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color8472 236x300 Senate bill authorizes feds to revoke citizenship of Americans

A bill has been introduced in the United States Senate which will authorize the federal government to revoke the citizenship, creating practical expatriates, of American citizens.

Introduced by Connecticut Independent Joe Lieberman and Massachusetts Republican Scott Brown, S 1698, the “Enemy Expatriation Act,” is a simple, 2 page document which offers apparently innocent amendments and additions to existing federal legislation. (1)

That legislation, known as Title 8, “…outlines the role of aliens and nationality in the U.S. Code.” And it is just one small piece of this massive and complex law which the Enemy Expatriation Act seeks to modify, that being Section 349, the means by which “a person who is a national of the United States whether by birth or naturalization, shall lose his nationality…,” that is, his citizenship. (2)

Though there is currently little contained in Section 349 which would alarm any American citizen, one phrase added to the legislation by the “Enemy Expatriation Act” would change everything. For it states that anyone voluntarily engaging in, or purposefully and materially supporting, hostilities against the United States” will lose his “nationality.” And nationality means citizenship! (1)

To be sure, most of us would be in favor of revoking American citizenship if it has been improperly, perhaps surreptitiously attained by Muslim terrorists who have entered the United States only to commit acts of violence and murder.

But it’s necessary to remember who we are dealing with in Washington, DC. To Janet Napolitano and her Department of Homeland Security, it is Libertarians, soldiers returning from combat, gun owners, militia members, devout believers in the Constitution and those who loudly mistrust and criticize the federal government who are the true threats of “engaging in hostilities against the United States.” Perhaps not coincidentally it is also members of these groups who are the most vocal critics of the Obama Administration!

And as the Obama Regime considers each of these individuals a potential domestic terrorist, how long will it be until a member of one of these “highly suspect” groups is conveniently accused of “materially supporting hostilities against the United States?”

Much of this language should sound quite familiar, for it is taken directly from the recently enacted National Defense Authorization Act of 2012.  There was great concern surrounding the authority given the President by this law to imprison American citizens without trial or charge if he should consider them enemies who present a danger to the United States and its people. And, just as the President is granted that authority by the NDAA, should the Enemy Expatriation Act pass both the House and Senate, he will ALSO have the authority to revoke their citizenship.  (3)

Isn’t it odd that, no so long ago, the left was adamant about GRANTING to Muslim terrorists in Guantanamo the rights of American citizens—rights to a lawyer, Miranda rights of silence, and the right to a speedy trial before a jury! Yet with the signing into law of senate bill 1698, those same rights, indeed American citizenship itself, could be revoked from any one of “We the people!”

The election is only months away. Regardless who wins it, the “legal” destruction of our natural rights as citizens of the United States by Barack Hussein Obama or any other president must NOT be permitted.


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Yeh Obama (aka BHO) is the one who's not a citizen!!! Atleast NOT A NATURAL BORN CITIZEN.

Juanita your Good!

Thank you -- sleep depravation setting in lol  

Wonder if the House and Senate realize that if they pass this they would be giving BHO the authority to revoke their citizenship, if they do all his wishes -- technically this would give him total authority for his Dictatorship!!!  GOD help us all!! Of all the things I've read lately  this and the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 have affected me more and angered me more than anything else!  The combination of the two, takes away all our Constitutional rights unless we literally take up our guns and fight to get them back, and we won't have anytime to discuss it then.  It will have to be fast acting and a 'WELL ARMED  CITIZENS!!!" I have a grandson-in-law serving in the US Marine Corp.  He said he'd face a firing squad before he'd take up arms against Patriots!! I think we have enough young men and women in all our armed forces who feel the same way.  More of them that feel that way , than those who would go after their own friends and families.

The 4th Amendment:  "the right of the people to be seure in their person, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches,  seizures, shall not be violated"

The 5th Amendment:  "no person shall be held to answer for a capital or infamous crime unless on a presentation or indictment of a grand jury, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law"

Now seems to me that just for starters, this bill is in DIRECT VIOLATION OF BOTH OF THESE AMENDMENTS!! 

I'm not a lawyer nor am I an expert on correct interpretation of the Constitution, BUT these Amendments seem spelled out pretty straight forward and simple to understand.  Any body tell me if my thought on this is wrong, and if so, explain it to me?

As stated towards the end of this article -- is so true --

"that not so long ago, the left was adamant about GRANTING to Muslim terrorists in Guantanamo the rights of American citizens --- rights to a lawyer, Miranda rights of silence, and the right to a speedy trial by jury! Yet with the signing of senate bill 1698, those same rights, indeed American citizenship itself, could be revoked from any one of "We the People."

What a DOUBLE STANDARD!! Reverse citizenship!!! They (Muslims) get the rights and we become a -- People without a country-- THIS CANNOT BE ALLOWED TO HAPPEN!!!!

The left also gets their panties in a wod if someone happens to ask a imagrant for propper ID in such cases as voting,
driving,ect.Americans are ask for propper ID if they want to by a pack of cigarettes.

So very true!!  I'm 63 and a couple of weeks ago, had to show ID just to have a drink with dinner. NP  If, I as a citizen have NP showing ID like that OR to vote, then why would anyone -- unless they HAVE NO RIGHT CAUSE THEY'RE NOT A CITIZEN!!!




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