Sheriff Joe now investigating Clinton and DNC ties to the Fraud-in-Chief

Well, it's taken over three years for anything even close to any type of legitimate action to remove obozo and expose all involved in the conspiracy against America and our Constitutional Republic, and it comes from an elected sheriff, since ALL of our official elected 'congressional' and 'senatorial' leaders have succumbed to the threats and intimidation of Chicago Crime Syndicate known as the Democrat Party of the Communist Socialist Unions.

I've known all of this for that three years, ever since being a standing member of the first Citizens Grand Jury, voted with all other members unanimously to hand down indictments to bring it to an end, only to see Americans, my brothers and sisters, laugh at what we discovered, label us as 'birthers' and 'TEA baggers' and other vile names. Nobody believed it possible. Well, the truth is out there now, and now, as it's become too late, it seems nobody knows what to do about it other than to vote the buggar out in November! REALLY!!!!? Do you really think that is the answer that will reverse the 'change' everyone seemed to think America needed? Does anyone REALLY know what's going on and why voting in November is nothing more than an exercise in futility???

This is no joke my friends, it's a deadly serious situation that we cannot walk away from. It has come to the point to where if action isn't taken well before the election, obozo soretoro will achieve dictatorship! DO NOT DOUBT IT FOR AN INSTANT! All necessary laws and directive orders have already been put in place. All that remains is for him to declare himself as the ruler of America and announce the removal of the Constitution. If you think I'm just blowing smoke in the wind, look at his arrogant opinion of the 'non-elected' Supreme Court Justices, INCLUDING THE TWO HE APPOINTED THERE!!!! And how many times has he actually come out and declared himself and his administration to be above the law, not bound by any court judgements or orders??? And, his 'body count' is growing! On top of all of that, he doesn't even care any more as to who anybody thinks he is, if he ever did. My take is that to him, it's all a game, and he sits back and has a good laugh at all of us chasing our tails around trying to figure out what to do, as he plans his next move to to raise the bar. Or is it really him doing it all? Knowing what I do about how certain elements in government work, what they do and why they do it, and how they go about having others do it for them, while they remain relatively unknown and well hidden from public scrutiny while raking in the profits of their misdeeds, it should be no surprise to any that there is big money, I mean REALLY big money behind it all. I've mentioned it in many posts to threads, but I get the feeling that most think I'm just some kind of nut that's been smoking something. I wish that was the case, but unfortunately it's not. It's for real, it's horrendous, and if not stopped IMMEDIATELY it will be the end of America as we've known it, no doubts about it. As it stands, RIGHT NOW, the great ship of America has a huge gaping hole in it's hull, and like the Titanic is about to sink so fast few will realize what's happened until they find themselves so far underwater that they can't even begin to see the daylight. It's planned. It's necessary. It's all part of the grand plan of the Bilderberger Group, the IMF, World Bank, Trilaterals, the Elitists! Every 50 years or so the world population MUST BE REDUCED in order to maintain their dominance over all countries. It happened in the '30's, again in the '70's, and is now due to happen again very soon. All the signs are there.

OK, now I've gotten off topic in my own post subject, haven't I? It's just that I can't stand to see so many that I know are die-hard American Patriots that really know so little about what is behind everything, so I try to bit by bit put it out there for them to see, read, and digest, to maybe begin to realize the danger in being complacent and comfortable with what's happening.

So now, back to what's going on with sheriff Joe. If what I see and have read about it is true, which I have no reason to disbelieve as I've seen it myself, once this video is released by Hollywood film producer Bettina Viviano and Hollywood-based digital photographer Michele Thomas, the Democrat party will be put directly in the cross hairs of public knowledge showing where the roots of the conspiracy we now must deal with actually began.

Read all about that HERE

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Good work, Stingray !

I doubt seriously our conversations are not being monitored... so, good luck with playing secret ! If you have a plan, I will look forward to being involved - whether we accomplish "secret" or not. We're on so many possible  "person of interest"" lists, one more won't make much difference.

For God and country,


Count me in, I am tired of living like this....People can get a hold of me on VDA I will leave my contact information on the "Secure" Messages.

That's quite a plan, Stingray.  I must admit I have no idea how all this would function, but it would take a very detailed and well coordinated program to accomplish it, that I know.  I sympathize with your ideas, but remember we are not facing a foreign nation who is 3000 miles away across an ocean this time.  We are facing a well instituted local organization who as you said would have a great many support groups behind it.  A plan of this type would take a tremendous effort to develop and execute.  I doubt it could be done in secret and where is the individual/s who could bring it together.  Personally I doubt it could be done, at least not before it was discovered and stopped.  I don't mean to be negative, but I think it will take a great deal more than that, and I'm not sure the American public is up to it.  

