SEEN THIS YESTERDAY- intresting ...There is more going on that we don't know about

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These purchases have been spotlighted on the Blaze for the last several years. That's why I've been praying for something like OAS. Each time they are found the Blaze prints them.

  Yea ..I been seeing them too...It' isn't just Glenn Beck & Blaze saying it now!!! There are others now , people with inside info, whistle blowers and  conservative political people.. The DHS is very vague about all the ammo ..they keep saying it's for target practice  & training.  I can tell you that is a lie.   I KNOW you don't train with hollow points, & armor  piercing.   As a shooter & gun owner I know that's baloney

Stephen, this only reaffirms what we already know to be true. Sad thing is, if you read the comments, there are still many that can't see it and won't believe what is coming to a town near them.

 Your're right !  I first seen these ports from conspiracy theorist., but now it's coming  from whistle blowers and people  that would actually  be in the know!    I  called my congressman (Mike Fitzpatrick)  & Sen. ( Pat Toomey) about all the ammo buying  last summer....neither had an fact neither even knew about it  or so they claim..... I was told by someone that the DHS  was made up of ...ex-servicemen.....(Vets) ... will they show loyalty to their country & Constitution....or OBOZO the illegal POS...TIME WILL TELL....

Stephen, we had this conversation a long while back. I have actually seen one of the orders posted online. The order looked like a legitimate one and it had the order placed for UP TO a certain amount of ammo over the next five years. Although they are ordering mass amounts, it is not as bad as some would have us believe. What I can't understand is the shortage of ammo. There are some that I can rarely find such as 22lr. Are the people buying it up as fast as it can be made? Looks that way to me.

  The shortage isn't just on 22L.... I  couldn 't find any 357 mag rds.   The trouble being though...why are they ordering these amounts....? why all the automatic weapons?  Why all armored vehicles?...NowI been seeing whistle blowers claiming they are preparing for  martial law...If this POTUS declares martial law ..he will enrage a lot of citizens

Yeah Stephen, they are building up and arming DHS, IRS, etc..., not much to assume except they are planning for something big, like martial law. Only thing we don't know is when it will come and what will they use for an excuse.

Only if we mess this up and some show up armed. Otherwise it will be very difficult to goad any of us into violent activity, I hope and pray.

.22LR is the most popular round in the world. One reason I heard for the massive buy was the closing of the last lead smelting plant in the U.S., couple that with higher cost of lead increasing cost of ammo making it a harder purchase for consumers. Personally, I think patriots seeing the need to stock-up made ammo scarce along with DHS's purchase.

Start gathering tire weights... Fast.

  Yes, has the Captain presented, and others commenting, agree, DHS is being turned into an armed force politically controlled, and to be dispatched, while our national guard being deployed beyond our borders, and guaranteed militia controls negated. With ammo supplies being limited, its prices increased, not even small arms fire, with limited rounds, is a match for mine resistant armor. We're being set up, while even our oil, and energy production on our soil being depleted, or non existent. Kinda setting up a situation that import of needed supplies can more easily be blocked, and setting up a situation where transportation of needed food, and essential supplies, becomes null, and void. It would be like sitting ducks, all across the nation, while picking off targets has needed.  

Where do I sign up for the Cavalry?



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