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Senior Chief Geoff Ross USN (Ret.) Response to Obama Prayer Breakfast Comments

Dear President Obama, 
   Via the White House website. Copy to the Department of Justice.
I wish to challenge some of your rhetorical diatribe that you expelled from the lips that were moving under your nose at this morning's National Prayer Breakfast.  I want to correct the record  and expose the lies and falsehoods about your position as referenced in your speech.
First of all you said quote " We can't leave our values at the door. If we leave our values at the door, we abandon much of the moral glue that has held our nation together for centuries, and allowed us to become somewhat more perfect a union"
So when you repealed Don't Ask Don't Tell and Article 125 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice you authorized sodomy and bestiality in our Armed Forces.  I am correcting the record Sir. You a degenerate immoral hack that has no values or moral fiber or glue.  When you supported late term abortions as a senator your moral compass slaughtered itself on the alter of goodness.
You also stated quote " When I talk about giving every American a fair shot at opportunity, it's because I believe that when a young person can afford a college education, or someone who's been unemployed suddenly has a chance to retrain for a job and regain that sense of dignity and pride, and contributing to the community as well as supporting their families -- that helps us all prosper".
Mr. Soetorio, let me call you Barry.  It is not your job to give Americans a fair shot at anything. It is up to us Americans to be able to go out and find prosperity and happiness and financial independence. It is you sir with your BOOT on the neck of this nations carotid artery that is shutting off blood flow to freedom and liberty we used to enjoy. When you remove your boot then we will prosper.  We don't need you to give us that shot, we expect you to get out of our way and let us be free men and women.
You stated Mr. President "Living by the principle that we are our brother's keeper. Caring for the poor and those in need. These values are old. They can be found in many denominations and many faiths, among many believers and among many non-believers. And they are values that have always made this country great -- "
You make this statement yet you remove millions of dollars in federal  aid from Catholic charities because they refuse to bow down to your demand that they send rape victims for mandatory abortions or to hand out free birth control in violation of their principles and moral faith.  The Declaration of Independence is clear ----  The pursuit of LIFE Mr. Obama not death or the prevention of life.
You stated that "Our goal should not be to declare our policies as biblical. It is God who is infallible, not us"
President Obama, our Founding Fathers under the guiding hand of our Lord Jesus Christ and our God did write and ordain the United States Constitution. It is these Judeo - Christian values and our love of God that has made this the greatest most giving nation in the world.  All of your policies should be Constitutional as written and as ordained by our Creator.  You sir follow another path. A path of oppression and regulation and control all under a Marxist agenda while capitulating to Islam.
You stated sir the following "Since we've expanded and strengthened the White House faith- based initiative, we've partnered with Catholic Charities to help Americans who are struggling with poverty; worked with organizations like World Vision and American Jewish World Service and Islamic Relief to bring hope to those suffering around the world".  
You LIE Mr. Obama.  You did not partner with Catholic Charities, you stripped them of all federal funding because they refuse to follow your Communist attack on their deepest and most heart held beliefs of pro-life and freedom from forced contraception.  The only truth in your words is that tax payer money went to Muslim nations  via your corrupt State Department to repair and upgrade their mosques.
Towards the end of your speech you say quote "Before I left, Reverend Graham started praying for me, as he had prayed for so many Presidents before me. And when he finished praying, I felt the urge to pray for him. I didn't really know what to say. What do you pray for when it comes to the man who has prayed for so many? "
Why do you bestow praises upon the Reverend Graham ? You ORDERED the Pentagon to prevent his son also a Reverend from speaking to our troops in this bastion of freedom. You are afraid perhaps your  Muslim employees will dislike his message. Perhaps the Counsel of American Islamic Relations (CAIR) put political pressure on the weak leadership sitting in the Pentagon in effect shutting down the Reverend Grahams 1st Amendment Rights to speak. How dare you praise his father yet you muzzle the mouth of his son. Shame on your lies !   
President Obama, you are a hypocritical all encompassing Marxist dictator who belongs at a minimum in Federal prison for treason. Feel free to call me if you disagree, 850-313-1893. Over and out from the bunker. 

Senior Chief Geoff Ross USN (Ret.)


 The Rogue Patriot Group Inc.


dictum meum pactum

Signing off from the Bunker

Long 30.4109342, Lat  -86.9123217

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Gunnery Control manned and ready Sir!

Here's the kicker....!  When you use history to debate that history shows us that socialism, marxism, communism, facism has not worked, they look you square in the eye and say, "Those people didn't do it right, but we know how to do it to make it work.....!!!!"  This as they open their mouth and fall thru their ass.  Satan has chosen these people well.  They can't see it because they have "scales" on their eyes.  I am glad to know that whatever happens, my Lord, Jesus Christ is in charge.  We will triumphant in the end.....!   Ooooooo...Raaaahhh...!  Semper Fi...!

Agree 100%.  As the General (?) said "Stuck on Stupid"!

Excellent,Senior Chief!! Bravo ZULU

I wonder if  Mr. Ross has an opinion on messiah mullah osama bin obama's marxist/islamic belief system.  "Well done my good and faithful servant" are most likely the words coming from heaven towards him today.

Senior Chief you have great nerve and evidence a great disdain for our current person occupying the white house. Lets just hope that the current military members have the same sentiments so that when Barry calls them out to arrest people like yourself they'll stand against him and his administration. When I was in I believe that would have been the case but I am not so sure now. If not then maybe I'll be seeing you in one of the detention facilities. Good luck.

I surely hope that your right but I have to believe that the lower ranked would simply do as they're told without questioning why someone was classified as a domestic terrorist. That would leave it up to the Cheifs, Gunnys, MSSGTs etc... and I think your probably right about them.

You are so right Stingray.  My grandson-in-law is a Marine, and he too said that he and all those in his unit -- including officers said they would never attack Patriotic Americans, but that they took an oath to defend the Constitution against enemies foreign and domestic, and they would respond if ANY UN or other military attacks us!! Sempre Fi  GOD BLESS OUR MILITARY!!! GOD BLESS THE USA!!!

First off, thank your grandsons for their service to our country. Now I would like to thank you for your reassurance of what I wanted to believe but have been afraid to, that our military men and women would defend the U.S. against the REAL enemies we all face. The UN may not be the problem, Obama's admin. has been training homeland security people and TSA officers for the last two to three years in riot/ crowd control tactics, I have seen this training taking place with my own eyes. When I say the training actually taking place I had no inkling the reason for it, now I have my suspicions.

I'm reading on many comment boards that the state dept is actually the sight training b o's new civilian military force. I've not been able to verify this anywhere, but have verified that hillary had a conservative blogger detained for being a threat to her when she was meeting with muslim representatives from many nations on implementing an u. n. directorate which says that for anyone in any nation to say or do anything which may provoke someone group or person to violence is a violation of international law. This meeting was taking place at the state dept. 

Newt's statement that the size of the state dept. needs to be doubled, is very disconcerting at just the possibility of this being true.

And don't forget all of us who have taken the same oath. (OathKeepers) and in that oath are included not only foreign enemies, "BUT TO PROTECT FROM ALL ENEMIES BOTH FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC"  God Bless America!

Romney will get rid of obama for us. God bless the TEA Party.



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