Constitutional Emergency

I want to get everyones opinions on several different things pertaining to this column but also to PFA.

1. Where we are as a country?

2. What is it going to take to restore this country?

3. Do you know what the works/goals of PFA are?

We are already at war in this country. So far it's a bloodless war but I believe it will be a bloody war before this country is restored.

Our goal is not to overthrow the government. But to remove all the domestic and foreign enemies of the U.S. Constitution and our Constitutional Representative Republic who've infiltrated and taken over our government seats, and restore the U.S. Constitution as the law of the land that everyone in this country lives under and by.



Just about everyone sees the need to fix our government, as it is not in our control at all at the present. We have a vast assemblage of problems, accumulated over decades of government ruling government, with no concern for “The People, and what our intents are.  The problem seems to be a vast gulf between those ready to do something about our problem, and those who believe we can fix things without heavy handed action.

Colonel Pappas speaks of the story of “how to cook a frog”, Dr. Wallace provides a sound, studious look at economics, Dr. Bates shows us the clear, unquestionably deliberate acts by which this criminal president has assumed rule as dictator, with no response from the central government, not even responsive to any demands of citizens.

I am castigated regularly for being “too brazen” or “over the top”, but I have my own place in this conversation, one which has bearing on how we choose what to do.  I began my career as a mechanic at less than a year old, it is my nature.  By the time I was about twelve, I found it routine for other mechanics to come to me when diagnosis was necessary, I realized eventually, one technician in five has the capability of “troubleshooting”.

The primary reason we have activists, ready for change, and we have the cautious, hoping they believe and are right, we can change our ways and fix things, and those who see the merits of both positions but don’t know which side to turn to is because most people are not accustomed to finding out why something broke, and only a small portion of society knows how to do so.

I stand on the notion we have reached the point we have to confront our unresponsive servants directly; demand they fall in line, before we replace them with “servants” not self-styled “leaders”.  I see society as little different than a radial engine, with thousands of parts all which must fit and work together for the engine to run right, to its full capacity.  I’m not just the mechanic who can take it apart, measure everything, order the parts and rebuild it, but my skills are troubleshooting, analysis, making the big choice; tune and adjust, or tear down and rebuild.  Our government problem is not one of adjustment, but everything out of line and failing. The government doesn’t even look like its picture today.

No one wants to go to war except they expect to gain something of substantial value out of doing so.  Those who understand the nature of evil and man’s proclivities, more easily accept war is a necessity at some point.  Those accustomed to fixing everything with committees always find the idea of “stopping the whole thing, and tearing down the main engine” horrendously fearful, and will argue against as long as there is no absolute, unassailable proof it must be done.

For our society to survive, “We, The People”, must decide who best describes our condition, and act on that decision.  No one but “Us” has everything at stake.  Much as I hate to say it, I hear the master rod bearing knocking, and that means if we don’t ground the bird, pull the engine, and do a complete rebuild, within a couple of flight hours, that engine is going to disassemble its self, violently, scattering parts across the sky, and our Airplane of State is going to plummet like a thousand bricks, ten thousand bits of mortar.

Our constitution is perhaps the most carefully assembled form of government ever attempted, and its extraordinary success due to its singular form.  Since that first couple of decades, every idea anyone has had, has been tacked on, and we now have “a one pound federal government with five pounds of socialism, communism, bureaucracy, fascism and out and out totalitarian dictatorship” added, hooked to ever open corner or loose end.

With one part legal and five parts completely unconstitutional, we can’t do anything less than tear it all down, and start with our original form, and expect to accomplish anything other than “kick the can an ever shorter distance”.  A bare glance tells this truth; a casual inspection proves the glance correct.  The only reason against starting from scratch is the notion we lay at risk the whole time we are at a halt, and rebuilding.  Aren’t five to one odds sufficiently equal to any risk we face at this stage?

Penned by John McClain

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1. We are very divided as a country but I still believe we are a center right country. We must educate the young generation NOW about what happens when government becomes too large and teach them that the 2nd Amendment is to protect ourselves from tyranny. We must screen what our children watch on TV, on the computer and movies.

2. We must make sure there is as little fraud as possible with elections but like Stalin said what matters is WHO counts the votes. Do we know who is counting the votes? How do we find out that the machines aren't rigged?

3. How do we get our country back? By becoming a true Christian nation. We must get back to being honest, moral, care about each other and serve The Lord. We must fight the liberal culture that has infiltrated our country. Boycott Hollywood and media that tells us lies. ONLY PRAYER and turning away from sin will save this Republic. The problems are too huge for us to fix.

4. The goal of PFA is to restore our Constitution and laws to save our Republic. PFA is looking for like minded individuals to work together in teams to train each other, support each other and to try to influence others to join our cause.

I truly believe we are no longer under God's protection because of all the sins we have committed.

As a country- we are on the verge of an illegal takeover with a Presidency's over-ridng  powers and the other 2 branches allowing it to happen.

