Constitutional Emergency

"Here is a response from Senator Ayotte regarding the purging of our military.  I wonder why the President, Sec of State and the DOJ are not held to such standards."

Mrs Carroll


December 10, 2013

Dear Mrs. Carroll:

Thank you for your comments regarding the dismissal of senior military officers.  I appreciate hearing from you.

There is no greater responsibility than leading America's sons and daughters in uniform.  The men and women who serve as commanders in the military are among our nation's finest individuals.  Commanders are asked to make significant sacrifices on behalf of our country, and they deserve our deepest respect and appreciation.

Because we entrust them with such significant authority and responsibility, they must be held to the highest standards of conduct.  When commanders fail to meet these standards, appropriate corrective action must be taken.  In recent years, despite the fact that the vast majority of commanders serve with distinction and honor, a number of senior officers have been forced out of the military because of offences ranging from improper relationships and fraudulent gambling to sexual misconduct and negligence of duties.

As a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee and the spouse of a retired Air Force officer, I will continue to monitor DoD's maintenance and enforcement of standards to ensure that commanders are treated fairly and also held to account when they fall short.

Again, thank you for taking the time to contact me.  As your Senator, it is important for me to hear from you regarding the current issues affecting our nation.  Please do not hesitate to be in touch again if I may be of further assistance.

Kelly A. Ayotte
U. S. Senator

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This is a milk toast boiler plate letter. The senator does not impress.

I agree.  No clue and vague!

On a different note - Sorry I have commented on many of the posts. I live in North TX and was frozen in Friday until today!!! Now I am back at my computer.


You are right not to be impressed with this senator.I am only guessing now, but I believe that she is trying to dazzle you with her brilliance, but it seems to come out more like she is trying baffle you with her bullshit! 

There is no way in hell that all of those senior officers committed the acts she claims.  My bottom line is they refused to kiss the illegal aliens' ass, and all of the other asses surrounding him.

If they are supposed to be senior officers in command because of how good they are, then why did they become so bad all of a sudden?  Starting with the pretender-to-the-throne in the White House down to the Secretaries of the different branches of the services, they should be gotten rid of anyway possible and replaced with Marine Corps privates.  At least the privates can think...Semper Fi!  GySgt Thomas Lakin, USMC Retired

Exactly, she should read some books how the commies got military and police under control.

That letter is vague. Perhaps we need tp purge the US Congress of persons who committ sexual mis-conduct.

She either doesn't see what's really happening or this is just a politically motivated bull-shite response in order to protect her seat on the fence ...  Honesty is not in her blood ...

I can't believe this woman is the wife of a retired Air Force Officer.

Where does she get her information? She better be careful.

Obama might decide to purge her out of her position.

Time we all found out where our Senators and Representatives stand on this subject!

God bless America! God bless our soldiers, sailors, air force, coast guard and nation guard

and all of their families and loved ones!

Hmm, she says, and I quote:
Because we entrust them with such significant authority and responsibility, they must be held to the highest standards of conduct. When commanders fail to meet these standards, appropriate corrective action must be taken.

So, is she going to hold the person in the Oval Office to these high standards? Is she going to start "corrective action" to get this guy ousted?

Yeah, didn't think so. Just another pacifying letter from a member of CON-gress.

Unfortunately, the good senator believes that we cannot handle the truth. She felt she had to say something, but she chose vacuous over vital and impotent over important. Personally, I feel insulted rather than enlightened........

Ayotte hasn't a clue as to where she is or what she should be doing.  She is tied to the hip with John (where's the camera) McCain so is it any revelation she is devoid of reality???

I think Mrs Carroll's question as to the accountability of the Administration is what Ayotte should be on like a bloodhound....

I agree that is why I don't contact them it is a waste of time

ammo box???????????



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