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FROM:  "Rodger Dowdell Jr" <>

On Saturday,, Marie and Canetha as well as Hagan got to see Terry through the glass and talk on the phone with him. They report his spirits are strong but he is looking physically a bit weaker.

1.Everyones calls and emails to Congressman Ted Yoho's office are helping them understand how broadbased the support is from the People to get Terry out of jail.Call Rep Yoho at 352-505-0838 or 904-276-9626
Please keep the calls and emails coming and we will likely get Ted's full attention and cooperation. As I mentioned before, Ted heard the audio of Terry's voice answering the judges call of his name. We have learned from two sources that the establishment claims the judge told Terry to approach the bench, but that is not what I remember nor what the recording on Jason's site supports.
2. We really need to get Terry's story out into the broad Dixie County community so we are putting an ad in both Dixie County newspapers this week.
3. Through a contact Jason Hoyt has, Jason and I met for a short period with Governor Scott today at a campaign event in Orlando. The purpose of the meeting was to ask him for a dedicated meeting with him about Terry's abuse by the courts. Based on the face to face request from Jason, Gov Scott agreed and gave us the number to call to set it up. We don't yet have a firm date, but we should shortly. Jason's ability to get the meeting this am, and then his request to the governor worked well.
The back story on the meeting today is I called Jason and left him a message that we needed to get a meeting with Governor Scott. I then dialed Hagan and while talking with Hagan  about 5 minutes later, I got a text across my screen that Jason had set up the meeting that took place today . I simply want to know how anyone can beat 5 minutes to get an appointment with Governor Scott ???
4. John Darash has help us with our paperwork , which we had hoped to be fully filed by today, but because of problems, including incompetence of the notary public at the jail, it won't all be filed until tomorrow.
Pls don't forget to send mail and extra paper, envelopes, and stamps to Terry at the jail address :
Dixie County Jail
Attn: Terry Trussell(0001-0914)
386 NE 255th St
Cross City, FL 32628


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As an aside, don't forget that sometimes in these situations the government will coerce (through threats) future forced participation in sting operations...making the patriot a mole at times. Not that a patriot would betray his country, but threats can be real and cooperation unavoidable. Work out some signal in advance, if possible, for him to indicate this situation.
I'm just a simple person really but I can't rest when things don't add up. And for the life of me I cannot understand how the jury found Terry guilty of essentially "misrepresentation". Let's review. In April Terry was sworn in as a grand jury foreman. As a GJF it is his responsibility to file charges in all cases of corruption and abuse just to name a few. Now as a sworn Grand Jury Foreman how is he misrepresenting himself. Also, I have been looking at Florida state law, specifically those that pertain to the grand jury. Under Florida law the grand jury foreman has complete immunity which is to protect him from retribution from those in authority except in the case of breaching the rights of witnesses. Terry filed two complaints, one against common core, one against Jeffery Siegneister for unlawful and illegal behavior. So how did he misrepresent himself and where is his absolute immunity from prosecution??? Anyone?? Anyone?? And why did his attorney not argue on those facts and how does the jury not recognize the Florida statuts that protect him??

Ive been watching the videos.  That's not how his laywer argued the case at all.  They denied filing anything. They said it was the clerk who accidentally filed Terry's petitions, all Terry wanted her to do was notarize them.  Also, they don't call it a true bill, they called it a petition to air their greivances and that all Terry and his Peoples Grand Jury wanted was for the sheriff to investigate their petition.  The story the defense put on in court is nothing like the story we've heard for the last two years.  That's why I'm concerned.   I also wish I could hear why Terry testified and especially why he testified the peoples grand jury has no authority.  Most of all I'd like to hear Roger Dowell's opinion on this whole mess.  He was supposed to be Terry's witness but then his lawyer released him.  Did the lawyer not like what Roger was going to say?  Why didn't Terry demand he be allowed to testify?  Do you have links to the videos.  I can list them tomorrow here if people want to watch them but there's a lot of them and they go on for hours and hours so be prepared.  