The book-Throw Them All Out-must be accomplished- in the executive branch -- US House and Senate and those appointed to the US Supeme Court since 2008 removed as unConstitutional appointments along with czars and Obamacare with its regualtions

Maybe Obamacare will again be heard by the US Supreme Court and ruled unConstitutional

 - I agree with the goal--- may those who have the knowledge lead the way and Dr. Ben Carson be linked to the powers that be!!!!

Dr. Carson loves the USA and this cannot be said for our current leader as his actions show he will "fundamentally transform" "US" destroying our middle class and small business too! 

Save our Constituion and its Bll of Rights now and forever!  May God help us in this endeavor!

The system is broken and the game is rigged.  The ONLY solution is to bring down the whole system and start afresh with the Constitution as it was intended by the Founders, "We The People" empowered, as intended and the government, once again, subordinated to that power.

To put it simply, violence, for the elite hierarchy will not give up their power without a fight.  To see it otherwise is delusion.

The works/goals of PFA are to bring us back to our Constitution as rapidly as possible by realistically appraising the problem we face and taking the necessary action to subdue the resistance and bring about the required change.  There is no more meaningful objective than that.  If our efforts are directed otherwise it is my opinion that they are misdirected.

Semper Fi,


Yes, I agree with the writter.  That said there is further to add.  Most Americans believe we live in a democracy (mob rule) which by definition turns rights into privleges granted by man.  Second most also believe the separation of Church and State hogwash.  Even with the Liberty movement you have those that view the Constitution as a secular document, which again would make our Natural Born, God given rights, privledges granted by man and protected by the Constitution.  Without our true Founding document, the foundation which is the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution is nothing but a piece of paper. What has happened is well planned and well funded by the NWO == Ilumenati.  The Bilderbergs, the Tri Lateral commission, and all many "heads" of Soros reach.  Can we win against the machine poised against us?  Not alone, no we cannot not.  We cannot fix this by parties or politics: we can only win this by returning to God.  We are a society which has shunned God, and as such He has left us to our own pathetic ways.  Through God, with small communities focused on God, and with the help of Constitutional Sheriffs we can win.  Church Leaders need to stop pushing social justice and start teaching the truth.  They need to start teaching personal responsibility and moral values.  The answer lies in prayer, fasting and repentance.

very good

my experience as a mechanic tells me that it does not take five bad per one good for it to breakdown.

it is already broken and it is time to turn off the engine to prevent further damage.

anybody trying to run the machine on "a little further" is a complete idiot!

Here is my two cents worth:

1:   We have members of Congress that ARE NOT ACCOUNTABLE to WE THE PEOPLE....

2.   We have a judicial system that makes policy, not interpreting the law with respect to what the Constitution has authorized.

3.   What does that leave us with?    An Armed Response to remove the offending parties, the RESISTERS, THE PROGRESSIVES, THE BANKERS WHO CONTROL OUR ECONOMY, ETC.

4.   NO LEADERSHIP ANYWHERE, or should I say, very damn few leaders who are willing to stand on principle.

5.   How best to do the engagement, that is the Multi-Million dollar question???? What is the "Trigger Point"????

A totally accurate description of the situation and what the best if only option remaining to us in the long run . We  MUST all be prepared to make the choice when there is no longer room for procrastination and the flow of events DEMAND it of us , as it most certainly will. It is best to consider the reality NOW, and make the decision as ready to implement as soon as the occasion arises as a matter of HONOR  AND CONSCIENCE. George Washington  must have been prescient. With all that has transpired since 2008 and the usurpation by government of powers not granted under the Constitution, particularly with the penchant displayed for rule by Executive Order and personal fiat, Washington said:"No punishment, in my opinion, is too great for the man who can build his greatness upon his country's ruin." Our decisions will be our own and they await us in the not too distant future. I hope we will all be ready.


William, I miss J.Edgar, too.  Joe MacCarthy is another, these men were  unafraid.  Many question J. Edgar's methods, but I know one thing, with him around, I was safe. I no longer feel safe, but  people like Ted Cruz and Rand Paul ,make me feel better.  I wish we had more, but their courage will be infectious, is my hope, others will follow, as they believe, but just didn't have the guts to join in, and now that Ted and Rand and Marco have paved the way,others will follow, I pray.

I agree with the writer of this article.  The only possible happy solution to this mess is to re-make the original.  It won't be easy.  God willing, it will be possible.  Right now, we need to do two things:  1) prepare to survive and 2) prepare to work together for the end goal.  The time for fence sitting is over.  Commitments need to be made.  Plans need to be confirmed.  We must be ready when the time comes. 

In short without great verbiage:

1. Where we are as a country?
Where are we?  We are repeating the 1840 to 1871 tenure.  We had a War Between the States and there is, at this time, at the precipice of "no hope short of bloodshed".  Period.
2. What is it going to take to restore this country?
Armed insurrection as so stated in the Declaration of Independence.  It is OUR right to do so.
3. Do you know what the works/goals of PFA are?
The goals are many but the foremost is RESTORING this nation to the Republic for which it stands.  PFA is here to TEACH us and to instruct those that don't know in how to become knowing.

I could go on and on, but I won't.



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