Constitutional Emergency

I want to get everyones opinions on several different things pertaining to this column but also to PFA.

1. Where we are as a country?

2. What is it going to take to restore this country?

3. Do you know what the works/goals of PFA are?

We are already at war in this country. So far it's a bloodless war but I believe it will be a bloody war before this country is restored.

Our goal is not to overthrow the government. But to remove all the domestic and foreign enemies of the U.S. Constitution and our Constitutional Representative Republic who've infiltrated and taken over our government seats, and restore the U.S. Constitution as the law of the land that everyone in this country lives under and by.



Just about everyone sees the need to fix our government, as it is not in our control at all at the present. We have a vast assemblage of problems, accumulated over decades of government ruling government, with no concern for “The People, and what our intents are.  The problem seems to be a vast gulf between those ready to do something about our problem, and those who believe we can fix things without heavy handed action.

Colonel Pappas speaks of the story of “how to cook a frog”, Dr. Wallace provides a sound, studious look at economics, Dr. Bates shows us the clear, unquestionably deliberate acts by which this criminal president has assumed rule as dictator, with no response from the central government, not even responsive to any demands of citizens.

I am castigated regularly for being “too brazen” or “over the top”, but I have my own place in this conversation, one which has bearing on how we choose what to do.  I began my career as a mechanic at less than a year old, it is my nature.  By the time I was about twelve, I found it routine for other mechanics to come to me when diagnosis was necessary, I realized eventually, one technician in five has the capability of “troubleshooting”.

The primary reason we have activists, ready for change, and we have the cautious, hoping they believe and are right, we can change our ways and fix things, and those who see the merits of both positions but don’t know which side to turn to is because most people are not accustomed to finding out why something broke, and only a small portion of society knows how to do so.

I stand on the notion we have reached the point we have to confront our unresponsive servants directly; demand they fall in line, before we replace them with “servants” not self-styled “leaders”.  I see society as little different than a radial engine, with thousands of parts all which must fit and work together for the engine to run right, to its full capacity.  I’m not just the mechanic who can take it apart, measure everything, order the parts and rebuild it, but my skills are troubleshooting, analysis, making the big choice; tune and adjust, or tear down and rebuild.  Our government problem is not one of adjustment, but everything out of line and failing. The government doesn’t even look like its picture today.

No one wants to go to war except they expect to gain something of substantial value out of doing so.  Those who understand the nature of evil and man’s proclivities, more easily accept war is a necessity at some point.  Those accustomed to fixing everything with committees always find the idea of “stopping the whole thing, and tearing down the main engine” horrendously fearful, and will argue against as long as there is no absolute, unassailable proof it must be done.

For our society to survive, “We, The People”, must decide who best describes our condition, and act on that decision.  No one but “Us” has everything at stake.  Much as I hate to say it, I hear the master rod bearing knocking, and that means if we don’t ground the bird, pull the engine, and do a complete rebuild, within a couple of flight hours, that engine is going to disassemble its self, violently, scattering parts across the sky, and our Airplane of State is going to plummet like a thousand bricks, ten thousand bits of mortar.

Our constitution is perhaps the most carefully assembled form of government ever attempted, and its extraordinary success due to its singular form.  Since that first couple of decades, every idea anyone has had, has been tacked on, and we now have “a one pound federal government with five pounds of socialism, communism, bureaucracy, fascism and out and out totalitarian dictatorship” added, hooked to ever open corner or loose end.

With one part legal and five parts completely unconstitutional, we can’t do anything less than tear it all down, and start with our original form, and expect to accomplish anything other than “kick the can an ever shorter distance”.  A bare glance tells this truth; a casual inspection proves the glance correct.  The only reason against starting from scratch is the notion we lay at risk the whole time we are at a halt, and rebuilding.  Aren’t five to one odds sufficiently equal to any risk we face at this stage?

Penned by John McClain

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I agree with the writer of this article.

I just want to get back to a Constitutional Government by what ever means it takes.

I hope we're not too far gone to get back to a constitutional govt. Gonna be hard to do either way with so many sheeple depending on a govt handout of one kind or another.

This reminds me of the time when Hungary was under soviet rule and kids were being bribed in school to tell whose parents' listened to Radio Free Europe or the Voice of America!

When I hear of this kind of thing going on in America, my heart aches!! I never would have thought America would get to this communistic state. I pray for us all!

