Security Guidance During DC March/Rally - PFA In Full Support

From Chris Pangalos if questions.

I've been tasked by FreedomWorks to help with security on 9/12
(NOTE: If you'd like to help with security, let me know by responding to this email. We have some really cool flourescent orange t-shirts)

Here is the latest news and some rules. Feel free to distribute far and wide. I'll have an update re: the March as soon as DCMetro gives FreedomWorks the permit.

Rally Point:
Freedom Plaza
14th and Pennsylvania Ave NW
Time: 0800

March Route:

ROE for signs:
NO nazi symbols will be allowed. Anyone carrying a sign with a Nazi symbol will be asked to surrender the sign or leave the area.
This includes images of Zero as Hitler. (Yes I know the left did it, but we are better than they are)
The socialist images, however, will be encouraged. You know the ones I'm talking about.

NO signs promoting violence or the like will be allowed. Same rule as above will apply.
NO profanity on signs...same rule.
(You can use words like damn and hell, but that's as far as I'm willing to go; and absolutely NO G__Damn)

Behavior during the rally:
Obey all LEO's without question or hesitation.
Obey the directions of the security personnel and volunteers. They will be clearly identified.
(Security will be in orange, volunteers will be in lime green.)
Behave as if you were a guest in someone's home.

We will present a positive image to the media which hopefully will be presented to the folks across America who couldn't make it.
(Remember, my mother will be watching on TV unless I can convince her to come with us.)

Interaction with potential counter-protesters, moonbats and assorted asshats/anarchists. (if they show-up)

Maintain a safe zone.
DO NOT TOUCH any counter-protester or moonbat.
If you must argue with a moonbat, do so in a calm, reasoned and informed manner.
If you see a potential for trouble, find security or LEO and inform them.
If there is not time to get security or LEO's, be prepared to get arrested if you react to the disturbance and try to hande it on your own.

We do expect you to protect yourself and those around you, however.

Lastly, if you are not comfortable talking to media personnel, DON'T DO IT. Get someone who's good at it.

Thats it, friends.
It's time to take our message to Congress that we will not sit idly by while they destroy this country.
Its time to show the world we care about the future.
Come to DC on September 12 and be a part of history.
Be a part of the largest PRO-AMERICA RALLY ever held.

Bob Miller


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This is such an exciting event to be a part of. There will be so much electricity in the air, with so many Patriots filling the streets!
Considering the violence already perpetrated against Patriots, at townhall meetings, (3 assaulted-1 hospitalized, while local LEO watched and 6 arrested, for assault, by local LEO) I'll be looking like an escapee from "special class"! In a wheelchair (I'm a disabled vet) and wearing a helmet! (I'd rather the goons left marks on it, rather than my thick Irish skull.) Think defensively, Brothers & Sisters! Radar, MI GOE
Ron, I've seen him in his underwear. I'd stand with him, but not 'look' at him.
(You know I love you, Bro.)
AWWWW, gimme a break Gary!
I never said I was good-lookin' and how was I to know there would be someone up at 3am, when I stumbled out my room, to go to the bathroom??? Thanx again for letting me stay over, for our last trip to DC. Luv ya Brother! Kerry, MI GOE
Just don't lick the busses windows you'll be OK! Lol Just another DV having fun see you there!
There is always potential trouble makers that have a problem with those of us that believe freedom and liberty demands we stand up. The DC Rally/March will be well protected by event organizers "security personnel" as well as Park Police...all past DC Rallies/Marches I have attended, the Park Police well know we are there in a peaceful, non-violent manner and incidents have been insignificant.......we can expect a great day.

In the event of intimidation by trouble-makers approaching you, simply yell out for "security personnel" and ask others to video tape what is going on.

In the worst case, if attacked, while not expected.......we will defend ourselves and the evidence should be recorded........
is yelling for revolution considerd promoting violence
We are in revolution's not violent activity but revolting against the unconstitutional political activity that is leading America to destruction.........the only way we can return to constitutional government is through revolution but God help us keep it in a non-violent, peaceful return to the US Constitution.
Though I will not be able to attend, this is great and very important. A suggestion is that people bring whistles. In the event of a threat, emergency or hassle where someone feels threatened, this would be a great alert mechanism. You need "lifeguards" everywhere. Watch your back, be on alert and watch out for each other at all times, especially for our Vets, even in hotels. Keep safe, be super successful and God Bless!! We will be watching from RI and wishing you all the best, we will witness. Go get em! You are making history that will live forever.
Good suggestion Deb and assured there will be plenty of security personnel in addition to the well prepared US Park Police.....we believe the overwhelming security and massive pro-America patriots will convince even the brain-dead of any ill-advised interruption of the DC Rally/March Liberty and Freedom event.

I also believe the "prayer warriors" have our event will be a great day in support of our nation.
Deb, and Joe, My wife and I join you fromPensacola, FL. We both are in wheel chairs, I'm a vet also but of the Korean "conflict". Wounded by bullet but very minor. We will join the prayer worriers Harry mentioned since we are unable to attend. I would give a left you know what to be able to go. I so want to be able to continue to serve my country, and this is undoubtedly THE primary cause. God bless all these fine folks who are able to make it. Warmest regards .. John
Deb and Joe,
Ya'll keep vigilant in prayer for all of us going to the march. That's what we need those of you who can't make it to commit to doing. Be in constant prayer that "no weapon formed against us will prosper" and that the truth will be proclaimed, and that the Congress and the President will hear, really hear the people. Thanks!!



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