Constitutional Emergency


I am heartbroken, disgusted, angry and so sorry that this Warrior, who served so valiantly, posted these thoughts as he anticipated coming home.  He never made it home. His words convey disgust and disillusionment with the very people he risked his life daily to defend and keep safe.
AMERICA WAKE UP!!!!  Turn off the damn TV and engage for our Troops!  They think of you everyday and they fight for you everyday!  My only solace today is that this Soldier in is a much better place now, I have no doubt, he is in the loving arms of his Brothers who went before him.  He is at peace now.  I'm so sorry to his family, and I won't stop fighting for his Brothers, EVER!  I just NEVER thought and I am so disgusted that this fight would be such an uphill battle with few who engage!
Pray for our Troops, you can do that after you turn off the TV and it doesn't cost but one minute of your time!
Sgt Eric Williams:
"We collectively have risked it all and put everything on the line to save our fellow man, regardless of nationality, race, religion or sex...
So in closing, while reading this you might think I’ve become some angry disillusioned man, someone who sees things so much different than the average citizen, well maybe your right. But I can only hope that things someday will change. As for our accomplishments here in Afghanistan, I’d do it again in a heartbeat. I will forever hold these experiences close."
Rest In Everlasting Peace Sgt Eric Williams.
With A Mother's Heart,
Beverly Perlson
The Band of Mothers

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Oh God, my heart aches. I am so sorry for this young man and his family and I am so worried for my nephew who probably knew him as he too is in the 82nd and about to come home. Please God, protect our men and women, bring them all home safe. I am heartbroken... My sister and our family are sitting on pins and needles waiting for our children to return to us safe and sound.

  My heart breaks hearing this.  I ask God to be with this family as they go through this sad time . I also thank the service men and women for protecting us.

Sgt Eric Williams, may you rest in peace!!  The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob has yet to take to the field of battle!!  When he does he will hold the ultimate victory over death, pain and misery!!  May your family take comfort in this truth!!  Lord protect all who stand in harms way to defend America aganist the evil of Islam!!  Give our warriors strength, courage and faith in Jesus Christ!!!  AMEN


God Bless Sgt. Eric Williams and his family ...

May God, in His infinite mercy, realize that these young brave men are doing what they feel is right. May God also send his guardians to intervene on behalf of of all humans,  who's only desire is to live in peace.

The time has come for the human race to come together. Many are aware of the nefarious forces behind the wars waged for control of resources and power over the masses. We are all here for different reasons. Some souls will take longer to embrace the truth. Divine intervention is now happening. Much will change in the next 6 months. As in the words of the Master and Creator Christ. " Human things must be known in order to be loved...Divine things must be loved in order to be known"..When the hearts of men change...then we shall see peace.The hearts of man is changing on this planet like never before. The awakening is unprecedented. Those few, who are still calling the shots, days are numbered. Peace WILL prevail and the meek WILL inherit the earth as the Creator taught. I for one,  believe him.

My appologies if I offended you...I don't believe anything that I said was off topic..contrary, they were words meant to encourage ...but if you choose to delete my be it..

May I ask a question? How do YOU justify "thou shall not kill" or are those words again,  just another "spin" on scripture? I believe Jesus loves MANY Muslims and respects all cultures...for it is how you love your brother and enemy that counts...and how you respect all living life. I doubt Jesus would disagree with that. Do you?  Those that practice not this basic truth will reap what they sow....universal law 101. This temporal "earthsuit" is TEMPORAL afterall.  God given Free Will choice allows you the option to disagree with these words go for it...delete MY spin on the truth and promote yours:)

Sandra, do you belong to the Virtual Peace Trolling Group? Just asking! Speaking truth to power, we must all be aware of to whom we speak.

Universal Academy of Enlightment! Wow... so their mission is to preach through deception!!! Nice Job!

Christ also said if you don't have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one.

      America's, best of the best, are defending OUR and our families freedoms with the ultimate sacrifice all over this world.  Wherever the military sends them.  Ready, willing, and defend, to fight, to die.  While, all the while, the fight against the principalities these brave warriors fight against abroad, is so waged from within our heartland, as well.  On all fronts, we are besieged. 

      May God's angels lift them up to heaven, as the statutes in Gettsburg National Cemetary depict so artfully, and may their sacrifice fullfilling their honor and duty to their Country....not have happened in vain. 

      For God and Country..........We must rally.



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