I pray God gives me the wisdom and strength to handle what lies ahead, while waiting for His return.  It is not going to be easy for any of us.  I know by locking arms, we can do all we can to get America back. 


As they say, "It aint over till the fat lady sings!"  I haven't felt the need to sing just yet!!!  God bless America, our troops and all Patriots!!!    

New Yorkers ought to go to a pay phone and turn in every liberal councilman, cop or other persons in the public eye who support this Nazi law.  Overload the system and make it unworkable, so that it will be as un-enforced as most laws on the books now.


I doubt that this nation can survive a second B. Hussein presidential term. However, if we do, it won't be without a lot of pain. Far too many people simply seek "free stuff" from  the gvernment and have convinced themselves that this is a birthright. When the Roman Coliseum began doing its bloody business, one of the Roman sentaors noted the problems that the empire faced. The plan was to distract the citizenry with "cakes and circuses". That seems to be the direction we are going. As  a nation, we are close to third world status. It will take enormous effort, prayer and a return to the basics to get this nation back on track..................

Our Country is in the shitter and the powers that be are getting ready to flush

It's going to take honest hard working people to bring the treasonest ones to trial and then hang them from the Capitol

Our goal is to inform anyone and everyone who will listen about what is happening to our Country and our way of life

Very provocative artticle, interesting.. I go back through History, to the Civil War, and, see where Citizens were abused by the Government, when the Rights ,of what considered Public Properrty were violated. States Rights were ignored. Pressured by these events, the South was eventually seduced into a War. The only thing about this War, was, that not careful enough attention was paid by the South, as to their resources, versus the might, of the industralized Northern States. Wars do not take place, only ,when you have a cast iron guarantee of victory, I'm aware. However, the resources of the enemy must be thrown into the measure. Maybe the phrase "Know Your Enemy................" This article should put one to thinking seriously about why, and how. Not just a quick emotional decision, based on the fact, that we all feel the enormous abuse of this Administration.

I agree- the war has already begun.Like col.Henry said long ago "when will we be stronger?when they have bound us hand and foot?....(see it his words -as given from the pulpit of the Revolution Patrick Henry Liberty or Death.I have written my last letter to an unresponsive and delusional Government. It wastes my time to cite the supreme authority of Scripture-- or to cite the Founding fathers or the relevant passages from our Constitution or Bill of Rights. Colorado  has  this session chosen to elevate the fraud of Civil Unions by legislative action contrary to the vote cast in 2006 by the people. they did this with Amendment #2 as well. They have decided to "find a way" to support the vote of the pot heads to legalize smoking dope-- they have removed any Laws that recognize  Adultery is grounds for divorce. They have infringed on the Right of the people to  Keep and Bear Arms. and it seems clear they are protecting and subject to Islam-for that Corrections  Officer that got killed may have been hit by a Saudi assassin-- and that Dark Knight shooter from Aurora is a prison convert to Islam claiming he only shot Infidels. Oh and our legislature is also targeting the Death Penalty-this divorcing the Law dictated by God himself from our State government-- If I were younger I would move to America -- I have told my wife IF they come take my guns I will either walk away from this Evil State immediately -- and let the family find me later-- Or whatever -- I will Not live a slave to the ungodly.

As with Carri, my heart aches for our country and I pray daily for it to return to it's Constitutional roots.  As I talk to people, I am feeling the beginnings of a real concern  by everyday people (even here on the "left coast"), so I am somewhat more hopeful than some.  For now, I am still feeling that "the pen is mightier than the sword", but we must do our parts, even in small ways, and pray for God's grace on our beloved country.

Ive been feeling for a long time now that a 2nd civil war was coming. I believe the outcome depends on several different factors. Like, mainly our military. How many will stand WITH us and how many will follow orders and go against us. Also, while we are fighting ourselves, what other countries that hate us will take advantage? Theres no doubt in my mind, we'll immediantly have a massive takeover of our borders from mexian cartells and any other terrorists that are in mexico and south America. How do we stand against THEM and the obama well funded machine? Im in NO way for just rolling over and continuing to take what that THING occuping our white house is doing, but we have to take other factors into consideration,too. N korea, iran, packistan, CHINA...all of the many countries that are jealous or hate us will be looking to "fill the void" .



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