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FROM:  "Rodger Dowdell Jr" <>

On Saturday,, Marie and Canetha as well as Hagan got to see Terry through the glass and talk on the phone with him. They report his spirits are strong but he is looking physically a bit weaker.

1.Everyones calls and emails to Congressman Ted Yoho's office are helping them understand how broadbased the support is from the People to get Terry out of jail.Call Rep Yoho at 352-505-0838 or 904-276-9626
Please keep the calls and emails coming and we will likely get Ted's full attention and cooperation. As I mentioned before, Ted heard the audio of Terry's voice answering the judges call of his name. We have learned from two sources that the establishment claims the judge told Terry to approach the bench, but that is not what I remember nor what the recording on Jason's site supports.
2. We really need to get Terry's story out into the broad Dixie County community so we are putting an ad in both Dixie County newspapers this week.
3. Through a contact Jason Hoyt has, Jason and I met for a short period with Governor Scott today at a campaign event in Orlando. The purpose of the meeting was to ask him for a dedicated meeting with him about Terry's abuse by the courts. Based on the face to face request from Jason, Gov Scott agreed and gave us the number to call to set it up. We don't yet have a firm date, but we should shortly. Jason's ability to get the meeting this am, and then his request to the governor worked well.
The back story on the meeting today is I called Jason and left him a message that we needed to get a meeting with Governor Scott. I then dialed Hagan and while talking with Hagan  about 5 minutes later, I got a text across my screen that Jason had set up the meeting that took place today . I simply want to know how anyone can beat 5 minutes to get an appointment with Governor Scott ???
4. John Darash has help us with our paperwork , which we had hoped to be fully filed by today, but because of problems, including incompetence of the notary public at the jail, it won't all be filed until tomorrow.
Pls don't forget to send mail and extra paper, envelopes, and stamps to Terry at the jail address :
Dixie County Jail
Attn: Terry Trussell(0001-0914)
386 NE 255th St
Cross City, FL 32628


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TRUEpatriot thanks for posting....
Terry's 5 count guilty conviction were all for violating Florida Statute 843.0855(2), deliberately impersonating or falsely identifying as a public officer or tribunal or public employee, ect.... Which is a Felony in the 3rd degree.... So the jury found he was not truly acting as a member of the court i.e. Common law grand jury member. I'm wonder is it because they changed their testimony and said they didn't feel they were presenting a true bill? I'm not privy to all the court testimony but I'm confused. It seems as though they represented themselves improperly or the changed their position or the jury dosent understand the common law system and I can't figure out what is what. I know one thing the manner in which presentment is made is of the utmost importance. Can anyone straighten me out??

I didn't hear testimony, but it's on youtube, and people who were there have told me some things.  I think it's the lawyer's fault.  She was the one saying words like symbolic and petition, and that they were just a bunch of people peacefully assembled talking about things that concerned them.  My friend said something like this, every witness for Terry said the exact same thing, like they had been told exactly what to say.  Even he thought it sounded fishy.  Terry testified too, so Im real interested in what he said.  

Rattler... I think your homing in on the truth of the matter. I think the lawyer gave them bad advice and words like symbolic and peaceful takes away from any legal standing they might of had as a formed CLGJ. Don't know why they seemed to have caved which would of forced the court to go directly against the validity of the Common Law and CLGJ. His Attorney is either very dumb or very smart not wanting the Common Law system reintroduced into the De Facto legal system. Either way this looks like a real set back to re establishing what Scalia said was the 4th branch of the government. Now poory terry is looking a 5 felony counts.... Don't know where they can go from here on appeal being that they've backed up on their original intent.. Sad, very sad...

I'm devatated about this. Can Col. Riley and Ted Yoho help him?  How does it get appealed? I think your right Michael, totally sad.

Prayer is the first thing all of us need to continue.


The additional help I can suggest at the moment is supporting Terry and Marie in funding as he is already strapped and appeal costs with be substantial..

Send donations to:

Terry Trussell

PO Box 1551

Cross City, FL 32628

Felonies of the Third Degree

Felonies of the third degree are the least serious types of felonies in Florida, punishable by up to five years in prison and a fine of up to $5,000. If lawmakers fail to designate the punishment for or degree of a felony, then the crime is punishable as a third degree felony. (Fla. Stat. §§ 775.081, 775.082, 775.083.)

In Florida, theft of an automobile, and carrying a handgun without a permit are punishable as a felony of the third degree.

When a Stanford swimmer rapes an unconscience girl and only get 6 months and will only serve 3 and terry will probably get years in jail and be a convicted felon for simply raising the issue of the backroom deals of common core you know the Justice system is out of control. We can no longer look for or expect Justice in an unjust system. The corruption within the system is so deep, so wide spread I believe it's beyond repair.

Correct, Michael - our judicial system is FUBAR and has been for quite some time.

Don't know if anyone has been paying attention to this or not, but the original complaint that started all this was against the Dixie County School board. Complaint and accusation was that they had accepted a 3 Million dollar bribe to institute Common Core curriculum. That case never did come to a complete Grand Jury investigation. Apparently seigmeister simply ignored it and it has gone away.

So, The school Board gets 3 million bucks, Dixie County gets to pay the estimated 6 + Million to install Common Core curriculum, and Terry Trussell gets what will essentially amount to life in prison for blowing the whistle on it.

I guess that's how we thank our Veterans now. By-The-way, the Governor of the State of Florida at the time? ----- Jeb Bush.

Jeb Bush, working hard for the elites.   Did not know about this, but the name sounded familiar, probably because at the time this happened, I was living in Florida.   Whistle Blowers are always the ones to be in trouble when someone corrupt is tattled on.   I don't know why but it seems that it should be the ones doing and corruption are the ones who should be in prison, don't you think?  I feel for people who are abused by this corrupt system.

So what has actually happened here with the case of Terry Trussell? Yes – we now have another good dedicated patriot and veteran facing what might as well amount to life in prison at the hands of a corrupt judicial system. But this case is actually more significant that one man going to prison. What has actually happened here is the rights of the American people have again been removed and eliminated. We often hear people speak of our first and second amendment rights under the Constitution, the rights of free speech and the right to bear arms, but what about our rights to access of the judicial system and the courts. Justice Antonin Scalia wrote that the American grand jury is neither part of the judicial, executive nor legislative branches of government, but instead belongs to the people. It is in effect a fourth branch of government “governed” and administered to directly by and on behalf of the American people, and its authority emanates from the Bill of Rights, the acts of the Grand Jury is the consent of the people.

But that access to the judicial system has now been removed. The American people no longer have the right to access the courts unless under the conditions of being charged with some type of crime. And even then our access to the legal system in America is restricted and limited by the actions of a judge and the courts. Our Judicial system and access to justice has been closed to the people. The American people not longer have the ability to enforce the laws under the Constitution, we no longer have the legal standing and rights and access to the judicial system through which to enforce that Constitution. The courts and our system of justice have been co-opted and complete, total control is now the exclusive protected domain of any corrupt judge and prosecutor that doesn't like someone like Terry Trussell or Cliven Bundy threatening their control and dominance.

When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.”

Thomas Jefferson.

Pray for Terry Trussell

Additional help is supporting Terry and Marie in funding as he is already strapped and appeal costs with be substantial..

Send donations to:

Terry Trussell

PO Box 1551

Cross City, FL 32628



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