I want to warn you, I was recently encouraged to do a web search of my own and family members names. I used the Windows, free download search engine, and it put me directly into every post I've ever made on this site and many others. The good point, there were 8 living people with my name and 1 who died in New York state in 2011, so they'd have trouble deciding which was me, but internet is watched in the White House, and Google is mapping all sites anyone visits. Don't count on keeping secrets here, unless military training is your specialty with that stuff!


You've just about said it! I pray they don't talk Santorum into giving up. Did you notice they're always honing into the one candidate who is most likely to actually try to turn things around? It may not matter, but then, Our God is STILL IN THE MIRACLE BUSINESS! WE'LL KEEP ON PRAYING! (and preparing)

Stingray:  I spoke recently, in Walnut Creek, with the fellow who was the previous Commanding Officer of the Israeli Air Force.  I asked him if he would comment on whether or not Israel was preparing to take action relative to the Iraqi nuclear threat.  With a smile on his face, he calmly said, "look at history, when its existence is threatened discussion is over, Israel acts!"   Good comment, don't you think?


   Israeli leaders have been far to patient.A strike should have been when we in the valley in Lebanon.They knew this then.

Sheriff Joe needs some serious protection and a fleet of armed seals, rangers, and top notched bad guys to protect and defend Joe and the major bag of smell S _ _ T he's exposing for all to see. I participated in the begining of the American Grand jury that indited Obummer for fraud tat clearly showedfacts that he does not nor never did qualify to be president and even a US citizen before and after the election. The inditements where presented to courtsin 10 states and the main supreme court only to be denied due process to even be heard in the courts. My hat goes off to Harry Riley and Bob Cambell for their untiring efforts to no avail. Nobody would listen to the facts and now even Sheriff Joe with more concrete facts is now surely in the obummer cross hairs. I pray that God keeps His hand on sheriff Joe in the days ahead to allow the people to hear the truth and facts that will bring this unjust corruption to light. The enemy is within and he does not give a rates ass for the American citizen nor anything we ever stood for. Pray allot, pray often and let the truth be know, the government no longer puts the american people first now or anytime in the future. We are at war.

Did anyone see the headline on Drudge that b o 's entertaining Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood in the White House this week! He makes a big deal of being a Christian and then during Holy Week, the Islamists are entertained and probably going home with hillary's promised millions. (Unless the send it to the Sleeper Cells here first.) Somebody had better do something fast! or we'll be ripe for the picking with ayers and dohrn speaking at ows and encouraging them to invite wright. These 3 went with farakhan to help the palestinians and the Egyptians set up the brotherhood!

Well written Stingray, and no doubt lots of thought has gone into that suggested course of action. I do not disagree, however if I may be allowed, I may have an alternative course and method that could produce the same results, ie - the removal from office of over a hundred administration czars, congressmen and women, and a lot of people in the employ of the Federal government. And including Mr. Barack H. Obama himself.


The Constitution states that when a government becomes hostile and becomes a burden against the people, then the people have a right, (and the duty) to throw off such government. Unfortunately it does not readily and openly outline just how the people might accomplish that. Particularly when the Legislative and the Executive branches both appear to be corrupted. But on closer study of these founding documents the key to “throwing out” a corrupt Government may in fact be given by reading the several Articles, sections, and paragraphs included in the documents.


We must remember that there are three branches of Government. Equally empowered, each with their own mandates of authority and duties.


Article I. Section II: “The House of Representatives shall choose their Speaker and other officers; and shall have the sole power of Impeachment.”


Article I. Section 3: “The Senate shall have the sole power to try all Impeachments.  When sitting for that purpose, they shall be on oath or affirmation. When the President of the United States is tried, the Chief Justice shall preside: And no person shall be convicted without the Concurrence of two thirds of the Members present.”

(Note that this says, “two thirds of the Members present”, not two thirds of the House of Representatives or the Senate.) Further into the same Article I. Section 3 it states: “Judgment in Cases of Impeachment shall not extend further than to removal from office, and disqualification to hold and enjoy any Office of Honor, Trust or Profit under the United States: But the Party convicted shall nevertheless be liable and subject to Indictment, Trial, and Judgment and Punishment, according to Law.”

(Note here that when Bill Clinton was impeached in the House or Representative, he was never subsequently tried and convicted in the Senate. Thus he was never removed from office. He was later however removed and barred from holding a license to practice Law. His license was revoked).


Article. II, Section 4: of the Constitution states the following: “The President, Vice President and all civil officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high crimes and Misdemeanors.”


Read that last section again, “The President, Vice President, AND ALL CIVIL OFFICERS of the United States, shall be removed from office on Impeachment for, Treason, Bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors”.

That must be taken to include all members of Congress (House and Senate) who are Impeached and Convicted by a majority of the members present. This section would include all Czars appointed by Obama, and quite possibly about 80 percent of the employees of the EPA and other agencies appointed by Obama.

