Ok guys, this is what I'm seeing here. We have Ops, on the ground at the border, and other groups ready to join. We, the Patriots, give our all when we are needed, such as this time. Patriots leave their jobs, family, homes, and comfort, to fight for the security and well being of this nation. They spend every dime they have, wiping out life saving needed in these hard times, and even go into debt for their cause.They stay in tents (when available), out in temperatures well in excess of 105 degrees, in sun and rain, sandstorms, without luxuries or accommodations such as toilets,showers, or a/c to sleep and cool down under. They eventually run out of funds for necessities, such as food and water, but yet remain for the cause. This is the basic of needs even. Think guys, working under these conditions with very little to no food and water at times. That isn't even to mention gas, ammo, and other imperative equipment for the operation, that cannot be abandoned. We all see on the news, in the papers, and on post here on fb,about all the diseased illegals and criminals coming across, the drugs being brought into our people and kids, the human trafficking, the murders, and our citizens and officials getting fired upon from the other side of the border. What about the border breaches from the Mexican military and the cartel??? Guys, it's 10 times worst than it's being reported. Bodies being found here daily. Our Patriots put their lives on the line 24/7, in harish conditions, lives on the line, unfunded, and losing all. This they do for their families, their country, and for their fellow man, YOU. When post come out about needing for everyone doing their part and fund these Ops.,they get countless likes and shares and God speeds, but no one hardly at all is contributing. These Ops.,shut down, what is going to happen to this country??? Whom do you expect to save us then??? Our corrupt government??? Our un-American president??? How has that been working for ya??? They are the reason this Nation is in the condition it stands in today. Some argue that the congress is proposing this and proposing that. Some say they are starting to impeach Obama and it will change. All well and good. Needs to be done, but to this point, have you seen ANYTHING being done or passed for sure??? Have we got the time to wait??? Hell NO!!! Our country is being invaded NOW. We are under attack no matter how you look at it in any prospective. The time to wait is over and the time to act is NOW, and it falls on your fellow Patriots and yourselves to do this.You need to step up and help fight for our lives and freedom. United we stand. Find an Op to support. Do your part. Mine is Op: P.O.P.- Patriots On Patrol. We have PayPal accts set up for this Op. go to PayPal and send to firefighter70467@aol.com or also through PayPal and the Patriots For America at th3hunt3r.101@gmail.com. If more info on this Op is needed, please contact me by email at firefighter70467@aol.com, by PM'ing my facebook, or by text or call at 985-516-6683. If you want to support another Op, by all means do. All Ops need funding and we all on the same mission, to secure this border. And remember, you don't have to send thousands that you don't have. $20,$50, $100, or whatever you can do. If you'd rather donate other than PayPal, contact me and work something out. Thanks guys for listening and think really hard about whats right. May God bless and watch over our Patriots and God bless the USA. Please All Share On Your Walls.  Archie R. Seals II

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Thanks Rooster and all you guys for what you do. Working on some major intel etting that I will post next day or two. Please all, remember, these ops cannot continue and grow, as they are daily, without much needed support. There has been a donate button added to the OAS site and a link to it is http://operationamericanspring.org/POP-donations.htm. Thanks guys. I believe this is the stepping stone to returning our country with the Constitution as it was written, For The People.

A blogger by the name of Cowboy on Michelle Malkins blog wrote............(paraphrased) .."When hunting, you have to put out the proper bait to catch your game.  When hunting along the border, be sure to sprinkle out the appropriate bait......all the loose change that you have..........when they bend over to pick it up, you got em!"  (or something to that affect) ha ha

We're getting over run down on the border by gangs in Military fatigues and the danger is growing.
Read what one Sheriff has to say.




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