Is this true and if so do state attorney generals have the authority to rewrite the U.S. Constitution, State Constitutions and the sheriffs authority and duties?



H/T to Cristi Ritchey

By Pat Shannan

Sheriff Jeff Christopher of Sussex County, Delaware, when he was elected to the office in 2010, thought he was handpicked by the people to represent them as the highest-ranking law officer in the county. Instead, he has found himself in the middle of a fight for the future of American law enforcement as a result of a nationwide effort to abolish the sheriff’s office altogether.

It is one more example of federal and state governments ignoring the will of the people as well state laws. In the case of Delaware, the state’s own  constitution stipulates that the office of the sheriff is a constitutionally created position just like the secretary of state and the attorney general. Delaware’s Constitution states: “The sheriffs shall be conservators of the peace within the counties . . . in which they reside.”

This time it is Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden, son of Vice President Joe Biden, sending out mandates to commissioners informing them that their sheriffs no longer have arrest powers. In an opinion released February 24, State Solicitor L.W. Lewis said that neither the state nor the common law grants arrest powers to the county sheriffs.

It would appear that Lewis is a little confused. The office of sheriff was created more than a century before the official founding of the United States. Delaware’s first sheriff took office in 1669.

Christopher tells AMERICAN FREE PRESS that the two administrations prior to his—as far back as 2000—began to notice a reduction in funding and the chipping away of powers of the office in general.

“Now my deputies and I have been relieved of all arrest powers and can’t even make a traffic stop,” he said. “Delaware has only three counties. . . The other two sheriffs . . . will not stand up with me” to prevent the elimination of county law enforcement, he said.

During an interview at the Las Vegas Sheriffs Conference in January, Christopher told AFP that the impotence of his office was brought home to him when he was hit in the eye and kicked by County Councilman Vance Phillips but was unable to arrest him.

Beau Biden’s questionable ruling against the longtime tradition of the sheriff being the highest ranking law enforcement officer in the county because of election by the people means the state’s usurpation of the office appears to be a forthcoming fact.

County spokesman Chip Guy announced, “The opinion from the attorney general’s office reinforces what has long been the position of the county [that] Delaware sheriffs and their deputies do not have arrest powers and are not in the same vein as state police or municipal officers.”

Pat Shannan is an AFP contributing editor and the author of several best-selling videos and books.

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You first have to understand that Delaware is so small and can be run by one or two idiots. With only three counties it doesn't take much inbreeding to cover the majority (2) of the counties. This is the story of Delaware and the Biden family.

I understand, but it's likely a good place to start such action.

Stingray-3%Oath Keeper, I've seen videos of what happened during Katrina and it was a disgusting display of tyranny against the American people. I am utterly convinced that confiscation will take place even if only as a last resort.  Anyone who doubts is not connecting dots. Those dots lead right to the UN and global governance. Make NO mistake about it!

Good idea Mr.Carson and hang the sorry dolt by his you know what. Dale Crafts

We as conservatives have been nice to long.We are allowing  Liberals  to destroy    this Country.

I say it time to fight  fire with fire.....if they  want to get  tough and nasty    i say  let  em bring it   we   give them a good  whacking.I'm sick of  being treated  like a third   world  person.......This is my Country.I am mad as %%%%

No  more Sugar  Coatong  Obama and his Thugs.Let's get mad and start  doing  something ..we can  talk all we want  but  what good is talk if there is no action,,,,,,,,,,, Our right   are being taken away a little at a time.American now has a Dick-a-tator   instead of a President....So it's   either put  up or sgut up...........


Where's Charles Bronson when we need him?

He's probably out enjoying himself with Jill .

It is evident the a_ _h _ _ _ _ in Delaware do not know history or the Constitution. The tenth amendment specifically state "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people. If the sheriff is the elected law enforcer of the county, then he should stand up and make all the arrest in his county as he was elected to do. Let the case go to court all the way to the supreme. Also, deny any protection to any sob that calls for help or escort when they are having a parade or so called high official visiting.

This regime cares NOTHING about the Constitution and the GOP doesn't care enough to protect it or USE it!

Wow, those a-holes sure know how to manipulate our laws , and the bad thing is THEY GET AWAY WITH IT TOTALLY!!!

Time for us people out in the food producing section of the country to stop sending food to Delaware. Lets see how the people react to being hungry and how long that jerk of an attorney general stays in office.

We have to back our sheriffs in force against any governor that trys to limit them from defending the constitution .



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