At North American Law Center, it is our studied opinion that the swamp cannot be drained so long as ONE MAN remains in operation with total immunity, George Soros.

Through his network of NGOs, this one-man wrecking crew will destroy the USA. Trump cannot "drain the swamp" without taking down this entire network from the top, starting with the central figure in all of it, Soros.


The Patriot Act was allegedly created for just such an occasion...

Will YOU help TNALC carry this mission forward?

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America's list of Presidents: And the peaceful transition of power.

Ever since the beginning of our great country - America has always enjoyed a peaceful transition of power from one Presidential administration to the next. Since the days when George Washington handed over the offices of President to John Adams on March 4th, 1797. And then Adams in turn handed over that same office to Thomas Jefferson on March 4th, 1801, The transition from one Presidential administration to the next has always been a peaceful transition. Even when the two men did not agree with each other, or may have actually been devout adversaries. (Such as Adams and Jefferson), This transition of power has always held strong right up to the days when George W. Bush handed over the reins of command to Barrack Hussein Obama on January 20th, 2008.
No President has ever refused to leave office or objected to his obligation to vacate the office and command as President.


While Barrack Hussein Obama did hand over command and control of the office of President to Donald J. Trump on January 20th, 2017, it appears now that he and his administration have chosen to violate that obligation to relinquish full control and command in the traditional peaceful manor. Instead Obama and his minions of followers has chosen to establish as “Secret Shadow Government to “Monitor and watch” every move of the new Trump administration. Their goals are apparently to disrupt and object to each and every effort of the Trump administration with hopes that no legislation or administration appointments can ever be accomplished that may “threaten” the Obama legacy and achievements. Their goals have been set to effect the impeachment and removal of the Trump Presidency and his administration. Barrack Hussein Obama and his followers have set upon a course to destroy President Donald J. Trump and apparently to overthrow the Government of the United States of America. Obama has chosen to violate, desecrate, and to brake America's 220 years traditions of maintaining a peaceful transition of power.

Just as they violated the Constitutional written mandate that any President of the United States must be a “Natural Born Citizen” , they have now elected to violate our unwritten mandate and tradition of relinquishing power and authority to the next dully elected President and administration.
Barrack Hussein Obama is committing yet another act of Treason.
The American people will have no more of it.

Obama's Organizing For Action

Perhaps the best thing about all of this is that now, now that Obama is no longer in office. He is now simply a common citizen. We no longer have to seek the approval and cooperation of an unwilling Congress.  We no longer have to seek the path of impeachment. Simple charges of Treason filed through the Federal courts will get the job done.
Noted that even that will not be a simple matter but is is easier than seeking impeachment.
J.B. This is now your territory.......

I hardly doubt that many conservatives believed for one iota that obama would do anything peacefully or lawfully

his violations of the us constitution alone say jail time to me.     how do we get that done?  can the AG?  

Yes Bonnie, the Ag could do it, but WILL he do it???

If Jeff Sessions does not go after Soros and his band of terrorists, then America will not survive as long as this POS walks free in the USA.



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