as do most of us.


In any event, they have succeeded in becoming parodies of themselves, and I don't know if they did that deliberately out of having zero respect for people being harmed and killed, or if they really are that much the tools of the left.


I have really felt unnerved for much of the day after hearing about this event.  This could probably be the biggest news to happen in this country politically of the 2010's.  Who knows???


I think the left have far underestimated this nation.  They believe they can goad us into a blood feud with them.  What they don't realize is that we are not the cretins and neanderthals they think we are.  THEY are!!!  Pardon my use of labels there, but sometimes you have to label things.


I got that impression about it being a bit too choreographed to be real feeling, as well....


i totally agree,the commie liberals are going to milk this for all its worth.
What is C.P.S.?
Child Protective Services.... and the reason that's important is because his facebook page said that he loved to hunt trolls and children.
Child Protective Services in Social Services.

This is not good, hell we know that Scumbama wants to disarm the American people and that son of a bitch just played right into his hands. I hope his parents are proud of their "Thing", I refuse to call it a man! My deepest condolences to the families of those shot and killed. This is too much, I know the left wants to drag all of us to Socialistic hell, we know they will now stop at nothing to achieve their goals.

I may dislike a lot of Democrats, but this idiot went too far. May the left be destroyed by the action of the idiot, may he slowly rot in a personal hell, then finally in the after life.

The local AZ media had this kid labeled as a "right wing nut" before Rep Giffords even expired; maybe 2 1/2 or 3 hours after the shooting .  They knew nothing about him or his motive but he "must be a right wing nut".Apparently there was some kind of "farewell" "don't hate me" note to his friends on his My Space page, posted just before he went over to the shopping area, which according to the police was quite near his home in Tucson, and the Judge who was killed wasn't  "planned" to be there, just went over to greet his friend, Ms Giffords, at least according to the feeds I was seeing all day yesterday.
How can he be one when he loved to read works by Marx and Hitler? No Right Winger worth their salt would read stuff like that. He also loved to read Animal Farm too.



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