Screen-Shot/Loughners Facebook~Worked For C. P. S.-Interested In MEN & “Wanted 2 Be A WOMAN”



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Survivors at the scene disarmed and stopped him, kind of hard to deny that, no matter WHAT his politics, or whether the lefties like it or not.

Samdra to bad they did not give him a good old-fashioned  ass whooping would have served him right.


He came from a generation that was NOT taught boundaries. There were no such things as losers in a game of pee wee football. Sad generation really.

Gotta wonder what kind of up bringing he had and weather or not he was ever corrected in his life, probably one of these people that believed that punishing a child will cause problems later on in life. Well we see what happens when you receive no direction in life and more than likely no man in his life to show him the way. It's a shame really when you look at it, this is something that should never have happened at all.this act of stupidity just wiped out how many families and caused how many more to be hurt this is wrong on sooo many levels that it is not nor ever will be anything to laugh at. If there where any people in his life they should have seen this coming a long time ago the signs were probably there and people just ignored them this is some that I have to talk to a few friends about this week and see what they say about it. AGAIN this should have never have happened.


As angry as I get with the way things are I will not resort to this type of behavior this person something snapped in him problem is he decided to take out how many people, this goes way beyond anger and way beyond anything else this guy just plain ol went off the deep end, his family if he had any should have seen this coming a long time ago and snipped it in the butt.

I think it's possible, based on some of the ramblings from his My Space page that have been getting out, which show a "thinking pattern" similar to those of schizophrenics in psychotic breaks, given his age, he MAY possibly have just suffered his initial break and literally not been in his right mind at the time, although he did also leave a "suicide" sounding message to "not hate him" on the page for his friends.  But if he is suffering schizophrenia, paranoia is not uncommon, and those CAN become violent and dangerous on occasion, although it's rare they do, and that is a possible explanation for it.  Symptoms should have been showing for some time that this was coming, but whether others would recognize and/or act on the evidence of such symptoms appropriately is another matter, especially family members who notoriously deny what they're seeing until something does happen that can't be denied; and also especially if he was a bit of a loner, or hung out with people frequently using drugs who might have believed it was the drug talking and not him, as he's known to have been a pot smoker according to the media here.

Yes but can we believe anything the lame stream media says at this time. They can say almost anything they want and make it sound like the truth even about this and more so about this incident, Because a politician was involved and we all know how the media just loves politicians.

I'm not saying it's fact, only that some of what was presented as coming from this kid SOUNDS very like the thought processes of schizophrenics, and that on OCCASION paranoid schizophrenics can act out violently for no other reason than their own delusions.

I wouldn't put TOO much faith in the information on that Facebook site.

Right after the incident was reported on the news and his name was given out, I did a facebook search. At that point the press was spelling his name LAughner.  There was a FB page with similar to what is shown on this one spelled LOughner, but also listed his heros as Mao, Stalin, Che Guevara, Obama, Fidel Castro.  And that he was interested in MEN.   But within an hour that site was taken down.  Now this one with LOughner was taken down.  I wonder if those were bogus sites that some jokester put up today using his name/s and Facebook took them down because they knew they were phony sites.  Or if they were for real and FB took them down to protect their lefty friends and make it easier to blame the Tea Party, who would more likely act like the guys who took the shooter down, than to BE the shooter!   So much misinformation out there...hard to know what's real and what is some other paranoid schizo's rantings on the internet today.


We will know most of what is real after the 48 hour rule goes into effect.  I'm pretty sure the facts will show he was just some demented nutbag.  We've had a rash of our society falls further and further into decline.

This may well be true; the authorities here were onto his My Space page almost immediately, and his YouTube page, but no mention of a Facebook page at all, and I'm sure they would have checked, if they already had the others.
Yall are also forgetting that the Discovery Channel shooter was a left wing nutjob. His favorite book was one Oprah and Lady Obama BOTH read. It was about a gorilla who could telepathically talk to a child. It could be summed into white man evil, white man out to destroy the world. He hated shows like Kate Plus 8 and 19 and Counting. His manifesto was on the internet at some point and I do NOT know if it still is. He was of KOREAN origins if I remember correctly and worked for Discovery. He was pro sterilization.

  WE all know how the news media will treat this...So we all need to remember --this  is ust one person that went off and that

 WE THE PEOPLE KNOW BETTER... Do youself a favor ..stop watching all the Obama T.V. News stations and Turen On Fox.

Even FOX was reporting it as if it was a right winger initially, if they still aren't!



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