Sheriff Joe now investigating Clinton and DNC ties to the Fraud-in-Chief

Well, it's taken over three years for anything even close to any type of legitimate action to remove obozo and expose all involved in the conspiracy against America and our Constitutional Republic, and it comes from an elected sheriff, since ALL of our official elected 'congressional' and 'senatorial' leaders have succumbed to the threats and intimidation of Chicago Crime Syndicate known as the Democrat Party of the Communist Socialist Unions.

I've known all of this for that three years, ever since being a standing member of the first Citizens Grand Jury, voted with all other members unanimously to hand down indictments to bring it to an end, only to see Americans, my brothers and sisters, laugh at what we discovered, label us as 'birthers' and 'TEA baggers' and other vile names. Nobody believed it possible. Well, the truth is out there now, and now, as it's become too late, it seems nobody knows what to do about it other than to vote the buggar out in November! REALLY!!!!? Do you really think that is the answer that will reverse the 'change' everyone seemed to think America needed? Does anyone REALLY know what's going on and why voting in November is nothing more than an exercise in futility???

This is no joke my friends, it's a deadly serious situation that we cannot walk away from. It has come to the point to where if action isn't taken well before the election, obozo soretoro will achieve dictatorship! DO NOT DOUBT IT FOR AN INSTANT! All necessary laws and directive orders have already been put in place. All that remains is for him to declare himself as the ruler of America and announce the removal of the Constitution. If you think I'm just blowing smoke in the wind, look at his arrogant opinion of the 'non-elected' Supreme Court Justices, INCLUDING THE TWO HE APPOINTED THERE!!!! And how many times has he actually come out and declared himself and his administration to be above the law, not bound by any court judgements or orders??? And, his 'body count' is growing! On top of all of that, he doesn't even care any more as to who anybody thinks he is, if he ever did. My take is that to him, it's all a game, and he sits back and has a good laugh at all of us chasing our tails around trying to figure out what to do, as he plans his next move to to raise the bar. Or is it really him doing it all? Knowing what I do about how certain elements in government work, what they do and why they do it, and how they go about having others do it for them, while they remain relatively unknown and well hidden from public scrutiny while raking in the profits of their misdeeds, it should be no surprise to any that there is big money, I mean REALLY big money behind it all. I've mentioned it in many posts to threads, but I get the feeling that most think I'm just some kind of nut that's been smoking something. I wish that was the case, but unfortunately it's not. It's for real, it's horrendous, and if not stopped IMMEDIATELY it will be the end of America as we've known it, no doubts about it. As it stands, RIGHT NOW, the great ship of America has a huge gaping hole in it's hull, and like the Titanic is about to sink so fast few will realize what's happened until they find themselves so far underwater that they can't even begin to see the daylight. It's planned. It's necessary. It's all part of the grand plan of the Bilderberger Group, the IMF, World Bank, Trilaterals, the Elitists! Every 50 years or so the world population MUST BE REDUCED in order to maintain their dominance over all countries. It happened in the '30's, again in the '70's, and is now due to happen again very soon. All the signs are there.

OK, now I've gotten off topic in my own post subject, haven't I? It's just that I can't stand to see so many that I know are die-hard American Patriots that really know so little about what is behind everything, so I try to bit by bit put it out there for them to see, read, and digest, to maybe begin to realize the danger in being complacent and comfortable with what's happening.

So now, back to what's going on with sheriff Joe. If what I see and have read about it is true, which I have no reason to disbelieve as I've seen it myself, once this video is released by Hollywood film producer Bettina Viviano and Hollywood-based digital photographer Michele Thomas, the Democrat party will be put directly in the cross hairs of public knowledge showing where the roots of the conspiracy we now must deal with actually began.

Read all about that HERE

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And may God bless you in the effort! I hope the rest of you guys are as physically disciplined. I fear for those who have been trained more recently. As they're teaching our military to depend on the "NEW WAYS OF WAR", I wonder if they're not intentionally attempting to neuter their ability to do just such an action. Do you notice the Islamists aren't sitting around depending on drones to take out their enemies?

i guess i would say that its time for us 3% ers to make an apperance at the national mall. at 59 i believe that i am still capable of being agile,mobile,and hostile in such a target rich environment that D.C. presents us. the elephant in the room that no one is talking about is obummer kows that if he is defeated in 2012 that investigations of him and his administration will go viral and he will not have the protection of the U.S. Attorney General

Gary, The elephant in the room may be the fact that our local sheriffs have no authority once they leave their home districts.
Your local sheriff may not have anymore authority in Washington DC than you and I have. DC has very strict gun control regulations, and any roocky traffic cop could potentially arrest them if they are armed, even in uniform.
A problem that can be dealt with if handled properly I'm sure, but still something that needs to be taken into account.
You can also be sure that the Chicago mob doesn't give a tinker's damned about DC gun laws.

A significant number of 3% ers,VDA, USPU, and any others that catch the vision, might be an effective distraction while the heavy hitters gather elsewhere to develope a real plan of action.

At 79, my physical prowress is nothing to crow about - but the mind still functions fairly well; as with each of us, Twana and Harry have detailed contact info. If I can be of ANY use, count me in - "for the duration".

Lest we forget, this whole situation calls for continual intense prayer cover.

For God and country,




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