Constitutional Emergency

See! Paul Weston, British Freedom Patry Leader Nails Liberal Journalist on Islam

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Wow!  I love this guy!  We need him over here!  To bad he's not running for president!!!!!  He's a true conservative!!!!  The same things he's talking about are happening here!  Hussein brought in 100 thousand Palestinians to live off the backs of the American people.  We have 20 million illegals in this country now and Hussein listens to CAIR, and unindicted co=conspirator in the 911 terrorist attack!  Hussein wants to adopt the UN's treaties that give away US sovereignty and in fact wants to make this country part of a one world govt. under the control of the UN.  To many Americans are asleep at the wheel or just don't care because it doesn't affect their lives right now!  If Hussein is allowed to continue, these folks are up for a rude awakening!

Yes, Martin!  In my humble opinion, when convenient, it's a religion (Allah).  And, to keep everyone under control, (Sharia Law) it is political. 



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