If certain members of the House or Senate are included in the Impeachment charges they would then be bared from sitting on the Impeachment boards. (Conflict of interest, how could they possibly be expected to vote to impeach themselves?)


Now returning to your suggested course of action. To gather a posse of duly elected sheriffs and supporters to somehow locate and arrest the President and anyone else you can find at the same time. I believe the first part of that suggestion has merit, gather as many duly elected sheriffs as humanly possible. But instead of attempting to get everyone to an unknown predefined location where they may or may not find the people you are attempting to arrest, and then having to confront a legion of armed Secret Service agents, trying to uphold their sworn duties of protecting the President. I suggest we gather that same legion of sheriffs and deputies and march to the Capitol and Congress.

Instead of attempting to muster a legion of sheriffs and as many supporters without everyone in Washington knowing about it, I would suggest we inform certain members of the congress which are known backers and supporters of impeaching the President and several others, and also informing the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court to preside over the hearings.


If you had a large enough contingency of duly elected sheriffs, deputies, congressmen, and Senators, and also the Chief Justice of the high court, then you would command sufficient authority and voice that the Congress would have little choice but to listen and comply. The President, Vice President, and all other members of congress, the Senate, and all civil office holders could be impeached and removed from office. No matter where they may be at the time. Those Secret Service agents assigned to protect the President would then be directed to arrest him instead, and return him to Washington for trial.

With a plan of “peaceful” removal from office we have a far better chance to also gain the support (and attendance) of several high-ranking Military officials, both active and retired.

Our task under this plan is to locate and recruit our muster of sheriffs, trusted members of Congress, The Chief Justice, members of the Military leadership, and then to set a schedule for all to gather outside the Capitol. This would of course be scheduled for a time when members of congress will all be in Washington. (Not the 4th of July as has been suggested).

I believe we are all in agreement on one thing; this administration must be removed from office, and the sooner the better. I also don’t think we have the luxury of waiting to see if Obama is voted out of office in November.

The only way this mess in Washington is ever going to be straightened out is if the people themselves rise up and take control of the Government. These people must be removed, but the non-government political (communist) machine from Chicago has no intention of relinquishing power without a fight. Only by having sufficient numbers of law enforcement community and members of the military and also support from chosen members of Congress, and the judiciary will we have the authority and the power of persuasion to accomplish the task. (Read also the persuasion of power).

Even with all of that having been laid out as a potential plan to remove a corrupt government, it is still lacking in substance and weight. One cannot impeach a President and Vice President without specific charges. Even under Stingray’s plan to pull off a surprise arrest, you would still be required to show evidence of specific crimes and just cause for arrest and impeachment. (High crimes and Misdemeanors). You cannot go to Washington and expect to achieve anything based solely on the grounds that we don’t agree with him or that we don’t like what he is doing. Even if he is attempting to “transform America”. Unless you can demonstrate that that “Transformation” would also include the destruction, violation, and abolishment of the Constitution. That would then be a potential charge of Treason.

Charges of racketeering may qualify under the heading of High Crimes and Misdemeanors. And in the case of the Government takeover of General Motors and Chrysler Corporation, that much was done by Congress itself, But under the terms of the bankruptcy settlement agreements the transfer of ownership to the unions may qualify as racketeering. Especially if it can be shown that Obama profited in any way, even through donations to his campaign by those same union bosses. The creation of his so-called “brown shirts” civilian army, “just as well equipped and funded as the US Military” could quite possibly qualify as unconstitutional and a distinct violation of the Constitution and his oath of office.

Here is where we need to enlist the aid of legal minds better versed in legal matters than most on these forum boards.


I apologize for the length of this document and post, but we are discussing a very serious matter here. One which I consider having the potential of handing the Obama administration exactly what they have been hoping for, a Constitutional emergency, and the opportunity to declare a state-of-emergency, and ultimately a state of Marshal Law.

I believe the time is drawing short for us to try to preserve and defend our nation. But I also believe that we should proceed with all due diligence and deliberate measures, which uphold those same values that our founding fathers intended when they created this country. One Nation Under GOD, and “In GOD we Trust”.

I swore an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America, against all enemies, foreign and domestic. And so help me GOD that is precisely what I intend to do until the day that I die.

May GOD bless America.


Security, (or lack of) on these BB-forums ? Agreed, but I wanted to get enough idea out there to make sure others who would join might have some idea of what could happen and what would be required.
I am also 3%-er, and also nearing 70. USAF Vet, '60-66, and also had tripple-bypass last year. So many of the things you say are familiar and certainly not foreign to me. I also know/understand other things that you have left unsaid, and that's all I will say there.

True, this would be unpresidented in our history, but then again this Marxist administration is the biggest threat to our freedoms and sovereignty that we have ever faced. Failure is not an option if this country is to survive beyond next December.

Twana and Harry have my personal contact info.




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