I agree with Rattler, this is not what we expected as a defense.  Here is a link to the video of the cross examination of Terry.  This is probably the most revealing of all the videos.

After watching this, I think the biggest error made by the defense was to allow Terry to testify. The prosecutor was able to twist his words against him. 

I understand the jist of the problems of Mr. Tussell.  He charged the court system with mishandling court cases.  He was called upon in court.  He responded I AM HERE.  The Judge stated that Terry Tussell is not in court and issued a warrant of arrest.  This is a criminal action by the "judge" and the courtroom people.  They need to spend time in prison for these illegal actions.

Hopefully by the time this is all completed and finished this judge and both prosecutors will be spending a lot of years in prison. Just pray that Terry Trussell makes it that far, And his wife also.

The only other option I see available right now is the law of the Constitution  # 38.

This case gets curiouser and curiouser. Because it is a fact that Terry filed 2 True bills of presentment filed August 5, 2014 exposing criminal-activity which were buried by the clerks office and not made visible to the public. These offical copies were recieved by the county clerk August 5, 2014 at 4:27 p.m. So why are they saying these bills of presentment were not filed and that they were not True Bills?? These statements being made in court are not the truth of what has transpired. I don't know about the rest of you but I'm more confused now more than ever....

I agree Michael, This sounds to me like his attorney was trying to disclaim or Disavow  any references to Common Law. I think she was taking the approach of saying that those actions never actually happened. You notice there never was any mention of Common Law or a Citizens Grand Jury. The case and complaints against the school board (which started all this) was never mentioned. The only thing said was that Terry Trussell made ILlegal court "attacks" on Prosecutor Seigmeister. Those true bills Terry tried to place in court records were legitimate courts procedures. There are very severe penalties for anyone who refuses to file those complaints once they have been submitted to the clerk. Seigmeister and the original judge ordered the clerk NOT to enter them into court records. That is a violation of both Common Law and Statutory Law. But by claiming they were never entered into court records they can simply let those two charges die.

How they managed to convince a jury to convict Terry on something they claim was never filed is beyond me.

The whole damn thing stinks.

I found a copy of the true bill on the Internet signed by Terry and stamped as recieved by the county clerk. I couldn't get it to copy and post but just type in true bill filed by Terry Trussell and you'll find it. Something does stink and to high heaven. The court and the county clerk have violated Florida state law and should be held accountable, but who's going to bring them to justice? And why is Terry going along with this is my big question.

I agree Rooster.  None of us thought in a million years thought the good people of Dixie County would convict Terry.  But as for them not mentioning common law or citizen's grand jury, both sides mentioned common law grand juries and the peoples grand jury.  Terry's lawyer said it was just a symbolic name for a group of people freely assembling and they knew they had no power.  The prosecutor said they thought they did have power but that power was illegal, simulated legal procedure.   So, you can see why this is so confusing and we need Roger Dowell to explain what he thinks and why they went with that crazy defense.  Im hoping Terry can easily get an appeal based on his incompetant counsel.  He should have stuck with defending himself.  Then he could have straightened them all out. 

If anybody knows somebody who was there for the whole trial and can talk to them, that would be good.  My friend was only able to pop in and out as he went about his deliveries and his friend was kicked out of court Wednesday.  Still, he's hoping to talk to him, or someone, who was there for the whole trial.  Maybe they'll know more. 

The main charge was something called "simulation of process". It means you can't file fake legal documents in a real court of law. Everyone here can pretend that a common law grand jury is legal, but when Terry filed fake legal "true bills" made by a fake common law grand jury, that violated the law against "simulation of process". Terry was a fool to believe idiots like John Darash/Vidurek and Rodger Dowdell. He thought he was cock of the walk, but instead he's going to prison.

Wait what? Where do you have your proof about the CLGJ, Sam??? Everything we've read and learned says you're totally wrong, from Justice Scalia to CLGJs like Larry Klayman's and many others. Terry is innocent, he was railroaded. Can somebody get a message to Rodger to see what he suggests?



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