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Screen-Shot/Loughners Facebook~Worked For C. P. S.-Interested In MEN & “Wanted 2 Be A WOMAN”



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His 6 'friends' whose pics were blacked out could very well be his 6 ACCOMPLICES...did anyone figure that out?  or am I the only one with a nasty suspicious mind?


Well we know will have to listen to all of the gun control zealots preach about gun violence and know is the time to get serious about gun control. If that gun were laying on the street it could not hurt any one until it is picked up buy a person and then it becomes a weapon or a utensil of destruction.

This young man was certainly not wrapped too tight, or he has had a bad child hood or just plain nuts. You be the judge.

I can assure if there is any political fodder in this incident we will all hear about it.

Some of the content of his My Space page that's been put out would indicate the thinking patterns of a schizophrenic mind, and at his age, it's entirely possible this kid just had his first psychotic break and acted in the throes of that, on his own; rather than any "conspiracy".   So in that case "just plain nuts" would be the appropriate choice, if that is the fact.


You are more right than you know.

I have been listening to the radio and there are people saying that if the guns were not on the street then this would not have happened at all.

The lefties are all screaming to remove the guns as soon as possible, been hearing this on the ham set.

It's in the regular news feeds too, sometimes indirectly, but there none-the -less, along with blaming Palin for the "crosshairs" surveyor's marks on Congressional districts that were "targets" for Repubs to defeat Dems in the last election; as if that meant they should be shot, and every other kind of direct or indirect indication that it's all the TEA Party/Conservatives fault this happened!

The tragedy in Tucson is tragic on many levels. My deepest condolences to the families of those shot and killed. Here is a Congresswoman doing what she should be doing in a republic meeting the people who elected her, I had no idea that was even done anymore unless one met with a lobbyist.


Thus far, the responsible media (if there is such a thing) has described the alleged shooter as a crackpot and has avoided aligning him with any political group except the one that meets in those jackets with no exits for hands in special rooms.

Oh Boy!
Of course, the incident will be used by leftist propaganda as good disinformation.

I understand that several hours after the shooting according to cnn she lost the fight and passed.

But that is according yo CNN and we all know reliable CNN can be they probably have her some where or else they moved her for her own security, lets all hope that she does make it either way the one who pulled the trigger is going to spend a very long time in jail, he committed how many murders that is one disturbed person.

The shooter needs a quick trial and a quick execution. Like within 6 months! Not housing and feeding this vermin for a lifetime.
You got that right Buck
It wasn't just CNN, even local Phoenix news feeds were saying that, clear up 'til the wee hours of this morning; imagine my surprise to wake up and find this "dead" person was listed as critical, with guarded optimism on the part of her surgeon!



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